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Jönköping ( ) is a city in Smålandmarker in southern Swedenmarker with 84,423 inhabitants in 2005. It is the 9th most populous city of Sweden.

The city is the seat of Jönköping Municipalitymarker which has a population of 122,194 (2006), and also the seat of Jönköping Countymarker which has a population of 331,539 (2006).

Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court of appeal as well as the Swedish National Courts Administration. It is also the seat of the Swedish Board of Agriculturemarker

Geographically the town is situated by the southern end of Sweden's second largest lake, Vätternmarker. With a sandy beach running through Jönköping, it is considered a very beautiful city. The original town Jönköping has grown together with Huskvarnamarker and Norrahammar forming a contiguous urban area, since 1971 wholly in the same municipality.


Jönköping is an old trading center (Köping), since it was located on a crossroad for the roads following along the rivers Nissanmarker and Lagan, and the road between the provinces Östergötlandmarker and Västergötlandmarker. This was rather natural due to the geographical position of the city at the southern end of lake Vättern, which divided the two counties. On 18 May 1284, Jönköping received rights as a City in Sweden as one of the first communities in the country, by King Magnus Ladulås, who at that time largely ruled the nation from Vättern's largest island Visingsömarker. In the name of the city "Jön-" is derived from a creek, "Junebäcken", which was situated in the nowadays western part of the city, Talavid. This was the location of the first known settlement in the area. The second part of the name "-köping", as mentioned above, is an old word for a trading center or market place.

However, the geographical position of the city also left it vulnerable to foreign attacks, mainly from the Danesmarker, coming from the south with the river roads; at that time, the provinces of what is today southern Sweden — Scania, Hallandmarker and Blekingemarker — belonged to Denmark. Consequently, the city was plundered and burned several times, until a fortification was built in the 16th and 17th century.

Jönköping is known for its matchstick industry 1845-1970. Still today it is an important Swedish logistical center, with many companies' central warehouses situated there (like IKEA, Electrolux and Husqvarna).


The urban area of Jönköping today includes the eastern industrial town of Huskvarnamarker, with which it has grown together.

A major fair and exhibition center, Elmia is also located in Jönköping, with fairs including Elmia Wood, the world’s largest forestry fair. Elmia’s fairs are also the biggest of their kind in Europe for subcontractors, trucks, caravans and railways. Since 2002, Elmia has also been the site of the world's largest LAN party, DreamHack.

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*Jönköping International Business School (Internationella Handelshögskolan)
*Jönköping School of Education and Communication (Högskolan för lärarutbildning och kommunikation)
*Jönköping School of Engineering (Jönköpings tekniska högskola)
*Jönköping School of Health Sciences (Hälsohögskolan)

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