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Interstate 97 (abbreviated I-97) is an intrastate Interstate Highway located entirely within Anne Arundel County, Marylandmarker, United Statesmarker. It runs from Annapolismarker at the overlapped section of US 50, US 301, and the unsigned I-595 to Baltimoremarker at the city's beltway. Originally seen as a spur route, to be designated Interstate 297, it was planned to be built along the Maryland Route 3 corridor, but the proposed route was canceled because of local opposition. Completed in 1993, I-97 is currently the shortest two-digit interstate highway in the country, the only interstate highway on the U.S. mainland located entirely within one county, and the only two-digit interstate highway on the U.S. mainland that does not connect to any other two-digit interstate highways.

Route description

An older version of the I-97 shield as used in Maryland, still commonly seen along the route

Interstate 97 begins at US 50/US 301/unsigned I-595 with a pair of collector distributor roadways feeding directly into I-97; to the south, the same C/D roads become Maryland Route 665. After the road begins, there are no exits along it until Exit 5. At the following exit, Exit 7, the route merges with former Maryland Route 3 and shifts from a rural Interstate with few exits to a more urban one. In Glen Burnie the route intersects Maryland Route 3 Business, a former alignment of MD 3 that now no longer connects directly to its parent route. Interstate 97 ends outside of Baltimore at an interchange with the Baltimore Beltway, while its travel lanes continue as a spur of Interstate 895.

Because of the highway's length and end connection to child routes of Interstate 95, it would've been more appropriate to sign this route as Interstate 995 since this route serves the purpose of a spur route in addition to the availability of an unused number for auxiliary routes of I-95 . However, the route holds its superlative for being the shortest 2-digit Interstate without the aforementioned criteria.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Anne Arundelmarker Annapolismarker 0.00 0 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
0.12 1 - Richmondmarker, Washingtonmarker, Annapolismarker, Bay Bridgemarker Southbound exit and northbound entrance
5.64 5 Southbound exit and northbound entrance
6.71 7
9.67 10 Veterans Highway, Benfield Boulevard (MD 3C) - Severna Parkmarker Signed as exits 10A (east) and 10B (west) southbound
Glen Burniemarker 12.10 12
MD 3 Bus. north / New Cut Road - Glen Burniemarker
13.29 13
13.84 14 Signed as exits 14A (east) and 14B (west)
14.80 15 Signed as exits 15A (east) and 15B (west) northbound
Ferndalemarker 15.58 16
Linthicummarker 17.46 17 Northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 17A (west) and 17B (east)
Brooklyn Parkmarker 17.62 Northbound exit and southbound entrance


  • The originally proposed north-south route was to follow the current Maryland Route 10 corridor.
  • The second proposed route included a section of US 50/unsigned I-595 between Interstate 95 and the current I-97 designation.
  • Two spur routes of I-97 were planned but never built. I-197 would have been 4 miles (6.4 km) long and I-297 would have been 7.7 miles (12.4 km) long.

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