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An index is a system used to make finding information easier.

Index may also refer to:

  • Index , a detailed list, usually arranged alphabetically, of the specific information in a publication
  • Index cards in a rolodex or old library card catalog, early and mid 20th century technologies for maintaining such lists
  • Index , for various meanings of the word in mathematics
  • Index , a single number calculated from an array of prices and quantities
  • Index, Washingtonmarker, a town in Snohomish County, Washington, United States
  • Index, New York, a hamlet in the County and Town of Otsego, New York, United States
  • Index , a largely obsolete punctuation mark
  • Indexing , a kind of motion in many areas of mechanical engineering and machining


In computers and information retrieval:
  • Index , a feature in a computerized database which allows quick access to the rows in a table
  • Index , either an integer which identifies an array element, or a data structure which enables fast lookup
  • Index , for supporting information retrieval in search engines
  • Webserver directory index, a default or index web page in a directory on a web server, such as index.html
  • Subject indexing, describing the content of a document by keywords
  • BitTorrent index, a list of .torrent files available for searches

  • The Index, an item on the Halo in the Halo series of video games
  • The Index marker, a tower under construction in Dubai
  • Index , a defunct UK catalogue retailer formerly owned by the Littlewoods group and known as Littlewoods Index
  • Index finger, the second digit of a human hand
  • Index fund, a collective investment scheme
  • Indexicality, in linguistics, the variation of meaning of an utterance according to certain features of the context in which it is uttered

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