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Interstate 210 (I-210) and State Route 210 (SR 210) together form contiguous highway, called the Foothill Freeway, in the Greater Los Angeles area of the U.S. state of Californiamarker. The western portion of the route is an auxiliary Interstate Highway, while the eastern portion is a state highway. The entire route was upgraded to Interstate Highway standards by 2007, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has requested permission to re-sign the eastern portion as an Interstate Highway.

The name Foothill Freeway is a reference to Foothill Boulevard and the San Gabriel Mountainsmarker, both of which run parallel to the freeway for most of its length. The freeway connects Los Angelesmarker with its northern suburbs following the foothills of these mountains. The freeway runs from San Fernandomarker east to San Bernardinomarker.

Currently all of the Foothill Freeway has a 210 designation. Historically, the Foothill Freeway spanned multiple numerical designations. Additionally, the I-210 designation has changed routings; previously including a portion of the Orange Freeway. East of Pasadenamarker the Foothill Freeway parallels, and in some parts replaced, the route of former U.S. Route 66.

Route description

Freeway as seen from the Metro Gold Line Sierra Madre Villa Station
I-210's western terminus is at its junction with the Golden State Freeway (I-5), near the Sylmarmarker district of Los Angeles. From that point, the freeway's alignment is generally diagonal as it heads southeast through the northeastern San Fernando Valley and the Crescenta Valley before turning due south towards the junction with the Ventura Freeway (State Route 134) in Pasadenamarker. At this interchange, the Foothill Freeway shifts its alignment and direction, becoming an east-west freeway. From the north, the primary through lanes of I-210 become the unsigned northern stub of unfinished I-710, while from the east, the through lanes of the Ventura Freeway become I-210 as the Ventura Freeway reaches its official eastern terminus. I-210 then continues east to the Orange Freeway (State Route 57) in Glendoramarker. Heading east from the Orange Freeway interchange, until its eastern terminus at I-10 in Redlandsmarker, 210 is currently signed as a state route.

Portions of the Metro Gold Line of the LACMTA run in the median of the Foothill Freeway from Pasadena to Arcadia.

State Route 210 presently has two distinct segments:

The western freeway segment serves as the easternmost portion of the Foothill Freeway (Interstate 210). Consisting of newer freeway, beginning at the east end of I-210 near San Dimasmarker, SR 210 extends eastward, eventually paralleling Highland Avenue, as it continues through Fontanamarker. It intersects Interstate 15, an artery between Southern California and Nevadamarker a few miles before it meets with Interstate 215 in San Bernardinomarker.

The segment east of Interstate 215 is the former alignment of State Route 30. This segment extends eastward to junctions with Interstate 215, State Route 259, State Route 18 and State Route 330 in Highlandmarker. State Route 210 then curves southward and ends in a junction with Interstate 10 in Redlandsmarker.

This route is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System and is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System.

Elevated portion of freeway in Monrovia.


The construction began on the freeway in 1958. The first section was opened in 1966, then signed as State Route 118. In 1968, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway depot at Santa Anita, a historic structure built in 1890, was moved to the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardenmarker to make way for a section of the freeway. The section from State Route 134 to the Kellogg Interchangemarker with Interstate 10 at Pomona, Californiamarker was completed in 1976. The section between the Kellogg interchange and Glendoramarker is no longer part of I-210. In 2003, this piece was renumbered as part of State Route 57, and known as the Orange Freeway.

In the 1990s, Caltrans began constructing extensions to the freeway from Glendoramarker east to the former Interstate 215/State Route 30 interchange in San Bernardinomarker. In 2003, a 20-mile (32 km) segment east from Glendora to Fontana was completed, with the portion proceeding south from Glendora renumbered SR 57. The remaining section east of Interstate 15 between Fontana and Interstate 215 was opened on July 24, 2007.

Caltrans has petitioned AASHTO, the trade organization that oversees the designation and naming of the Interstate Highway system, to re-sign the entire Foothill Freeway, including the entire segments of State Routes 210 and 30, as I-210. Upon completion of the new freeway segment west of I-215, State Route 30 from I-215 to I-10 in Redlands was re-signed as State Route 210. The re-signing in 2003 of the former portion of I-210 now signed as State Route 57 truncated I-210 from its parent route, I-10. Presuming that authority is given at some point in the future to re-sign the entirety of 210 as interstate, then I-210 will once again connect to its parent route, but much further east in Redlands.

The western freeway segment, planned since the 1970s and completed in 2002, replaced a western surface street segment that began with Base Line Road (sometimes spelled Baseline Road) at its intersection with Foothill Boulevard in San Dimasmarker and extends eastward into Uplandmarker. In Upland it became 16th Street, then turned northward onto Mountain Avenue, then turned eastward onto 19th Street. It left Upland and continued eastward into Rancho Cucamongamarker. It then seemed to turn northward onto Haven Avenue and end at the western freeway segment. This segment is probably still signed as SR 30 — at least in some places if not ubiquitously — but some recently published maps are reflecting a signage change.

State Route 30 is the former designation of State Route 210 and State Route 330. Route 30 ran from its interchange with I-210 in Glendoramarker east to State Route 18 at Big Bear Lakemarker. The easternmost portion of Route 30 was transferred to Route 330 in 1972. Thereafter, Route 30 was routed south to I-10 in Redlandsmarker. In 1999, the entirety of Route 30 from the Glendora Curve to Redlands was transferred to Route 210.

Route 210 from Route 5 to Route 10 in Redlands is known as the Foothill Freeway, as named by Senate Concurrent Resolution 29, Chapter 128 in 1991.

Use as movie location

The westernmost portion of the freeway appears in the 1971 film The Omega Man.

In 1974, Universal Studios used condemned houses ready to be bulldozed for a section of the freeway in Pasadena for the disaster film Earthquake.

From 1975 to 1981, the uncompleted section of Interstate 210 in La Crescentamarker (and the intersecting SR 2 Glendale Freeway) was often used often as a filming location. Some films and television shows filmed on this section include the theatrical films Death Race 2000, Corvette Summer and The Gumball Rally as well as the made for television films Smash Up on Interstate 5 and The Great American Traffic Jam.

Perhaps most famously, the American television series CHiPs made extensive use of the Interstate 210–CA SR 118 interchange, often conducting major action sequences on the closed freeway. This section was finally opened in 1981 once the Tujunga Wash bridge was completed.

Later, as the freeway extended further east, so did its use as a filming location. In 2005 and 2006, for example, several television shows, commercials, and feature films shot on the unopened section of the freeway between Alder Avenue and Linden Avenue in the city of Rialtomarker. A character in the fifth season of the fictional television show 24, which is set in Southern California sometime around 2009 or 2010, gives her location to be the intersection of I-210 and I-10, presumably referring to a future reconnection of I-210 to its parent.

In late August 2006, one of the shoots on the freeway was a portion of a major action sequence in the feature film Transformers. The 2007 series Drive, which uses highways settings for many of its action scenes, also shoots on I-210. In the first episode, the Alder Avenue exit sign is clearly legible.

On November 21st and 22nd between Sierra and Ayala Ave scenes for Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.'s movie Due Date was filmed.

The section of the 210 between Sierra and Alder was used in the movie "The Hangover"


With the completion of a central freeway segment in July 2007, Caltrans is expected to ask the AASHTO to designate the entire route as part of Interstate 210. Once approved, the SR 210 green State Route signs will be replaced with Interstate 210 ones.

Exit list

Note: Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured in 1964, based on the alignment as it existed at that time, and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. The numbers reset at county lines; the start and end postmiles in each county are given in the county column.
County Location Postmile

# Destinations Notes
Los Angeles
LA R0.00-R52.15
Los Angelesmarker R0.00 1 Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; signed as exits 1A (north) and 1B (south)
R0.84 1C Yarnell Street Signed as exit 1 eastbound
R1.92 2 Roxford Street – Sylmarmarker
R3.28 3 Polk Street
R4.11 4 Hubbard Street
R4.94 5 Maclay Street – San Fernandomarker
R5.91 6A Signed as exit 6B westbound
R6.01 6B Paxton Street Signed as exit 6A westbound
R7.82 8 Osborne Street – Lake View Terracemarker
R9.44 9 Wheatland Avenue – Lake View Terracemarker
R11.08 11 Sunland Boulevard – Sunland, Tujungamarker
R14.17 14 La Tuna Canyon Road
Glendalemarker R15.62 16 Lowell Avenue – Tujungamarker
R16.77 17A Pennsylvania Avenue – La Crescentamarker Signed as exit 17 eastbound
R17.38 17B La Crescenta Avenue – La Crescentamarker Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
R18.22 18 Ocean View Boulevard – Montrosemarker
Glendalemarker R18.87 19 West end of SR 2 overlap
La Cañada Flintridgemarker R19.88 20 East end of SR 2 overlap
R20.60 21 Gould Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
R20.85 21 Foothill Boulevard Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Pasadenamarker R21.53 22A Berkshire Avenue, Oak Grove Drive
R22.49 22B Arroyo Boulevard, Windsor Avenue
R23.19 23 Lincoln Avenue, Washington Boulevard
R24.06 24 Seco Street, Mountain Street
R24.86 25A Colorado Boulevard – Pasadenamarker Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
R24.96 25A Signed as exit 26A westbound
R24.96 25B Signed as exit 26A westbound
R25.29 25 Fair Oaks Avenue, Marengo Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; signed as exits 25A (south) and 25B (north)
R26.33 26 Lake Avenue
R26.94 27A Hill Avenue Signed as exit 27 eastbound
R27.41 27B Allen Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
R28.25 28 Altadena Drive, Sierra Madre Boulevard Westbound exit is via exit 29A
R28.68 29A San Gabriel Boulevard – San Marinomarker
R29.29 29B Madre Street
R29.49 30 Signed as exits 30A (south) and 30B (north) eastbound
Arcadiamarker R30.82 31 Baldwin Avenue – Sierra Madremarker
R31.88 32 Santa Anita Avenue – Arcadiamarker
R32.89 33 Huntington Drive – Monroviamarker, Arcadiamarker
Monroviamarker R33.91 34 Myrtle Avenue – Monroviamarker
R34.74 35A Mountain Avenue
Duartemarker R35.24 35B Buena Vista Street
Irwindalemarker R36.41 36A Signed as exit 36B westbound
R36.41 36B Mount Olive Drive (via I-605 north) Signed as exit 36A westbound
R37.86 38 Irwindale Avenue – Irwindalemarker
Azusamarker R38.96 39 Vernon Avenue
R39.60 40
R40.60 41 Citrus Avenue – Covinamarker
Glendoramarker R41.59 42 Grand Avenue – Glendoramarker
R43.16 43 Sunflower Avenue
R44.20 44 Lone Hill Avenue
R44.38 45 - Pomonamarker East end of I-210; west end of SR 210; former I-210 east
San Dimasmarker R45.46 46 San Dimas Avenue – San Dimasmarker
La Vernemarker R46.63 47  – Pomonamarker Former US 66
R48.08 48 Fruit Street Pomonamarker
Claremontmarker R49.53 50 Towne Avenue Pomonamarker
R51.85 52 Base Line Road Former SR 30 north
San Bernardinomarker
SBD 0.00-R33.18
Uplandmarker 1.50 54 Mountain Avenue – Mount Baldymarker
3.47 56 Campus Avenue
Rancho Cucamongamarker 4.60 57 Carnelian Street
5.90 58 Archibald Avenue
6.91 59 Haven Avenue
7.91 60 Milliken Avenue
9.14 61 Day Creek Boulevard
11.50 64A
Fontanamarker 11.93 64B Cherry Avenue
12.93 Beech Avenue HOV-only interchange
13.93 66 Citrus Avenue
14.93 67 Sierra Avenue
Rialtomarker R16.03 68 Alder Avenue
R17.39 70 Ayala Drive
19.00 71 Riverside Avenue
19.67 72 Pepper Avenue Interchange under construction
San Bernardinomarker 20.69 73 State Street, University Parkway
R21.87 74 Former I-15E
R22.94 75A H Street Signed as exit 75 eastbound
R23.10 75B Eastbound exit is via exit 75
R24.22 76
R25.72 78 Del Rosa Avenue
R26.73 79 Highland Avenue
Highlandmarker R28.66 81
R29.32 82 Base Line Road
R30.23 83 5th Street
Redlandsmarker R32.34 84 San Bernardino Avenue
R33.18 85 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; signed as exits 85A (west) and 85B (east)


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