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This article is about the religion of Islam in the Philippines. For the Muslim ethnic group, see Moro .

Islam is the oldest recorded monotheistic religion in the Philippinesmarker. Islam reached the islands between the 12th and 14th century with the arrival of Arab traders and Muslim settlers from several sultanates in the Malay Archipelago. Today Muslims form 5% to 10% of the Philippine population, while the majority of the population are Roman Catholic, Protestant, non-religious, Buddhist, Animist and Hindus.


Mosque in Marawi City in the Philippines.
In 1380 Karim ul' Makhdum the first Arabian Islamic missionary reached the Sulu Archipelagomarker and Jolomarker in the Philippines and established Islam in the country. In 1390 the Minangkabau's Prince Rajah Baguinda and his followers preached Islam on the islands. The Sheik Karimal Makdum Mosque was the first mosque established in the Philippines on Simunulmarker in Mindanaomarker in the 14th century. Subsequent settlements by Arab missionaries from Malaysia and Indonesia helped strenghtened Islam in the Philippines and each settlements were governed by Datu, Rajah and Sultan.Islamic states founded in the Philippines included the Sultanate of Maguindanao (16-19th centuries) and the Sultanate of Sulu (15-20th centuries).

Moro (similar to 'Moors') is the appellation inherited from the Spaniards, for ethnic Filipino muslims and tribes. The Moros seeks to establish an independent Islamic province in the Mindanaomarker and Visayasmarker. The term Bangsamoro a combination of the Old Malay-Spanish language word Moro inherited from al-Andalusmarker in Spainmarker. A significant Moro rebellion occurred during the Philippine-American War in 1899. Sporadic fighting has continued in the Philippines from pre-Spanish times up to the present.

Islam has seen great growth worldwide since the end of World War II. The Philippines was no exception. The Filipino Muslim community has built many new mosques and religious schools in the twenty-first century, and hajj pilgrimages have increased.

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