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For the town in Armenia, see Yelpinmarker.

Irpin ( , translit. Irpin’; ) is a city located on the Irpin River in Kiev Oblastmarker (province) of northern Ukrainemarker. The city's population is 40,275 (as of 2006).

The city houses a railway station, "Irpin," which was built in 1899. From 2003, the " Irpen Film Festival" for alternative cinematography takes place every year.


Irpin was first founded in 1899, during construction of the KievmarkerKovelmarker railway line. Railway workers founded the town near the railway road along with other localities such as Bucha and Vorzelmarker. The city's name (along with the city of Vorzel) was chosen due to its location on the Irpin River.

In 1956, Irpin's status was changed to that of a "city of raion subordinance," subordinate to the Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi Raion (district).

On December 30, 1962, the Presidium of the Verkhovna Radamarker of the Ukrainian SSR issued a decree changing the status of Irpin to that of a "city of oblast subordinance," thus being directly subordinate to the oblast authorities rather than the city administration housed within the city. Also mentioned within the decree were the inclusion of the urban-type settlements of Bucha (a city since 2007), Vorzelmarker, Hostomelmarker, and Kotsiubynskemarker within the city limits.

Often American missionaries travel to Ukraine to help spread Christianity. One of the Christian universities located in Ukraine is The International Christian University. It is a private college in Kiev, Ukraine, and was founded in 1992 in affiliation with Kyiv National Economic University and International University-Vienna. Student's training is based on the standard programs of Ukrainian economic universities and programs of American Business universities. In 2008, an American English teacher named David Demro spent 6 weeks teaching 3 classes of English at the university while living with a local family in Irpin. In addition to teaching English, Mr. Demro taught political science pursuant the request of his students and exponded at great length on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, while answering many of the students' questions about life in America. Mr. Demro was one of the school's most popular teachers before leaving Irpin to return to his hometown of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA


The "Irpintormash" factory, providing construction materials, and a furniture factory are located in the city. The city also houses a climate resort.

Being a raion subordinance city, Irpin provides the capital of Ukraine, Kiev (Kyiv) with potatoes and other vegetables.

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