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The Illinois House of Representatives of is the lower house of the Illinois General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Illinoismarker. The body was created by the first Illinois Constitution adopted in 1818. The state House of Representatives is made of 118 representatives elected from individual legislative districts for a two-year term with no limits. In contrast, the Illinois Senate is made of 59 senators with staggered two- or four-year terms.


The Illinois House of Representatives meets at the Illinois State Capitolmarker in Springfieldmarker. It is required to convene on the second Wednesday of January each year. Its primary duties are to make laws (including the state budget), act on federal constitutional amendments, and propose constitutional amendments for Illinois. The Illinois House of Representatives also holds the power to impeach executive and judicial officials.

The current Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives is Michael Madigan of Chicagomarker, who represents the 22nd District. The Democratic Party of Illinois currently holds a majority in the House. Under the Illinois Constitution, the office of Minority Leader is recognized for the purpose of making certain appointments. Tom Cross of Plainfield, a Republican representing the 84th District, currently holds the post.

Changes to the House

Before the Cutback Amendment to the state constitution in 1980, the state was divided into 59 "legislative districts", each of which elected three representatives, yielding a House of 177 members. This unusual system was even more distinctive in that the election was conducted by a modified form of cumulative voting: each individual voter was given three legislative votes to cast, and could cast either one vote each for three candidates, all three votes for one candidate (known as a "bullet vote"), or even 1 1/2 votes each for two candidates. After the passage of the Cutback Amendment, this system was abolished and representatives were elected from 118 single member constituencies.

Composition of the House

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 68 48 116 2
Current legislature 70 48 118 0
Latest voting share 59.3% 40.7%





  • Clerk of the House: Mark Mahoney
  • Chief Doorkeeper: Lee A. Crawford
  • Parliamentarian: David Ellis
  • Assistant Clerk of the House: Bradley S. Bolin

Members of the Illinois House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence
1 Democratic Chicagomarker
2 Democratic Chicagomarker
3 Democratic Chicagomarker
4 Democratic Chicagomarker
5 Democratic Chicagomarker
6 Democratic Chicagomarker
7 Democratic Maywoodmarker
8 Democratic Chicagomarker
9 Democratic Chicagomarker
10 Democratic Chicagomarker
11 Democratic Chicagomarker
12 Democratic Chicagomarker
13 Democratic Chicagomarker
14 Democratic Chicagomarker
15 Democratic Chicagomarker
16 Democratic Skokiemarker
17 Republican Glenview
18 Democratic Evanstonmarker
19 Democratic Chicagomarker
20 Republican Chicagomarker
21 Democratic Chicagomarker
22 Democratic Chicagomarker
23 Democratic Chicagomarker
24 Democratic Ciceromarker
25 Democratic Chicagomarker
26 Democratic Chicagomarker
27 Democratic Chicagomarker
28 Democratic Blue Islandmarker
29 Democratic Calumet Citymarker
30 Democratic Homewoodmarker
31 Democratic Chicagomarker
32 Democratic Chicagomarker
33 Democratic Chicagomarker
34 Democratic Chicagomarker
35 Democratic Chicagomarker
36 Democratic Evergreen Parkmarker
37 Democratic Orland Parkmarker
38 Democratic Mattesonmarker
39 Democratic Chicagomarker
40 Democratic Chicagomarker
41 Republican Elmhurstmarker
42 Republican Glen Ellynmarker
43 Democratic Elginmarker
44 Democratic Hoffman Estatesmarker
45 Republican Bloomingdalemarker
46 Republican Elmhurstmarker
47 Republican Hinsdale
48 Republican Lislemarker
49 Republican Bataviamarker
50 Republican Yorkvillemarker
51 Republican Mundeleinmarker
52 Republican Barrington Hillsmarker
53 Republican Buffalo Grovemarker
54 Republican Palatinemarker
55 Republican Carol Streammarker
56 Democratic Schaumburgmarker
57 Democratic Northbrookmarker
58 Democratic Highland Parkmarker
59 Democratic Vernon Hillsmarker
60 Democratic Waukeganmarker
61 Republican Antiochmarker
62 Republican Grayslakemarker
63 Democratic Woodstockmarker
64 Republican Crystal Lakemarker
65 Republican Des Plainesmarker
66 Democratic Arlington Heightsmarker
67 Democratic Rockfordmarker
68 Republican Shirlandmarker
69 Republican Belvideremarker
70 Republican Sycamoremarker
71 Democratic East Molinemarker
72 Democratic Milanmarker
73 Republican Peoriamarker
74 Republican Galesburgmarker
75 Democratic Coal Citymarker
76 Democratic Spring Valleymarker
77 Republican Elmwood Parkmarker
78 Democratic Chicagomarker
79 Democratic Bradleymarker
80 Democratic Flossmoormarker
81 Republican New Lenoxmarker
82 Republican Western Springsmarker
83 Democratic Auroramarker
84 Republican Oswegomarker
85 Democratic Lockportmarker
86 Democratic Jolietmarker
87 Republican Forsythmarker
88 Republican Bloomingtonmarker
89 Republican Freeportmarker
90 Republican Sterlingmarker
91 Democratic Cantonmarker
92 Democratic Peoriamarker
93 Republican Mount Sterlingmarker
94 Republican Colchestermarker
95 Republican West Chicagomarker
96 Republican Napervillemarker
97 Republican Jacksonvillemarker
98 Democratic Litchfieldmarker
99 Republican Springfieldmarker
100 Republican Petersburgmarker
101 Democratic Mount Zionmarker
102 Republican Greenvillemarker
103 Democratic Urbanamarker
104 Republican Danvillemarker
105 Republican Onargamarker
106 Republican Mortonmarker
107 Republican Salemmarker
108 Republican Olneymarker
109 Republican Hutsonvillemarker
110 Republican Charlestonmarker
111 Democratic Altonmarker
112 Democratic Collinsvillemarker
113 Democratic Bellevillemarker
114 Democratic East St. Louismarker
115 Republican Murphysboromarker
116 Democratic Steelevillemarker
117 Democratic Marionmarker
118 Democratic Norris Citymarker

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