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In the U.S. state of Illinoismarker, Interstate 90 runs roughly northwest through the northern end of the state, from the Indiana border to Wisconsin. I-90 traverses a variety of settings, from farmland west of the Fox River Valley to medium-density suburban west of O'Hare International Airportmarker, to the heart of the industrial southeast side of Chicagomarker before entering Indiana. This is a distance of 108.5 net miles (173.5 km).

Route description

Interstate 90 enters from Wisconsin with Interstate 39. At the U.S. Route 51 exit, I-39/90 becomes the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway. The two Interstates run south to Rockfordmarker, where I-39 continues south (as a freeway) to La Sallemarker/Perumarker. I-90 continues southeast along the tollway through the Chicago area. In Schaumburgmarker, I-90 meets the western end of Interstate 290, the only loop from I-90 in Illinois.

I-90 passes O'Hare International Airportmarker, where Interstate 190, the only spur of I-90 in Illinois, branches west to the airport terminals. I-90 continues southeast as the Kennedy Expressway (a freeway) and is later joined with eastbound Interstate 94 - westbound I-94 runs on the Edens Expressway. I-90/94 then passes through the city, intersecting the eastern end of I-290 just west of the Chicago Loopmarker. South of I-290, the highway is given the name of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

In Chicagomarker's South Side, I-90 splits off from I-94 and becomes the Chicago Skywaymarker, again becoming a toll road. I-90 then runs directly southeast to the Indiana state line, and becomes the Indiana Toll Road at the state line.

Often confusing to non-residents is the direction system for I-90/94, in which signs that say "I-90/94 West" go north/northwest and signs that say "I-90/94 East" go south/southeast. This naming system is due to the overall direction of the expressway. I-90/94 West goes north, splits into I-94 and I-90, continues north to Wisconsin, and then goes west, I-90 going to Seattle. I-90/94 East goes south, splitting into two pieces, and then turns northeast, I-90 ending in Boston.

There is some dispute as to whether the Chicago Skywaymarker is an official part of the Interstate Highway System. The city of Chicago replaced many I-90 shields to "TO I-90" when it determined that the city may have never applied for Interstate designation for the skyway. However, the Federal Highway Administration considers the Skyway as being part of I-90, and the Illinois DOT has always and continues to report it as such. See List of gaps in Interstate Highways for more information.

Up until late 2007, the interstate was known as the "Northwest Tollway" between O'Hare Int'lmarker to Rockford. Since late 2007, it is now known as the "Jane Addams Memorial Tollway", although many locals still refer to the road by its original name.

Lane configuration

Interstate 90 runs through downtown Chicago, resulting in some odd lane configurations:

From north to south:

  • Wisconsinmarker state line to Elginmarker -- 4 lanes (2 lanes in each direction) parts now / soon to be 3 each way with all of being 3 each way in a few years.
  • Elgin to Tri-State Tollway (I-294) -- 6 lanes (3 lanes each way) - 3 + 2 C/D lanes each way around the I-290 / IL-53 Interchange and 3 to 4 lanes each way near the I-294 / I-190 Interchange
  • Tri-State Tollway to Edens Expressway (I-94) -- 6 lanes (3 lanes each way)
  • Edens Junction to Ohio Street -- 10 lanes (2 reversible, 4 westbound, 4 eastbound)
  • Ohio Street to Eisenhower Expressway (Interstate 290) -- 10 lanes (5 westbound, 5 eastbound)
  • At the Eisenhower Expressway -- 6 lanes (3 westbound, 3 eastbound)
  • From the Eisenhower Expressway to the Stevenson Expressway (Interstate 55) -- 10 lanes (5 eastbound, 5 westbound)
  • From the Stevenson Expressway to the 47th Street Slip -- 14 lanes (express: 4 lanes each way, local: 3 lanes each way)
  • Between the 47th Street and 51st Street Slip Ramps -- 14 lanes (express: 3 lanes each way, local: 4 lanes each way)
  • 51st Street to the Chicago Skywaymarker (Interstate 90) -- 14 (same configuration as north of 47th, although one eastbound express lane transitions into the Skyway slip).
  • Entire stretch of Chicago Skyway to Indiana -- 6 lanes (3 lanes each way)

Auxiliary routes

  • I-190 - a spur in to O'Hare International Airportmarker in Chicago.
  • I-290 - a southwest dogleg left route accessing the west suburbs and heading east into downtown Chicago. Also known as the Eisenhower Expressway.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
See Jane Addams Memorial Tollway
Cookmarker Rosemontmarker  – Milwaukeemarker
78  – Indianamarker, O'Hare Airportmarker No exit number eastbound
Chicagomarker See Kennedy Expressway
51H  – West Suburbs
51I Congress Parkway – Chicago Loopmarker Signed as exit 51H westbound
See Dan Ryan Expressway
 – Indianamarker East end of I-94 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
See Chicago Skyway


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