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The Inland Empire is a region in the Pacific Northwest centered on Spokanemarker, Washingtonmarker, including much of the surrounding Columbia River basin. It extends into northern Idahomarker, northeastern Oregonmarker, and far northwestern Montanamarker. It is sometimes referred to as the Inland Northwest.

Included in the region are the counties of:
Washington: Adamsmarker, Asotinmarker, Bentonmarker, Chelanmarker, Columbiamarker, Douglasmarker, Ferrymarker, Franklinmarker, Garfieldmarker, Grantmarker, Kittitasmarker, Klickitatmarker, Lincolnmarker, Okanoganmarker, Pend Oreillemarker, Spokanemarker, Stevensmarker, Walla Wallamarker, Whitmanmarker, and Yakimamarker
Idaho: Benewahmarker, Bonnermarker, Boundarymarker, Clearwatermarker, Idahomarker, Kootenaimarker, Latah, Lewismarker, Nez Percemarker, and Shoshonemarker
Oregon: Umatilla, Unionmarker, and Wallowamarker
Montana: Lincolnmarker, Mineralmarker, Missoulamarker, and Sandersmarker

An early reference to the Inland Empire was printed in the first edition of the Spokane Falls Review, a predecessor of today's Spokesman-Review, on May 19, 1883: "It is not to be wondered that Spokane Fallsmarker booms, nor that it bids fair, and is bound to be the chief metropolis not only of eastern Washington, but of that vast extent of territory, now being rapidly peopled, known and suggestively spoken of as the 'Inland Empire,' an immense region of unlimited resources and possibilities that will in later years give subsistence and support to millions of human beings."

According to the US Census Bureau, the estimated population as of 2004 was 1,913,682 making it, in population, comparable to New Mexicomarker. Its Canadianmarker counterpart, north of the border, is the British Columbia Interior.

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