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Ialysos (Greek: Ιαλυσός), also known as Trianta, is the second-largest town on the island of Rhodesmarker (Ρόδος, Rhodos) in Greecemarker. It has a population of approximately 12,000, and is located 8 kilometres southwest of the town of Rhodesmarker, the island's capital, on the island's northwestern coast. The town is situated near the site of the ancient Doric polis of Ialysos, homeland of the famous ancient boxer Diagoras of Rhodes, which is also the name of the modern municipality (in Greek δήμος, dēmos, or "people") consisting of the town Trianta/Ialysos and the surrounding areas. While official sources use Trianta as a name for the town, and Ialysos for the whole municipality, unofficial usage tend to favour Ialysos to describe both the modern town and the municipality. Until the mid-1980s Trianta/Ialysos was a small village with a population of around 2,500 people, but during the following years population grew to an official 10,107 at the 2001 census, as it to an increasing degree became a suburban district to the town of Rhodes. Ialysos has in addition become a tourist destination, with several hotels and resorts located on the coast, especially in the new settlement of Ixia, situated between the towns of Ialysos and Rhodes. Being on the usually windward north-western coast of the island, it is also a noted location for wind-surfing. The municipality has a land area of 16.700 km², the smallest of any on Rhodes.

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