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In the U.S. state of Minnesotamarker, Interstate 90 traverses the southern side of the state, parallel to the Minnesota-Iowamarker state line.

Interstate 90 in Minnesota is in length. The route is located in the southwest, south-central, and southeast parts of the state.

Route description

Interstate 90 enters the state from South Dakotamarker near Beaver Creekmarker. This part of Minnesota has flat to gently rolling terrain and is the beginnings of corn belt farmland.

Rock Countymarker, where I-90 enters Minnesota, is one of the only counties in the state lacking a natural lake. The change from semi-arid to a wetter climate happens slowly moving eastbound on I-90 through southern Minnesota. The route passes through the cities of Luvernemarker, Adrianmarker, Worthingtonmarker, Jacksonmarker, Fairmontmarker, and Blue Earthmarker. I-90 has a junction with I-35 at Albert Leamarker.

East of the city of Austinmarker, I-90 changes direction slightly and heads towards Rochestermarker, and the route enters a much more hilly landscape. This is the driftless area of southeast Minnesota. Unlike the rest of the state, where the most recent glaciations left terrain that is either flat or rolling under a deposit of glacial till, this area escaped the most recent glaciation. The bedrock to the top of the I-90 road cuts is noticeable at this point. The other notable feature of this area are deep, steep valleys cut by water that poured through this area as the ice cap melted.

I-90 drops into the scenic Mississippi River valley just west of Dresbachmarker. The I-90 freeway lanes split apart as you drop down, then rejoin west of the junction with U.S. Highway 61. I-90 then parallels the Mississippi River before turning east and crossing into Wisconsinmarker.

I-90 is atypical in that just across the Minnesota / Wisconsin state line, (immediately west of the community of Dakotamarker) the median is wide enough that farms exist between the road beds.

Interstate 90 in Minnesota passes through the counties of:

Legally, the Minnesota section of Interstate 90 is defined as Route 391 in the Minnesota Statutes. The route is not marked with this number.


Interstate 90 in Minnesota was authorized as part of the original interstate network in 1956. The route was completely constructed in Minnesota by 1980.

I-90 in Minnesota closely follows the route of former U.S. Highway 16 over most of its route except from just east of Austinmarker, where I-90 turns toward Rochestermarker and is constructed on a new alignment not previously covered by a highway. The section of I-90 east of Rochester was constructed just south of U.S. Highway 14 and south of the city of Winonamarker.

Between the South Dakotamarker state line and I-90's interchange with present day State Highway 16 at Dextermarker, I-90 served as a replacement for U.S. 16.

The first section of I-90 in Minnesota constructed was the bypass of Austinmarker. This was completed circa 1960.

Three lanes each way have been constructed on I-90 between its two junctions with U.S. Highway 61 at the communities of Dresbachmarker and Dakotamarker. This is located near the cities of La Crescentmarker and La Crossemarker.


The future replacement of the I-90 Dresbachmarker Bridge across the Mississippi River, near La Crescentmarker, is scheduled to begin construction in 2012. The new bridge is expected to be completed by 2015.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Rockmarker 1 Also leads to Manleymarker one mile (1.6 km) to the south.
3 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Luvernemarker 12 , Rock Rapidsmarker
Noblesmarker 26
Worthingtonmarker 42
47 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Jacksonmarker 73
Martinmarker Sherburnmarker 87
Fairmontmarker 102
Faribaultmarker 113
Blue Earthmarker 119
Freebornmarker Aldenmarker 146
Albert Leamarker 157
159 , Des Moinesmarker, Twin Citiesmarker Signed as exits 159A (south) and 159B (north)
166 , Petran, Oakland
Mowermarker Austinmarker 175
177 West end of US 218 overlap
178A 4th Street Northwest
178B 6th Street Northeast
179 11th Drive Northeast
180A Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
180B East end of US 218 overlap
181 28th Street Northeast
Dextermarker 193
Olmstedmarker 205
209 Signed as exits 209A (south/east) and 209B (north/west)
Winonamarker 233
249 West end of TH 43 overlap
252 East end of TH 43 overlap
269 West end of US 14/US 61 overlap; no eastbound exit (use exit 270)
Dakotamarker 270
272A Dresbach Westbound exit is part of exit 272B
272B Dresbach
275 East end of US 14/US 61 overlap


*Steve Riner Details of Routes 76 to 100. Unofficial Minnesota Highways Page. Accessed January 12, 2009.

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