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The International Society for Philosophy of Music Education (ISPME) is an international scholarly organization for the field of music education philosophy. Music education philosophy is a field of study that examines such fundamental questions as "why and how should music be taught and learned?," while ISPME is the only international organization devoted specifically to this specialized subject. ISPME members include professors of music, education, and philosophy at universities in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

Purpose of ISPME

As expressed in its By-Laws, the International Society for Philosophy of Music Education (ISPME) is founded on both educational and professional objectives: "devoted to the specific interests of philosophy of music education in elementary through secondary schools, colleges and universities, in private studios, places of worship, and all the other places and ways in which music is taught and learned."

ISPME seeks to:
  • (1) Gather, consider, and disseminate ideas on the philosophy and practice of music as an integral part of music education
  • (2) Increase communications on philosophy among the various disciplines of the music profession that bear on education
  • (3) Sponsor symposia as the Society deems necessary for the express purpose of exhibiting appropriate research and discussion.

Leadership of ISPME

The International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education held its first symposium nearly 20 years ago, and recent meetings have been hosted by various universities in Europe and North America. Several prominent music scholars have taken a leadership role in the organization over the years, most notably Estelle Jorgensen of Indiana University in the United States. Other well-known participants have included Bennett Reimer, David Elliott, and many others.

*ISPME Executive Committee (2007-2010):
  • Chairs: Heidi Westerlund & Randall Allsup
  • Program Chair: Werner Jank
  • Treasurer: Patrick Schmidt
  • Secretary: Liz Gould
  • Webmaster: David G. Hebert

*ISPME Executive Committee (2005-2007):
  • Chairs: Paul Woodford & Herman Kaiser
  • Program Chairs: Charlene Morton & Oivind Varkoy
  • Treasurer: Randall Allsup
  • Secretary: Deane Bogdan
  • Site Chair: Kari Veblen
  • Parliamentarian: Tony Palmer
  • Communications: John Kratus
  • Membership Secretary: Betty Anne Younker
  • Webmaster: Ted Love

Related Publications

Members of International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education are provided with a subscription to its peer-reviewed journal Philosophy of Music Education Review. Published twice per year, this journal "disseminates philosophical research in music education to an international community of scholars, artists, and teachers. It regularly includes articles that address philosophical or theoretical issues relevant to education, including reflections on current practice, research, issues, or questions; reform initiatives; philosophical writings; theories; the nature and scope of education and its goals and purposes; and cross-disciplinary dialogue relevant to the interests of music educators."

Upcoming Conference

The International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education will be holding its Eighth International Symposium at the Sibelius Academymarker on June 9-13 of 2010. This symposium marks twenty years since the inaugural ISPME event was held at Bloomington, Indiana in 1990.

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