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The Iran Freedom Support Act ( , 120 Stat. 1344, , enacted September 30, 2006) is an Act of Congress that appropriated $10 million and directed the President of the United States to spend that money in support of groups opposed to the Iranianmarker government. Supporters hailed the Act as an important step in overthrowing of Iran's theocratic government, and instituting a liberal democracy in its place . Opponents claimed the bill was a first step towards a USmarker-led invasion of the country. However, proponents claim that the act reduces the likelihood for the use of the US military to "promote democracy" in Iran

In response to the passage of the bill, President George W. Bush lauded the Congress "for demonstrating its bipartisan commitment to confronting the Iranian regime's repressive and destabilizing activities."


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  3. President Applauds Congress for Passage of Iran Freedom Support Act. The White House. September 30, 2006.

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