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Location of Ibirité within Minas Gerais

Ibirité is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Geraismarker. The city belongs to the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizontemarker and to the microregion of Belo Horizontemarker. It's population is 148.535 inhabitants (in 2007).


Ibirité was born in 1880 as a village with the name of Pantano de Vargas, in the parish of Sabarámarker. This village was later chosen by Russian educator Helena Antipoff to be the seat of her works, that are still the major reference of the city. In 1890, became the condition of town, still belonging to Sabará. In 1897, became to belong to the municipality of Santa Quitéria, actually known as Esmeraldas. In 1911, the region becomes part of the municipality of Betimmarker. In 1923, has changed its name to Ibiritê, indigenous word which means iron land. In 1938, become a district belonging to the municipality of Betim, already with the actual name. On December 30, 1962, is categorized as a municipality, with the districts Sede and Sarzedo. In March 1, 1963 Chaffir Ferreira is appointed by the governor of the state as municipal manager. In the first election for mayor, June 30, 1963, was elected Wanderlei José de Barros. In 1976, the district Durval de Barros was created and in 1985 the district of Mario Campos. In 1988, by the state law Nº 954888, Ibirité won the category of juducial district.


Ibirité is located in the center of the state of Minas Gerais, at 20 º 01 'South and 44 º 03' West. Is side by side with Belo Horizonte at Northeast, Betim at Northwest, Brumadinho at South, Contagemmarker at North and Sarzedo at Southwest.


Weather stations

Ibirite contains two meteorological stations, which one is INMET, located in Helena Antipoff Foundation, and others nearby neighborhoods of Vista Alegre and Bosque. The first one is situated at 814 meters over the sea level and has a mild climate thanks to the dense vegetation of this part of town. These are the data of the station:City: IbiritéState: Minas GeraisLocalization: 20.02 ° South 44.05 º WestHeight: 816 metersSource: Normais Climatológicas.

Average temperature, month by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Dec
22,6°C 22,9°C 22,5°C 22,4°C 18°C 16,9°C 16,5°C 18,4°C 20,5°C 21,5°C 22°C 22,1°C 20,5°C



According to the 2004 educational census, conducted by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research, Ibirité has 35 schools of basic education, 15 local, 15 of the state and 5 private.

High school

The district has 10 high schools, all of them of the state.

Higher education

There are four top-level schools in the city of Ibirité: the Institute of Education Anisio Teixeira, UNOPAR, UNINCOR and EADCOM.


Its main economic activities are the planting of crops and mining. The economy of Ibirité is not significant when compared to its population. There are even some who call the place of "dormitory city." Most residents of Ibirité work in neighboring cities, especially Belo Horizonte, Contagem and Betim.


According to IBGE, the greatest productions are: banana (30 tonnes in 2003), sugar cane (133 tonnes in 2003), onion (610 tonnes in 2003), beans (15 tons in 2003), cassava (70 tonnes in 2003), maize (240 tons in 2003), tomatoes (3691 tonnes in 2003).


Most shops are located in the city center. Trade is a very limited activity in the city. The local population depends of Belo Horizonte and Contagem.


In the 1990s, it was installed in an industrial district, which houses companies from various branches. There are some industries that operate outside of this district. The main sectors of production are: manufacture of articles for clothing, extraction of minerals, manufacture of parts for motor vehicles, manufacture of rubber and plastics, manufacture of machinery and equipment, manufacture of furniture, manufacture of food products and beverages, manufacturing of wood products, manufacture of textile products, manufacture of electrical machinery apparatus and equipment, manufacture of metal products.


A point of emphasis for industry of Ibirité is the Ibiritermo, thermoelectric plants powered by gas, inaugurated in 2002.


More than a half of the area occupied by Gabriel Passos refinery, from Petrobras, is in Ibiriteense territory.


This sector represents little to the council. According to the IBGE, in 2003 Ibirité had only 1,225 head of cattle, 78 head of horses, 9 head of buffalo and 295 head of cows milked.


In Ibirité there are Polisportives and recreational areas. There are also several waterfalls, which are about 20 km from the city center in Casa Branca.

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