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I Think I Love My Wife is a romantic comedy-drama 2007 film directed by and starring Chris Rock and Kerry Washington. Rock also co-wrote and produced the film. It is a remake of the 1972 French film, Chloe in the Afternoon by √Čric Rohmer. Rock also co-wrote the screenplay with Louis C.K..


Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) is a happily married man, professionally successful, perfectly content with his home life, his lovely wife Brenda (Gina Torres), and his two young children. There is one problem in his marriage, however; their sex life has stagnated, leaving Richard frustrated and sex-starved. During those dull days at the office, he occasionally fantasizes about other women, but never acts upon the impulses. He is best friends/workmates with George Franco (Steve Buscemi)

However, an encounter with the sultry Nikki (Kerry Washington) suddenly casts doubt over his typically resilient self-control. At first she just wants to be his friend, or so she claims, but she begins to show up consistently at his office just to talk or have lunch, which causes his boss, secretaries and peers to view him with varying degrees of contempt. When Nikki begins to deliberately seduce Richard, he does not know what to do. Later in the movie, she and her fiance are about to move to Los Angelesmarker. Nikki asks Richard to come to her apartment later to say a "proper goodbye", so he buys a pack of condoms and finds Nikki in her underwear in her bathroom. In the moments before it seems Richard will consummate his feelings for Nikki he flees back to his wife, leaving Nikki calling to him on her bed. He comes back home, surprising his wife, and after initial arguments, they have sex.

The film then ends with Richard checking out other women but maintaining that "He Thinks He Loves His Wife".


Charles Stone III was slated to direct the film but dropped out of the project.

This is the second time Rock and Washington have been paired on screen. Previously they were in Bad Company, playing a couple.

Mumbaimarker based UTV Motion Pictures made their entry into the American market by co-producing the film.

The train station scenes were filmed in the New York City suburb of Pelhammarker.


When the film was released, the film received generally negative reviews. However, there were exceptions, including a notably positive review from The New York Times. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 19% of critics gave the film positive reviews based on 105 reviews. Users of Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 4.6/10 average rating. Metacritic reported that 49% of critics gave the film positive reviews based on 30 reviews. Users of Metacritic gave the film an average rating of 3.8/10 based on 35 reviews. When the film was released at the box office, it grossed $5 million on its opening weekend reaching #5. The film eventually grossed a worldwide total of $13 million, 2 million more than its budget, but adding in advertising costs and the percentage of the take the studio received, the film's net earnings failed to recoup the eleven million dollar budget.

DVD Release and Sales

The DVD was released on August 7, 2007, selling 214,778 units in the first week. At an aggregate, 863,437 units were sold which translated to revenue of $13,527,427, more than its box office grossing.


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