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Interstate 295 (I-295) is a -long connector in the U.S. state of Mainemarker from I-95 in Scarboroughmarker to I-95 in West Gardinermarker.

Route description

Interstate 295 branches off from exit 44 of Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) providing access to downtown Portland, Mainemarker and then generally follows the Atlantic coast and Kennebec River until it merges back into I-95 in West Gardinermarker to the north at exit 103.

I-295's first exit is in South Portland, giving access to the Maine Mallmarker (southbound) and U.S. 1 in South Portland and Scarborough (northbound); its last exit is Exit 51 (formerly Exit 28), which gives access to Gardiner. The route starts at Exit 44 (formerly Exit 6A) of I-95, and it has toll plazas just before its own Exit 1, and between Exit 51 and its northern terminus at I-95.


1960 to 2004

From its inception in 1960 to 2004, I-295 was an 11.02 mile (17.73km) long route branching off the Maine Turnpike/I-95 to pass through downtown Portlandmarker. Just north of Portland the through freeway became I-95 at the junction with the Falmouth Spur, a connector carrying I-95 westward to the Maine Turnpike at its Exit 9.

2004 extension

In 2004, to clear up confusion, I-95 was re-designated to continue along the Maine Turnpike for its entire length. I-295 was extended past the Falmouth Spur as a redesignation of I-95, to where it merges back into the Turnpike in Gardiner to the north. The 4-mile (6 km) long Falmouth Spur officially became I-495 but was left unsigned.

At the same time, the exits were re-numbered; previously they had been numbered more or less sequentially from south to north-- there were skipped numbers, for example, there was no Exit 23. After the changes the exits re-numbered to mile-log in relation to the Scarborough junction, except for the exits in Portland and South Portland, which remained the same. Exits on Maine's I-95 were similarly re-numbered based on mileage.

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
Cumberlandmarker Scarboroughmarker (0) Southbound I-295 drivers wishing to take I-95 North must take Exit 1.I-295 South mainline merges with I-95 South.
South Portlandmarker 1  — Maine Turnpike, Maine Mallmarker Road Northbound exit to Broadway and US-1.Southbound exit to Maine Mall Rd and I-95.Northbound entrance from I-95 and Maine Mall Road.
2 Southbound exit/northbound entrance only.
3 Southbound exit/northbound entrance only.
4 /Veterans Memorial Bridge Northbound exit to Veterans Memorial Bridge.Southbound exit to U.S. 1/Main Street.U.S. 1 removed from Veterans Memorial Bridge in May 2007. U.S. 1 overlaps I-295 northward to exit 9.
Portlandmarker 5 Split into 5A-B southbound.
6A-B U.S. 1 removed from Forest Avenue in May 2007.
8 Northbound exit 8 provides access to Route 26 North.Southbound exit 8 provides access to Route 26 South.Route 26 runs concurrently with I-295 between northbound and southbound exit 8 (about 1/4 mile).
9 /Baxter Boulevardmarker U.S. 1 removed from Baxter Boulevardmarker in May 2007.U.S. 1 overlaps I-295 southward to exit 4.
Falmouthmarker 10 Bucknam Road To I-95/Maine Turnpike, U.S. 1, and Route 9.
11  — New Hampshiremarker – Massachusettsmarker Southbound exit/northbound entrance only.Former terminus of Interstate 295.Formerly Interstate 95.Unsigned Interstate 495.
Yarmouthmarker 15 no northbound entrance
17 To Route 88.
Freeportmarker 20 Desert Road To U.S. 1.
24 Northbound exit/entrance only.
Brunswickmarker 28
Sagadahocmarker Topshammarker 31
Bowdoinhammarker 37
Richmondmarker 43
Kennebecmarker Gardinermarker 49
West Gardinermarker 51 Northbound I-295 drivers wishing to take I-95 South must take Exit 51.
West Gardinermarker (52) I-295 North mainline merges with I-95 North.

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