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Map showing location of Inzai in Chiba Prefecture (as of 2006).
 is a city located in the north-west of Chibamarker, Japanmarker. It is located in the important area connecting Tokyomarker and Narita.

As of late October 2005, the city has an estimated population of 61,802. The total area is 53.51 km².

Beside Tone Rivermarker that flows in the north, Teganuma Lake that lies in the north-west, Imba Lake that lies in the south-east of the city, the city is also surrounded by natural environment such as natural forest.

The most famous part of the city is Chiba New Town that was planned in 1957. In 1959, people started to reside in it. It stretchs 18 km from east to west and 3 km from north to south. The growth of Chiba New Town and the surrounding cities gives impact to the growth of Inzai City.

In 1954 Inzai as a town (machi) was founded after merging four towns and villages (mura); Inzai as a city was founded on April 1, 1996.

Declarations of the people of Inzai

There are many declarations made by the people of Inzai such as the Declaration of the Healthy City, Inzai People Charter, Anti-nuclear and Peace City Declaration.

Declaration of the Healthy City

The declaration is as follows.

Our city is blessed by abundant of natural environment.

Health is the city treasure.

Our health always becomes our responsibility.

That all people are living happily is our hope.

Inzai, city that connects people and nature with smile.

Let's make a healthy city while practicing health delightfully.

We aim to make a city where we can live healthy and brightly.

Therefore, we declare Healthy City Inzai!

Inzai People Charter

Our Inzai is a city with abundant trees and beautiful cosmos flower where beautiful Tone river flows.

We determine this carter to make a better city and to preserve peace and prosperity while inheriting

history and tradition built by our ancestor.

Let's love nature and make a comfortable city to live.

Let's obey the rule, help each other, and make a bright city.

Let's improve our education and make city with a beautiful culture.

Let's make a city that takes care of the elders and children.

Let's make a rich, powerful, and healthy city.

Anti-nuclear and Peace City Declaration

Permanent peace of the world is all mankind hope.

In particular, we who live in the only nuclear bomb victim country in the world, hope that the

Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster will not happen again.

50 years after the World War 2, Inzai City declares Anti-nuclear and Peace City to establish

permanent peace of the world and hope that all nuclear weapons are abolished.


Inzai's main train stations are Kioroshi Station and Kobayashi Station (JR Narita Line), and Chiba New Town Chūō Station and Inzai Makinohara Station (Hokuso Kodan Line) and the public transport between the stations is served by bus and taxi.

The 356 and 464 National Roads go through the city.


There are thirteen public elementary schools, six public junior high schools, one senior high school, and two private universities in Inzai City. The universities are Tokyo Denki University and Tokyo Christian University, which shares its campus with Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary.

Inba High School [41362], operated by the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education, serves Inzai.

The city also has 4 public libraries. They are
  • Omori Library, with 154,020 collections
  • Kobayashi Library, with 42,605 collections
  • Sofuke Library, with 69,661 collections
  • Oguradai Library, with 134,978 collections


There are many tourism spots in Inzai, such as
  • Kobayashi Farm's Sakura
  • Kioroshi Park Monument
  • Tone River Morning Fog
  • Cosmos Bridge Evening Scenery
The tourism in Inzai is promoted by Inzai City Tourism Association.

Shopping Centers

The main shopping centers in Inzai are:
  • Jusco Chiba New Town
  • AEON Chiba New Town Shopping Center
  • Joyful Honda Chiba New Town
  • Makinohara MORE
  • Makinohara Festival Outlet
  • Big Hop

Smart Town

With the construction of the SOGA power plant of Tokyo Electric Company (Tepco), the city actively encouraged and invited companies to build Data Centers in the city.

Mitsui Sumitomo and CSK are two such organizations that have constructed world class data centers in Inzai.

Other companies are known to have purchased land to construct data centers in the near future.


Stone Age

The people started living in Inzai area during the stone age. There are some stone tools found in Kikaribyo that are used by people at that time.

Edo Era

During this era, Kioroshi became a port at the bank of Tone River.

Meiji and Taisho Era (1868-1926)

In 1889, Kioroshi-machi, Omori-mura, Funoho-mura, Eiji-mura was founded.

The Meiji Era is also the golden age for steam ships in Tone River sailing from Tokyo to Choshi.

After Narita railroad, Kioroshi Station, and Kobayashi Station was built, the houses surrounded Tone River were moved to Kioroshi Station area.

Showa and Heisei Era (1926-now)

In 1942, pilot training center was built in Sofuke. This place was also hit by Allied Forces air raids. After the war, because of many troubles, it was abandoned and became plantation field.

In 1954 Inzai as a machi was founded after mergering 4 machi and mura. At that time the population is about 11,000. The development of Chiba New Town, Kobayashi, Kioroshi, and Omori affected the population growth. Finally, Inzai as a city was founded on April 1, 1996.


Yokappe Yume Festival

The festival is held once a year in Kioroshi and Rokken Area.

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