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Inari ( , , and ) is a municipality in Finlandmarker. The municipality was established in 1876. The largest villages of the municipality are Ivalomarker and Inarimarker.

It is located in Finnish Laplandmarker. The municipality has a total population of ( ) and covers an area of of which is water. It is the largest municipality in Finland. The population density is .

The municipality has four official languages: Finnish, Inari Sami (400 speakers), Skolt Sami (400 speakers) and Northern Sami (700 speakers).

Finland's largest National Park Lemmenjokimarker is partly located in Inari, as is the Urho Kekkonen National Parkmarker.

Lake Inarimarker, a lake in the Inari municipality, is the third largest lake in Finland, with an area of , smaller than the second largest lake, Lake Päijänne.

The wilderness areas of Hammastunturimarker, Muotkatunturimarker, Paistunturimarker, Kaldoaivimarker, Vätsärimarker and Tsarmitunturimarker are also located in Inari.

Ivalo Airportmarker is located in Ivalo village, Inari.

Villages in Inari

Ivalomarker, Inarimarker, Törmänenmarker, Keväjärvimarker, Koppelo, SevettijärvimarkerNäätämömarker, Saariselkämarker, Nellimmarker, Angelimarker, Kaamanenmarker, Kutturamarker, Lismamarker, Partakko, Riutula.

Inari is the most northern Holiday resort in the whole of Finland.

In popular culture

The trilogy His Dark Materials, which takes place in an alternative world somewhat similar to our own, features a prominent character called Serafina Pekkala; who is a witch from a tribe near Lake Inari.


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