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The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is a professional exchange program funded by the U.S.marker Department of Statemarker Office of International Visitors in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The purpose of the program is to help build mutual understanding between citizens of the U.S. and other countries.


In 1948 representative Karl E. Mundt and Senator H. Alexander Smith marshaled the Informational and Educational Exchange Act, also known as the Smith-Mundt Act which was passed by the 80th United States Congress and approved by President Harry S. Truman. During a time when Americans grew increasingly concerned about Sovietmarker propaganda, the purpose of the Smith-Mundt was "to promote a better understanding of the United States in other countries, and to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries" though educational and cultural exchanges. From this legislation birthed the Foreign Leaders Program, which was eventually consolidated into the International Visitor Program (IVP) in 1952. In 2004 the IVP was renamed the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).


While the IVLP has no written statement of purpose, Dr. Sherry L. Mueller (President, National Council for International Visitors) has identified at least two goals that have remained consistent since the inception of the program:
  1. Link the foreign leaders with their U.S. counterparts, providing a solid professional experience and in-depth, substantive exploration of key issues and diverse, balanced approaches to these issues.
  2. Enable the visitors to gain a better understanding of the history and heritage of the United States, a better sense of who [Americans] are as a people and what [Americans] value.

Notable alumni

The following tables list current and former chiefs of state and heads of government who have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program.

East Asia & Pacific

Country Name Highest Position Year Participated
William Hayden Governor General 1970
Paul Keating Prime Minister 1977
Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister 1964
Gough Whitlam Prime Minister 1964
Terepai Maoate Prime Minister 1987
Tosiwo Nakayama President 1961
Kamisese Mara Acting President 1964
Penaia Ganilau President 1963
George Cakobau Governor General 1964
Megawati Sukarnoputri President 1989
Abdurrahman Wahid President 1979
Morihiro Hosokawa Prime Minister 1980
Toshiki Kaifu Prime Minister 1962
Mahathir bin Mohamad Prime Minister 1973
Abdul Razak Prime Minister 1963, 1953
Nambaryn Enkhbayar President 1994
Helen Clark Prime Minister 1998
Jenny Shipley Prime Minister 1989
David Lange Prime Minister 1983
Norman Kirk Prime Minister 1971, 1962
Robert Muldoon Prime Minister 1965
Wallace E. Rowling Prime Minister 1967
Jack Marshall Prime Minister 1958
Lazarus Salii President 1968
Ignatius Kilage Governor-General 1976
Michael Somare Prime Minister 1971
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo President 1964
Vaai Kolone Prime Minister 1981
Wee Kim Wee President 1964
Devan Nair President 1979
Kim Dae-jung President 1965
Kim Yong-sam President 1964
Han Seung-soo Prime Minister 1977
Hyun Seung-jong Acting Prime Minister 1971
Lee Yung-duk Prime Minister 1966
Kim Sang-hyup Prime Minister 1970, 1960
Nam Duck-woo Prime Minister 1975
Chung Il-kwon Prime Minister 1971
Lee Han-key Prime Minister 1972
Choi Doo-sun Prime Minister 1950
Ma Ying-jeou President 1971, 2003
Chen Shui-bian President 1990
Chuan Leekpai Prime Minister 1971
Taufa'ahau Tupou IV King 1964
Fatafehi Tu'ipelehake Prime Minister 1968
Walter Lini Prime Minister 1976


Country/Region Name Highest Position Year Participated
Heinz Fischer President 1964
Alfred Gusenbauer Chancellor 1987
Wolfgang Schüssel Chancellor 1984, 1971
Franz Vranitzky Chancellor 1975
Bruno Kreisky Chancellor 1958
Fred Sinowatz Chancellor 1965
Yves Leterme Prime Minister 1983
Guy Verhofstadt Prime Minister 1983
Wilfried Martens Prime Minister 1971
Leo Tindemans Prime Minister 1967
Mark Eyskens Prime Minister 1984
Sergei Stanishev Prime Minister 2004
Zhan Videnov Prime Minister 1992
Philip Dimitrov Prime Minister 1990
Ivica Racan Prime Minister 1998
Anders Fogh Rasmussen Prime Minister 1982
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen Prime Minister 1985
Tarja Halonen President 1983
Matti Vanhanen Prime Minister 1993
Paavo Lipponen Prime Minister 1974
Esko Aho Prime Minister 1979
Harri Holkeri Prime Minister 1970
Nicolas Sarkozy President 1985
Francois Fillon Prime Minister 1984
Lionel Jospin Prime Minister 1977
Alain Juppe Prime Minister 1978
Pierre Beregovoy Prime Minister 1977
Valery Giscard D'Estaing President 1956
Mikheil Saakashvili President 1999
Zurab Noghaideli Prime Minister 1997
Zurab Zhvania Prime Minister 1997
Gerhard Schröder Chancellor 1981
Richard von Weizsäcker President 1978
Walter Scheel President 1951
Karl Carstens President 1950
Kurt Georg Kiesinger Chancellor 1954
Willy Brandt Chancellor 1954
Helmut Schmidt Chancellor 1956
Konstandinos Karamanlis Prime Minister 1995
Constantine Mitsotakis Prime Minister 1959
Constantine Karamanlis President 1951
Constantine Tsatsos President 1952
George Rallis Prime Minister 1958, 1953
Gyula Horn Prime Minister 1981
Jozsef Antall Prime Minister 1989
Geir Haarde Prime Minister 1985
David Oddsson Prime Minister 1983
Thorsteinn Palsson Prime Minister 1984
Kristjan Eldjarn President 1957
Mary Robinson President 1976
John Bruton Prime Minister 1980
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro President 1960
Francesco Cossiga President 1966
Giuseppe Saragat President 1963
Romano Prodi Prime Minister 1979
Giovanni Goria Prime Minister 1981
Giovanni Spadolini Prime Minister 1952
Arnaldo Forlani Prime Minister 1960
Fatmir Sejdiu President 2003
Bajram Kosumi Prime Minister 2001
Bajram Rexhepi Prime Minister 2000
Gediminas Kirkilas Prime Minister 2002
Jacques Santer Prime Minister 1973
Nikola Gruevski Prime Minister 2000
Boris Trajkovski President 1996
Ljubco Georgievski Prime Minister 1996
Edward Fenech Adami President 1974, 1975
Lawrence Gonzi Prime Minister 1990
Ugo Mifsud Bonnici President 1971
Dominic Mintoff Prime Minister 1965
Petru Lucinschi President 1995
Jan Peter Balkenende Prime Minister 1985
Willem Kok Prime Minister 1978
Joop den Uyl Prime Minister 1953, 1979
Jens Stoltenberg Prime Minister 1988
Kjell Magne Bondevik Prime Minister 1971
Jan P. Syse Prime Minister 1978
Kare Willoch Prime Minister 1979
Donald Tusk Prime Minister 1995
Hanna Suchocka Prime Minister 1988
Mieczyslaw Rakowski Prime Minister 1978
Anibal Cavaco Silva President 1978
Jorge Sampaio President 1965
Mario Alberto Soares President 1976
Antonio Guterres Prime Minister 1978
Francisco Pinto Balsemao Prime Minister 1965
Victor Ciorbea Prime Minister 1995
Janez Drnovšek President 1988
Frederik Reinfeldt Prime Minister 2002
Carl Bildt Prime Minister 1973
Moritz Leuenberger President 1993
Abdullah Gul President 1995
Suleyman Demirel President 1957
Leonid Kuchma President 1994
Leonid Kravchuk President
Gordon Brown Prime Minister 1992, 1984
Tony Blair Prime Minister 1992, 1986
Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister 1967
Edward Heath Prime Minister 1953

North Africa, Near East & South and Central Asia

Country Name Highest Position Year Participated
Hamid Karzai President 1987
Fakhruddin Ahmed Chief Advisor 1977
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Prime Minister 1952
Jigme Thinley Prime Minister 1987
Khandu Wangchuk Prime Minister 1993
Anwar Sadat President 1968
Ahmed Nazif Prime Minister 1990
Ahmad Fuad Mohieddin Prime Minister 1977
Pratibha Patil President 1999, 1986
Kocheril Raman Narayanan President 1969
Manmohan Singh Prime Minister 1981
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Prime Minister 1960
Indira Gandhi Prime Minister 1961
Morarji Desai Prime Minister 1962
Moshe Katzav President 1980
Ehud Olmert Prime Minister 1978
Adnan Badran Prime Minister 1977
Faisal al-Fayez Prime Minister 1988
Abdelsalam al-Majali Prime Minister 1969
Kurmanbek Bakiyev President 2004
Amin Gemayel President 1979, 1972
Elias Sarkis President 1971
Azzedine Laraki Prime Minister 1986
Maati Bouabid Prime Minister 1965, 1961
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Prime Minister 1993
Sher Bahadur Deuba Prime Minister
Ghulam Ishaq Khan President 1949
Mahinda Rajapakse President 1989
Ratnasiri Wickremanayake Prime Minister 1975
Ranasinghe Premadasa President 1966
Mohamed Mzali Prime Minister 1964
Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani Prime Minister 1989

Sub-Saharan Africa

Country Name Highest Position Year Participated
Nicephore Soglo President 1997
Festus G. Mogae President 1976
Quett Masire President 1975
Roch Marc Christian Kaboré President 1999, 1986
Andre-Dieudonne Kolingba President 1966
Youssouf Saleh Abbas Prime Minister 1999
Nagoum Yamassoum Prime Minister 1992
Laurent Gbagbo President 1993
Daniel Kablan Duncan Prime Minister 1974
John Kufuor President Late 1960s
Lamine Sidimé Prime Minister 1992
Mwai Kibaki President 1999
Daniel arap Moi President 1969
'Mamohato Seeiso Queen 1993
Didier Ratsiraka President 1973
Philibert Tsiranana President 1964
Bakili Muluzi President 1980
Alpha Oumar Konaré President 1978
Anerood Jugnauth President 1981
Navinchandra Ramgoolam Prime Minister 1986
Veerasamy Ringadoo Governor General 1982
Dayendranath Burrenchobay Governor General 1969
Armando Guebuza President 1987
Pascoal Mocumbi Prime Minister 1986
Nahas Angula Prime Minister 1996
Seyni Oumarou Prime Minister 1990
Hama Amadou Prime Minister 1986
Sylvestre Nsanzimana Prime Minister 1986
Frederik Willem de Klerk President 1976
Mame Madior Boye Prime Minister 1975
France-Albert René President 1967
Obed Dlamini Prime Minister 1986
Julius Nyerere President 1960
Faure Gnassingbé President 2001
Yawovi Agboyibo Prime Minister 1997
Edem Kodjo Prime Minister 1972
Joseph Kokou Koffigoh Prime Minister 1990
Apolo Nsibambi Prime Minister 1984
Kebby Musokotwane Prime Minister 1979

Western Hemisphere

Country Name Highest Position Year Participated
Fernando de la Rúa President 1966
Raúl Alfonsín President 1981
Owen Arthur Prime Minister 1988
Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Prime Minister 1975
Tom Adams Prime Minister 1973
Said Musa Prime Minister 1995
Carlos Mesa President 2002, 1979
José Sarney President 1964
Edward Schreyer Governor General 1978
Ricardo Lagos President 1988
Álvaro Uribe President 1998
Ernesto Samper President 1985
César Gaviria President 1982
Belisario Betancur President 1952
Julio César Turbay Ayala President 1977
Óscar Arias Prime Minister 1971
Nicholas Liverpool President 1985
Eugenia Charles Prime Minister 1995
Patrick John Prime Minister 1979
Hipólito Mejía President 1995
Salvador Jorge Blanco President 1979
Gustavo Noboa President 1960
Jamil Mahuad President 1985
Rosalía Arteaga President 1993
Rodrigo Borja President 1962
Armando Calderón Sol President 1986
Alfredo Cristiani President 1986
Paul Scoon Governor General 1972
Hamilton Green Prime Minister 1967
Ptolemy Reid President 1966
Vinicio Cerezo President 1976
Alfonso Portillo President 1992
Álvaro Arzú President 1982
Ramiro de León Carpio President 1988
Jacques-Édouard Alexis Prime Minister 1983
Ertha Pascal-Trouillot President 1980
Leslie Manigat President 1959
Ricardo Maduro President 1986
Carlos Roberto Reina President 1993
Rafael Leonardo Callejas President 1986
José Azcona del Hoyo President 1985
Portia Simpson-Miller Prime Minister 1981
Howard Cooke Governor General 1981
Felipe Calderón President 1992
Nicanor Duarte President 1989
Jorge Del Castillo Prime Minister 1988
Beatriz Merino Prime Minister 1997
Denzil Douglas Prime Minister 1990
Simeon Daniel Premier 1980
Lee Moore Premier 1972
Stephenson King Prime Minister 1985
James Fitz-Allen Mitchell Prime Minister 1973
Ronald Venetiaan President 1981
Ramsewak Shankar President 1978
George Richards  President 1986
Patrick Manning Prime Minister 1988
Basdeo Panday Prime Minister 1978
Tabaré Vázquez President 1993
Washington Beltrán President 1976
Julio María Sanguinetti President 1984
Luis Alberto Lacalle President 1968
Rafael Caldera President 1962
Luis Herrera Campins President 1967

Agencies involved

The IVLP functions through a public-private partnership with several national program agencies that arrange the itineraries for the foreign visitors.


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