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The Instrument of Surrender was signed at Ramna Race Coursemarker in Dhakamarker at 16.31 IST on December 16, 1971, by Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding in Chief of Eastern Command of the Indian Army and Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, Commander of Pakistanimarker forces in Bangladesh, as the formal act of surrender of all Pakistani forces in erstwhile East Pakistan. Also present during the ceremony were Lieutenant General JFR Jacob, Chief of Staff of the Eastern Command and architect of the plan for the capture of Bangladesh, and, the commanders of Indian Naval and Air Forces in the Eastern Theatre.

The signing of the document ended the war, and led to the formation of Bangladesh. The name of the new country, Bangla Desh (later reduced to a single word), was used in the instrument of surrender, which declared: "The Pakistan Eastern Command agree to surrender all Pakistan armed forces in Bangla desh to Lieutenant-General Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Indian and BANGLA DESH forcesin the Eastern Theatre."

Aurora accepted the surrender without a word, while the crowd on the race course started shouting anti-Niazi and anti-Pakistan slogans and abuses. Niazi along with a sizeable number of Pakistani soldiers were taken prisoner (upwards of 90,000). This was the largest number of POWs since World War II and included some government officials.

Text of the Instrument

The instrument of surrender

"The PAKISTAN Eastern Command agree to surrender all PAKISTANArmed Forces in BANGLA DESH to Lieutenant-General JAGJIT SINGH AURORA,General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Indian and BANGLA DESH forcesin the Eastern Theatre. This surrender includes all PAKISTAN land, airand naval forces as also all para-military forces and civil armed forces.These forces will lay down their arms and surrender at the places wherethey are currently located to the nearest regular troops under thecommand of Lieutenant-General JAGJIT SINGH AURORA.

The PAKISTAN Eastern Command shall come under the orders ofLieutenant-General JAGJIT SINGH AURORA as soon as the instrument hasbeen signed. Disobedience of orders will be regarded as a breach ofthe surrender terms and will be dealt with in accordance with theaccepted laws and usages of war. The decision of Lieutenant-GeneralJAGJIT SINGH AURORA will be final, should any doubt arise as to themeaning or interpretation of the surrender terms.

Lieutenant-General JAGJIT SINGH AURORA gives a solemn assurancethat personnel who surrender shall be treated with dignity and respectthat soldiers are entitled to in accordance with provisions of theGENEVA Convention and guarantees the safety and well-being of allPAKISTAN military and para-military forces who surrender. Protectionwill be provided to foreign nationals, ethnic minorities and personnelof WEST PAKISTAN origin by the forces under the command of Lieutenant-General JAGJIT SINGH AURORA."

Signed by J.S. Aurora and A.A.K. Niazi on 16 December 1971.


INSTRUMENTS OF SURRENDER OF PAKISTANI FORCES IN DACCA Hosted by Ministry of External Affairs, India Virtual Bangladesh


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