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An old-type mechanical huller, driven by a gasoline engine
An electric rotary huller

A huller (or sometimes called a rice husker) is an agricultural machine used to automate the process of removing the chaff and the outer husks of rice grain. Throughout history, there have been numerous techniques to hull rice, but in modern times a huller, or rice huller is the most widely used method, particularly in Asia.

Types of Hullers

  • Rotary huller
This type of the machine gets the brown rice in good quality by a cylindrical sieve set inside the body.
  • Swing huller
By swinging a set of sieves, it separates the brown rice.
  • Mangoku-shiki (万石式) huller
"Mangoku", sometimes called "Elec-Huller", was first developed during the Edo period of Japanmarker and is still the most efficient way of grading harvested rice.

Most modern hullers are driven by a motor, usually gasoline or electric, and are fully automated, computer controlled food processing systems.

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