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In Love and War (1996) is a romance drama film based on the book Hemingway in Love and War by Henry S. Villard and James Nagel and starring Mackenzie Astin, Chris O'Donnell, Sandra Bullock, and Margot Steinberg. This film takes place during World War I, and is based on the World War I experiences of the writer Ernest Hemingway. It was directed by Richard Attenborough and written by Villard, Nagel, Allan Scott, Dimitri Villard, Clancy Sigal, and Anna Hamilton Phelan.

This movie is largely based on Ernest Hemingway's real experience in World War I as a young soldier in Italymarker. He was wounded and sent to military hospital where he was nursed by Agnes von Kurowsky. They fell in love but somehow the relationship didn't work out.

The film—apparently in a deliberate attempt to capture what the director called Hemingway's "emotional intensity" -- takes liberties with the facts. In real life, unlike the movie, the relationship was probably never consummated, and the couple did not meet again after Hemingway left Italy.[384411]

Hemingway, deeply affected by his relationship with von Kurowsky, later wrote several books about this relationship, including A Farewell to Arms.

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