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The Independent Smallholders, Agrarian Workers and Civic Party (Független Kisgazda, Földmunkás és Polgári Párt) is a political party in Hungarymarker. At Hungary's most recent legislative elections , the party won no seats.

Founded in 1908, the original party won an overwhelming majority in the first elections after the Second World War, resulting in its leader, Zoltán Tildy, becoming prime minister. The Smallholders-dominated parliament established a republic in 1946 with Tildy as president. He was succeeded as prime minister by Ferenc Nagy. However, the Sovietmarker occupation of the country, the Hungarian Communist Party's "salami tactic" to break up opponent parties and widespread election fraud in 1947 led to a communist government.

In 1947 the Communist Party carried out a coup d’état against the rule of the Smallholders’ Party. Though not all democratic institutions were abolished, the Communists firmly held power. The prominent smallholders politicians were either arrested or forced to leave the country. Lajos Dinnyés of the Smallholders remained prime minister after the 1947 elections, but his government was controlled by the communists. Two years later the party was absorbed into a People’s Independent Front, led by the communist Hungarian Working People's Party. After the latter prevailed in that year's elections, a communist people's republic was established. The Smallholders party was dissolved.

Party leaders (1945-1949; 1988–)

Leader Dates
Zoltán Tildy 1945-1947
István Dobi 1947-1949
István Prepaliczay 1988-1990
Ferenc József Nagy 1988-1991
Ferenc József Nagy & József Torgyán 1991
József Torgyán 1991-2002
Miklós Reti since 2002

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