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ISO 3166-1 is part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 1: Country codes. It defines three sets of country codes:

ISO 3166 has included alphabetic country codes since its first edition in 1974, and numeric country codes since its second edition in 1981. The country codes were first published as ISO 3166-1 in 1997 in the fifth edition of ISO 3166, when ISO 3166 were divided into three separate parts.

As a widely used international standard, ISO 3166-1 is implemented in other standards and used by international organizations, to allow facilitation of the exchange of goods and information. However, it is not the only standard for country codes. Other country codes used by many international organizations are partly or totally incompatible with ISO 3166-1, although some of them closely correspond to ISO 3166-1 codes.

Criteria for inclusion

Currently 246 countries, territories, or areas of geographical interest are assigned official codes in ISO 3166-1. According to the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA), the only way to enter a new country name into ISO 3166-1 is to have it registered in one of the following two sources:

To be listed in the bulletin Country Names, a country must either be:

The list of names in Country and Region Codes for Statistical Use of the UN Statistics Division is based on the bulletin Country Names and other UN sources.

Once a country name or territory name appears in either of these two sources, it will be added to ISO 3166-1 by default.

Information included

ISO 3166-1 is published officially in both English and French. Since the second edition of ISO 3166-1, the following columns are included for each entry:
  1. COUNTRY NAME English (or French) short name
  2. English (or French) short name lower case
  3. English (or French) full name
  4. Alpha-2 code
  5. Alpha-3 code
  6. Numeric code
  7. Remarks
  8. Independent (# denotes the country is considered a sovereign state)
  9. Additional information: Administrative language alpha-2
  10. Additional information: Administrative language(s) alpha-3
  11. Additional information: Local short name

Current codes

Officially assigned code elements

The following is a complete ISO 3166-1 encoding list of the countries which are assigned official codes. It is listed in alphabetical order by the English short country names officially used by the ISO 3166/MA, which are all from United Nations sources. For example, Macedoniamarker is listed as "Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of" because of the Macedonia naming dispute, and Taiwanmarker is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China" because of its political status within the UN (the Republic of Chinamarker is not recognized by the UN).

Click on the button in the header to sort each column. For more information on each country and the assignment of its code elements, see the corresponding table in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.

Country name Alpha-2 Alpha-3 Numeric ISO 3166-2 codes
AF AFG 004 ISO 3166-2:AF
AX ALA 248 ISO 3166-2:AX
AL ALB 008 ISO 3166-2:AL
DZ DZA 012 ISO 3166-2:DZ
AS ASM 016 ISO 3166-2:AS
AD AND 020 ISO 3166-2:AD
AO AGO 024 ISO 3166-2:AO
AI AIA 660 ISO 3166-2:AI
Antarcticamarker AQ ATA 010 ISO 3166-2:AQ
AG ATG 028 ISO 3166-2:AG
AR ARG 032 ISO 3166-2:AR
AM ARM 051 ISO 3166-2:AM
AW ABW 533 ISO 3166-2:AW
AU AUS 036 ISO 3166-2:AU
AT AUT 040 ISO 3166-2:AT
AZ AZE 031 ISO 3166-2:AZ
BS BHS 044 ISO 3166-2:BS
BH BHR 048 ISO 3166-2:BH
BD BGD 050 ISO 3166-2:BD
BB BRB 052 ISO 3166-2:BB
BY BLR 112 ISO 3166-2:BY
BE BEL 056 ISO 3166-2:BE
BZ BLZ 084 ISO 3166-2:BZ
BJ BEN 204 ISO 3166-2:BJ
BM BMU 060 ISO 3166-2:BM
BT BTN 064 ISO 3166-2:BT
BO BOL 068 ISO 3166-2:BO
BA BIH 070 ISO 3166-2:BA
BW BWA 072 ISO 3166-2:BW
BV BVT 074 ISO 3166-2:BV
BR BRA 076 ISO 3166-2:BR
IO IOT 086 ISO 3166-2:IO
BN BRN 096 ISO 3166-2:BN
BG BGR 100 ISO 3166-2:BG
BF BFA 854 ISO 3166-2:BF
BI BDI 108 ISO 3166-2:BI
KH KHM 116 ISO 3166-2:KH
CM CMR 120 ISO 3166-2:CM
CA CAN 124 ISO 3166-2:CA
CV CPV 132 ISO 3166-2:CV
KY CYM 136 ISO 3166-2:KY
CF CAF 140 ISO 3166-2:CF
TD TCD 148 ISO 3166-2:TD
CL CHL 152 ISO 3166-2:CL
CN CHN 156 ISO 3166-2:CN
CX CXR 162 ISO 3166-2:CX
CC CCK 166 ISO 3166-2:CC
CO COL 170 ISO 3166-2:CO
KM COM 174 ISO 3166-2:KM
CG COG 178 ISO 3166-2:CG
CD COD 180 ISO 3166-2:CD
CK COK 184 ISO 3166-2:CK
CR CRI 188 ISO 3166-2:CR
CI CIV 384 ISO 3166-2:CI
HR HRV 191 ISO 3166-2:HR
CU CUB 192 ISO 3166-2:CU
CY CYP 196 ISO 3166-2:CY
CZ CZE 203 ISO 3166-2:CZ
DK DNK 208 ISO 3166-2:DK
DJ DJI 262 ISO 3166-2:DJ
DM DMA 212 ISO 3166-2:DM
DO DOM 214 ISO 3166-2:DO
EC ECU 218 ISO 3166-2:EC
EG EGY 818 ISO 3166-2:EG
SV SLV 222 ISO 3166-2:SV
GQ GNQ 226 ISO 3166-2:GQ
ER ERI 232 ISO 3166-2:ER
EE EST 233 ISO 3166-2:EE
ET ETH 231 ISO 3166-2:ET
FK FLK 238 ISO 3166-2:FK
FO FRO 234 ISO 3166-2:FO
FJ FJI 242 ISO 3166-2:FJ
FI FIN 246 ISO 3166-2:FI
FR FRA 250 ISO 3166-2:FR
GF GUF 254 ISO 3166-2:GF
PF PYF 258 ISO 3166-2:PF
TF ATF 260 ISO 3166-2:TF
GA GAB 266 ISO 3166-2:GA
GM GMB 270 ISO 3166-2:GM
GE GEO 268 ISO 3166-2:GE
DE DEU 276 ISO 3166-2:DE
GH GHA 288 ISO 3166-2:GH
GI GIB 292 ISO 3166-2:GI
GR GRC 300 ISO 3166-2:GR
GL GRL 304 ISO 3166-2:GL
GD GRD 308 ISO 3166-2:GD
GP GLP 312 ISO 3166-2:GP
GU GUM 316 ISO 3166-2:GU
GT GTM 320 ISO 3166-2:GT
GG GGY 831 ISO 3166-2:GG
GN GIN 324 ISO 3166-2:GN
GW GNB 624 ISO 3166-2:GW
GY GUY 328 ISO 3166-2:GY
HT HTI 332 ISO 3166-2:HT
HM HMD 334 ISO 3166-2:HM
VA VAT 336 ISO 3166-2:VA
HN HND 340 ISO 3166-2:HN
HK HKG 344 ISO 3166-2:HK
HU HUN 348 ISO 3166-2:HU
IS ISL 352 ISO 3166-2:IS
IN IND 356 ISO 3166-2:IN
ID IDN 360 ISO 3166-2:ID
IR IRN 364 ISO 3166-2:IR
IQ IRQ 368 ISO 3166-2:IQ
IE IRL 372 ISO 3166-2:IE
IM IMN 833 ISO 3166-2:IM
IL ISR 376 ISO 3166-2:IL
IT ITA 380 ISO 3166-2:IT
JM JAM 388 ISO 3166-2:JM
JP JPN 392 ISO 3166-2:JP
JE JEY 832 ISO 3166-2:JE
JO JOR 400 ISO 3166-2:JO
KZ KAZ 398 ISO 3166-2:KZ
KE KEN 404 ISO 3166-2:KE
KI KIR 296 ISO 3166-2:KI
KP PRK 408 ISO 3166-2:KP
KR KOR 410 ISO 3166-2:KR
KW KWT 414 ISO 3166-2:KW
KG KGZ 417 ISO 3166-2:KG
LA LAO 418 ISO 3166-2:LA
LV LVA 428 ISO 3166-2:LV
LB LBN 422 ISO 3166-2:LB
LS LSO 426 ISO 3166-2:LS
LR LBR 430 ISO 3166-2:LR
LY LBY 434 ISO 3166-2:LY
LI LIE 438 ISO 3166-2:LI
LT LTU 440 ISO 3166-2:LT
LU LUX 442 ISO 3166-2:LU
MO MAC 446 ISO 3166-2:MO
MK MKD 807 ISO 3166-2:MK
MG MDG 450 ISO 3166-2:MG
MW MWI 454 ISO 3166-2:MW
MY MYS 458 ISO 3166-2:MY
MV MDV 462 ISO 3166-2:MV
ML MLI 466 ISO 3166-2:ML
MT MLT 470 ISO 3166-2:MT
MH MHL 584 ISO 3166-2:MH
MQ MTQ 474 ISO 3166-2:MQ
MR MRT 478 ISO 3166-2:MR
MU MUS 480 ISO 3166-2:MU
YT MYT 175 ISO 3166-2:YT
MX MEX 484 ISO 3166-2:MX
FM FSM 583 ISO 3166-2:FM
MD MDA 498 ISO 3166-2:MD
MC MCO 492 ISO 3166-2:MC
MN MNG 496 ISO 3166-2:MN
ME MNE 499 ISO 3166-2:ME
MS MSR 500 ISO 3166-2:MS
MA MAR 504 ISO 3166-2:MA
MZ MOZ 508 ISO 3166-2:MZ
MM MMR 104 ISO 3166-2:MM
NA NAM 516 ISO 3166-2:NA
NR NRU 520 ISO 3166-2:NR
NP NPL 524 ISO 3166-2:NP
NL NLD 528 ISO 3166-2:NL
AN ANT 530 ISO 3166-2:AN
NC NCL 540 ISO 3166-2:NC
NZ NZL 554 ISO 3166-2:NZ
NI NIC 558 ISO 3166-2:NI
NE NER 562 ISO 3166-2:NE
NG NGA 566 ISO 3166-2:NG
NU NIU 570 ISO 3166-2:NU
NF NFK 574 ISO 3166-2:NF
MP MNP 580 ISO 3166-2:MP
NO NOR 578 ISO 3166-2:NO
OM OMN 512 ISO 3166-2:OM
PK PAK 586 ISO 3166-2:PK
PW PLW 585 ISO 3166-2:PW
PS PSE 275 ISO 3166-2:PS
PA PAN 591 ISO 3166-2:PA
PG PNG 598 ISO 3166-2:PG
PY PRY 600 ISO 3166-2:PY
PE PER 604 ISO 3166-2:PE
PH PHL 608 ISO 3166-2:PH
PN PCN 612 ISO 3166-2:PN
PL POL 616 ISO 3166-2:PL
PT PRT 620 ISO 3166-2:PT
PR PRI 630 ISO 3166-2:PR
QA QAT 634 ISO 3166-2:QA
RE REU 638 ISO 3166-2:RE
RO ROU 642 ISO 3166-2:RO
RU RUS 643 ISO 3166-2:RU
RW RWA 646 ISO 3166-2:RW
BL BLM 652 ISO 3166-2:BL
SH SHN 654 ISO 3166-2:SH
KN KNA 659 ISO 3166-2:KN
LC LCA 662 ISO 3166-2:LC
MF MAF 663 ISO 3166-2:MF
PM SPM 666 ISO 3166-2:PM
VC VCT 670 ISO 3166-2:VC
WS WSM 882 ISO 3166-2:WS
SM SMR 674 ISO 3166-2:SM
ST STP 678 ISO 3166-2:ST
SA SAU 682 ISO 3166-2:SA
SN SEN 686 ISO 3166-2:SN
RS SRB 688 ISO 3166-2:RS
SC SYC 690 ISO 3166-2:SC
SL SLE 694 ISO 3166-2:SL
SG SGP 702 ISO 3166-2:SG
SK SVK 703 ISO 3166-2:SK
SI SVN 705 ISO 3166-2:SI
SB SLB 090 ISO 3166-2:SB
SO SOM 706 ISO 3166-2:SO
ZA ZAF 710 ISO 3166-2:ZA
GS SGS 239 ISO 3166-2:GS
ES ESP 724 ISO 3166-2:ES
LK LKA 144 ISO 3166-2:LK
SD SDN 736 ISO 3166-2:SD
SR SUR 740 ISO 3166-2:SR
SJ SJM 744 ISO 3166-2:SJ
SZ SWZ 748 ISO 3166-2:SZ
SE SWE 752 ISO 3166-2:SE
CH CHE 756 ISO 3166-2:CH
SY SYR 760 ISO 3166-2:SY
Taiwan, Province of Chinamarker TW TWN 158 ISO 3166-2:TW
TJ TJK 762 ISO 3166-2:TJ
TZ TZA 834 ISO 3166-2:TZ
TH THA 764 ISO 3166-2:TH
TL TLS 626 ISO 3166-2:TL
TG TGO 768 ISO 3166-2:TG
TK TKL 772 ISO 3166-2:TK
TO TON 776 ISO 3166-2:TO
TT TTO 780 ISO 3166-2:TT
TN TUN 788 ISO 3166-2:TN
TR TUR 792 ISO 3166-2:TR
TM TKM 795 ISO 3166-2:TM
TC TCA 796 ISO 3166-2:TC
TV TUV 798 ISO 3166-2:TV
UG UGA 800 ISO 3166-2:UG
UA UKR 804 ISO 3166-2:UA
AE ARE 784 ISO 3166-2:AE
GB GBR 826 ISO 3166-2:GB
US USA 840 ISO 3166-2:US
UM UMI 581 ISO 3166-2:UM
UY URY 858 ISO 3166-2:UY
UZ UZB 860 ISO 3166-2:UZ
VU VUT 548 ISO 3166-2:VU
VE VEN 862 ISO 3166-2:VE
VN VNM 704 ISO 3166-2:VN
VG VGB 092 ISO 3166-2:VG
VI VIR 850 ISO 3166-2:VI
WF WLF 876 ISO 3166-2:WF
Western Saharamarker EH ESH 732 ISO 3166-2:EH
YE YEM 887 ISO 3166-2:YE
ZM ZMB 894 ISO 3166-2:ZM
ZW ZWE 716 ISO 3166-2:ZW

Reserved and user-assigned code elements

Besides the officially assigned codes, code elements may be expanded by using either reserved codes or user-assigned codes.

Reserved code elements are codes which have become obsolete, or are required in order to enable a particular user application of the standard but do not qualify for inclusion in ISO 3166-1. To avoid transitional application problems and to aid users who require specific additional code elements for the functioning of their coding systems, the ISO 3166/MA, when justified, reserves these codes which it undertakes not to use for other than specified purposes during a limited or indeterminate period of time. Codes are usually reserved for former countries, overseas territories, international organizations, and special nationality status. The reserved alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes can be divided into the following four categories (click on the links for the reserved codes of each category):

User-assigned code elements are codes at the disposal of users who need to add further names of countries, territories, or other geographical entities to their in-house application of ISO 3166-1, and the ISO 3166/MA will never use these codes in the updating process of the standard. The following codes can be user-assigned:
  • Alpha-2: AA, QM to QZ, XA to XZ, and ZZ
  • Alpha-3: AAA to AAZ, QMA to QZZ, XAA to XZZ, and ZZA to ZZZ
  • Numeric: 900 to 999

Editions and changes

There have been two editions of ISO 3166-1. The first edition (ISO 3166-1:1997) was published on 1997-09-25, and the second edition (ISO 3166-1:2006) was published on 2006-11-20 (later corrected byits Technical Corrigendum 1, ISO 3166-1:2006/Cor 1:2007, published on 2007-07-15).

Between different editions, the ISO 3166/MA updates the code lists by announcing the changes in newsletters. A country is usually assigned new ISO 3166-1 codes if it changes its name or its territorial boundaries. In general, new alphabetic codes are assigned if a country changes a significant part of its name, while a new numeric code is assigned if a country changes its territorial boundaries. Codes for formerly used country names that were deleted from ISO 3166-1 are published in ISO 3166-3.

Newsletter updates on the 1st edition of ISO 3166-1 (ISO 3166-1:1997)
Newsletter Publication date Contents
V-1 1998-02-05 Change of official name (Samoamarker)
V-2 1999-10-01 Inclusion of new country name and code elements (Occupied Palestinian Territorymarker)
V-3 2002-02-01 Change of alpha-3 Code Element (Romaniamarker)
V-4 2002-05-20 Name changes (Afghanistanmarker, Azerbaijanmarker, Bahrainmarker, Bosnia and Herzegovinamarker, Fijimarker, Hong Kongmarker, Kazakhstanmarker, Kiribatimarker, Macaomarker, Niuemarker, Somaliamarker, and Venezuelamarker)
V-5 2002-05-20 Change of names and alphabetical code elements of East Timormarker
V-6 2002-11-15 Change of names of East Timormarker (to Timor-Leste)
V-7 2003-01-14 Change of official name of Comorosmarker
V-8 2003-07-23 Deletion of Yugoslaviamarker; inclusion of Serbia and Montenegro with new alphabetical code elements
V-9 2004-02-13 Inclusion of an entry for Åland Islandsmarker
V-10 2004-04-26 Name changes (Afghanistanmarker and Åland Islandsmarker)
V-11 2006-03-29 Inclusion of an entry for Jerseymarker, Guernseymarker and Isle of Manmarker. Change of remark for the United Kingdommarker
V-12 2006-09-26 Inclusion of the new entries for Serbiamarker and Montenegromarker (replacing Serbia and Montenegro)
Newsletter updates on the 2nd edition of ISO 3166-1 (ISO 3166-1:2006)
Newsletter Publication date Contents
VI-1 2007-09-21 Assignment of code elements for Saint Barthélemymarker and Saint Martin and update of Francemarker and other French Territories (French Polynesiamarker, French Southern Territoriesmarker, Guadeloupemarker, and Réunionmarker)
VI-2 2008-03-31 Name changes for Moldovamarker, Montenegromarker and other minor corrections (Madagascarmarker, Occupied Palestinian Territorymarker, and Saint Barthélemymarker)
VI-3 2008-09-09 Name change for Nepalmarker and other minor corrections (Greenlandmarker, Guernseymarker, Moldovamarker, and Nigeriamarker)
VI-4 2009-01-07 Name change for the Republic of Moldovamarker and other minor corrections (Central African Republicmarker and Comorosmarker)
VI-5 2009-03-03 Name change for Bolivarian Republic of Venezuelamarker and other minor corrections (Kiribatimarker and Tuvalumarker)
VI-6 2009-05-08 Name change for Plurinational State of Boliviamarker

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