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Ignaz Seipel (19 July 1876, Viennamarker - 2 August 1932, Pernitzmarker) was an Austrianmarker politician who served as Chancellor during the 1920s.

Ordained a Catholic priest, he gained his doctorade in theology in 1903 at the University of Viennamarker. He was a member of the Christian Social Party, the party established by Viennamarker mayor Karl Lueger and served as cabinet secretary in the Austro-Hungarian government during World War I. At that time he also wrote and published a number of famous works, including Nation und Staat (Nation and State) (1916), which helped cement his later prominent role in the party. In these writings, unlike most contemporaries swept up by Wilson rhetoric, he saw the state as the primary vindication of sovereignty, rather than the nation.

After the war, he established a new Christian Social Party, now operating - the empire having been lost - in Austria alone. He served as Austrianmarker Chancellor from 1922 until 1924 and again between 1926 and 1929. His main policy was the encouragement of cooperation between wealthy industrialists and the paramilitary units of the Heimwehr. This led to an increase in street violence, culminating in the so-called Massacre of July 15, 1927.

His policies let to growing discontent by socialist workers' organizations, and in June 1924 an attempt was made on his life by a frustrated worker [68939].

In the field of external affairs, he signed the League of Nations Protocol for the reconstruction of Austria (4 October 1922) and secured an agreement with the government of Italymarker for the co-ordination of foreign policy between the two countries.


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Preceded by:
Johann Schober
Chancellor of Austria
First Republic

Succeeded by:
Rudolf Ramek
Preceded by:
Rudolf Ramek
1926-1929 Succeeded by:
Ernst Streeruwitz

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