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The latest statistics for Islam in Cuba claim a population of around 3,000 Muslims representing 0.03 percent of the population. Outside sources claim this number may be as low as 300 or as high as 7,000 though the true numbers are not known due to the Cuban government's state atheist attitudes towards religion. There are many Muslim students who had came here for study purpose about going approximately they are 1500-2000 students (pakistani , sahara . palestine etc),the dominant population is that of the Pakistani students who are about 900 in strength. In 2001 Sheikh Muhammad bin Nassir Al-Aboudy, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL) travelled to Cubamarker to obtain permission from the Cuban authorities to establish an Islamic organization that would support Cuba’s Muslim community. Among the other aims of the proposed organization would be constructing mosques and the dissemination of Islamic culture among the Muslims.

Cuba’s Muslims usually pray in their homes since there is no Mosque in Havanamarker and the state does not allow the construction of mosques. Though Fidel Castro was reported to have promised to build a mosque for his country’s Muslims, according to members of the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) who visited Cuba The only prayers performed in public are the Friday Prayers that are conducted in a place known as Casa de los Árabes ("The Arab House") in old Havana. The Arab House belonged to a wealthy Arab immigrant who lived in Cuba during the 1940s, and it was built on Andalusianmarker architectural designs. The House encompasses an Arabic museum, an Arabic restaurant, and the place is used by Muslim diplomats for Friday Prayers. Qatarmarker donated US$ 40,000 for the remodeling of the House, but it is only opened for Friday Prayers, but Cuban muslims are not allow to use the facilities, which are only reserved for non Cuban muslims: tourists and diplomatics.


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