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Interstate 465 (I-465) is the beltway circling Indianapolis, Indianamarker, United Statesmarker. It is roughly rectangular in shape and has a perimeter of approximately 53 miles (85 km). It lies almost completely within the boundaries of Marion Countymarker, except for two short sections on the north end in Boonemarker and Hamiltonmarker Counties. It crosses I-65, I-69, I-70 and I-74, and provides additional access to I-65 via I-865. An $800 million project is underway to refurbish the western edge of the loop, with an estimated completion in 2014.

Route description

Except for I-65 and I-70, no numbered highways run through downtown Indianapolis. All routes that continue from one side to the other run around the city, concurrent with I-465: The approximately one-mile section between exits 46 and 47 carries eight routes — I-465, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 52, US 421, SR 37 and SR 67. It may also carry Interstate 69 in the future.

In most cases, markers other than I-74's are not posted along I-465 itself; rather, signs on onramps direct traffic following a particular route to follow I-465 to a particular exit to continue on that route.


Much of I-465 replaced the routing of the defunct parallel State Road 100.

In 2002, the Interstate 865 designation was created from a portion of I-465 to eliminate the three-way intersection of I-465.

Also in 2002, Indianapolis native David Letterman's late-night talk show sidekick and band leader Paul Shaffer was honored by having a street in Thunder Baymarker, Ontariomarker named for him. This led Letterman to ask (on his program) why he couldn't have his own eponymous road, and he suggested I-465 be named the David Letterman Expressway. His fans took the idea seriously, especially in the Indianapolis area where highway signs promoting the idea were displayed. Advertisers and traffic reports started to refer to I-465 as the "DLX", or later the "David Letterman Bypass", a reference to his quintuple heart bypass surgery in January 2000. Letterman even telephoned the Mayor of Indianapolis, Bart Peterson to make his case, but eventually the idea went nowhere.

In October 22, 2009, a liquid propane tank truck overturned and exploded on the ramp connecting eastbound I-465 to northbound I-69, damaging parts of the heavily-trafficked road in northeastern Indianapolis, including a bridge near the blaze.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Marionmarker Indianapolismarker 2 West end of US 31 overlap; signed as exits 2A (north) and 2B (south)
4 West end of SR 37 overlap
7 Mann Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
8 North end of SR 67 overlap
9 , St. Louismarker Signed as exits 9A (east) and 9B (west)
11 Sam Jones Expressway Signed as exits 11A (east) and 11B (west)
12 North end of US 40 overlap; signed as exits 12A (east) and 12B (west)
13 North end of US 36 overlap; signed as exits 13A (east) and 13B (west)
14 10th Street Signed as exits 14A (east) and 14B (west)
Speedwaymarker 16 16A
Indianapolismarker 16B  – Peoriamarker North end of I-74 overlap
17 38th Street
19 56th Street Northbound exit and southbound entrance
20  – Chicagomarker Northbound exit and southbound entrance
20 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
21 71st Street, 73rd Street
23 86th Street
Boonemarker 25  – Chicagomarker West end of US 52 overlap
Marionmarker Indianapolismarker 27 West end of US 421 overlap
Hamiltonmarker Carmelmarker 31 West end of US 31 overlap
Marionmarker Indianapolismarker 33 Keystone Avenue (Former SR 431)
35 Allisonville Road
37 37A Binford Boulevard – Indianapolismarker Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
37B North end of SR 37 overlap; signed as exit 37 northbound
40 Shadeland Avenue, 56th Street
Lawrencemarker 42 North end of US 36/SR 67 overlap
Indianapolismarker 44 , Daytonmarker Signed as exits 44A (west) and 44B (east) northbound
46 North end of US 40 overlap
47 South end of US 52 overlap
48 Shadeland Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
49  – Cincinnatimarker North end of I-74 overlap; south end of US 421 overlap
Beech Grovemarker 52 Emerson Avenue
Indianapolismarker 53 , Louisvillemarker Signed as exits 53A (north) and 53B (south)


  1. 1969 Indianapolis map (note that the highlighting is wrong, as exit 47 was a partial interchange, so US 52 had to use exit 48 and Shadeland Avenue (State Road 100))
  2. USGS 1984 map

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