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The International Herald Tribune is a widely read English-language international newspaper. It combines the resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 35 sites throughout the world, for sale in more than 180 countries. The IHT is part of The New York Times Companymarker.


The Paris Herald was founded on October 4, 1887, as the European edition of the New York Herald by the parent paper's owner, James Gordon Bennett, Jr. The company is based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris.

After the death of Bennett, Jr. in 1918, Frank Andrew Munsey bought the New York Herald and the Paris Herald. Munsey sold the Herald newspapers in 1924 to the New York Tribune, and the Paris Herald became the Paris Herald Tribune.

In 1928, the Paris Herald Tribune became the first newspaper distributed by airplane, flying copies to Londonmarker from Paris in time for breakfast. Publication of the newspaper was interrupted during Nazi Germany's occupation of Paris (1940–1944).

In 1959, John Hay Whitney, a businessman and United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, bought the New York Herald Tribune and its European edition. In 1966, the New York paper closed, but the Whitney family kept the Paris paper going through partnerships. In December 1966, The Washington Post became a joint owner.

The New York Times became a joint owner of the Herald in May 1967, whereupon the newspaper became known as the International Herald Tribune.

In 1974, the IHT began transmitting facsimile pages of the paper between nations and opened a printing site near London. In 1977, the paper opened a second site in Zürichmarker.

The IHT began to send electronic images of newspaper pages from Paris to Hong Kongmarker via satellite in 1980, making the paper simultaneously available on opposite sides of the planet. This was the first such intercontinental transmission of an English-language daily newspaper and followed the pioneering efforts of the Chinese-language Sing Tao Daily newspaper.

In 1991, The Washington Post and The New York Times became sole and equal shareholders of the newspaper.

In February 2005, it opened its Asia newsroom in Hong Kong.

The New York Times takeover

As of 2003, the IHT is completely owned by The New York Times Company, after that firm purchased the 50% stake owned by the Washington Post Company on December 30, 2002. The takeover ended a 35-year partnership between the two domestic competitors. The Post was forced to sell when the Times threatened to pull out and start a competing paper. As a result, the Post entered into an agreement to publish selected articles in The Wall Street Journal's European edition. Since the takeover, the newspaper has been subtitled "The Global Edition of the New York Times".

In 2008, the NYT Company announced the merger of the New York Times and IHT websites. As of March 29, 2009, the IHT website is now the Global Edition of The New York Times. The new site is at Links to all IHT stories redirect to this main page and not the same stories at the new site. Not all IHT stories are yet available at the new site.


While the International Herald Tribune shares many columnists with The New York Times, it has its own voice, particularly in the field of culture. Well-known commentators include Suzy Menkes on fashion, Alice Rawsthorn on design, and Souren Melikian on art.


Affiliations with international newspapers include:

Typically, the affiliation consists of an English-language edition of the local newspaper circulated together with the IHT.

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