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The US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) is an interest group founded in 1998 by the United States Chamber of Commerce, with a focus on legal reform.

ILR Goals

According to its website, "ILR aims to:
  • Neutralize plaintiff trial lawyers' excessive influence over the legal and political systems.
  • Ensure enactment of common sense legal reform and related legislation.
  • Create and maintain public support for legal reform, including building alliances with groups and organizations to advance the legal reform agenda.
  • Reform the class action system to make it simpler, fairer and faster.
  • Enact common sense reforms to ensure fairness in liability suits.
  • Ensure damage awards are fair and equitable.
  • Eliminate frivolous lawsuits.
  • Enforce legal ethics rules."

Stances on Issues

ILR takes a pro-defendant stance, condemning the influence that plaintiff trial lawyers have in expanding common law through tort and securities litigation. Accordingly, ILR promotes arbitration over litigation, increased attorney-client privilege, reduced discovery, and statutory caps on damage awards.

ILR is funded by the United States Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization, which represents millions of businesses and industry associations. The United States Chamber of Commerce's official positions on a variety of issues, from drilling in ANWRmarker to union rights, align with the official positions of the Republican Party. These positions often place the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in direct opposition to Democratic candidates. Through ILR, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched multiple lobbying efforts against the Democratic Party's traditional political base, including unions and trial lawyers.


Critics of ILR and other tort reform organizations argue that the organizations limit the access of ordinary citizens to be compensated for harms done to them by corporations through faulty products and/or harmful services. Critics argue that such interest groups do not promote judicial efficiency, legal ethics, or any other public purpose, but merely protect corporations from the consequences of their misdeeds.


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