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Insular G (Ᵹ ᵹ; image: ) is a form of the letter g (somewhat resembling a tailed z, but not to be confused therewith), used in Britainmarker and Irelandmarker. It was first used by the Irishmarker, passed into Old English, and developed into the Middle English letter yogh (Ȝ ȝ). Middle English, having re-borrowed the familiar Carolingian g from the Continent, thus used two forms of g as separate letters.

The lowercase insular g ( ) was used in Irish linguistics as a phonetic character for the voiced velar fricative, , and on this basis is encoded in the Phonetic Extensions block of Unicode 4.1 (March 2005) as U+1D79. Its capital (Ᵹ) was introduced in Unicode 5.1 (April 2008) at U+A77D.

The insular form of g is still used in traditional Gaelic script.

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