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J. David Shapiro (born March 18, 1969) is a filmmaker and stand-up comedian. His first produced screenplay was Robin Hood: Men in TightsFans consider his best work to be We Married Margo which he wrote, directed and starred in.


Jake David Shapiro grew up in North New Jersey and New York City's Hell's Kitchen. He is one of four children, having three sisters, Karen, Nancy and Pam,who also produced the independent movie he directed, "We Married Margo." Shapiro is an accomplished and award winning screenwriter and director.In 2007 Shapiro became a stand-up comedian.

Movies Produced

Shapiro wrote, directed and co-starred in the award winning movie, We Married Margo

Shapiro was the original screenwriter of Battlefield Earth

Shapiro's first major release was Robin Hood: Men in Tights which he wrote after college on spec.

Screenplays Sold

Shapiro has sold over a dozen screenplays to the major studios including:

• “Blast Off”: Sold it to Interscope.

• “Solo to Mars”: Commissioned by Paramount.

• “Fear”: A dark thriller he wrote for Miramax.

• “Signed, Sealed and Delivered”: Co-wrote with Aaron William Dozier (grandson of William Dozier). Sold it to Touchstone.

• “The Final Frontier”: Optioned to Warner Brothers.

• “Toy Soldiers”: Commissioned by New Wave Entertainment.

• “Working Class Hero”: Co-wrote with Jimmy Cummings. Optioned to Gale Anne Hurd.

• "Salvage": He and Daniel Myrick are co-writing. Myrick will direct and Shapiro will play one of the lead rolls.

• "Super Cops": Shapiro signed on to co-write with Jimmy Cummings, based on the book The Dark Side of the Force: A True Story of Corruption andMurder in the LAPD by Jan Golab. Nittolo Entertainment is producing.

• “Daddy’s Girl”: Optioned by New Line.

Shapiro has also been a creative consultant on numerous block buster movies.


Shapiro’s writing has spilled over into the television arena. He is developing “Inside/Out" a television series with Paul Rieser’s Nuance Pictures for him to star in.

He had a TV deal at Big Ticket to write and executive produce a TV series based on “We Married Margo.” Prior to that, he had an overall deal to create, write andexecutive produce a one-hour television series at Spelling Entertainment.

Shapiro is the producer of the TV movie, “Cupid’s Turn” that is currently set up at Disney.


Directed the pilot for the internet series “Testers.”

Created, wrote and directed the pilot of the NBC on animated series, “FreakyDeak SkyLark.” Shapiro also plays the voice of FreakyDeak SkyLark.

Upcoming projects

Knights Of The Not So Round Table: The Lost Tapes of 524 A.D.

Witness Protection

The Truth About Men


• Featured in “First & Last" an independent movie directed by Bethany Wills.

• Starred in “We Married Margo.”

• A talent agent in the ensemble web series “The Strand Venice,” created and directed by Dan Myrick.

• Co-starred as the bad guy, along with Cary Elwes, in the [[ Jon Bon Jovi, National Lampoon movie “Pucked"

• Appeared in "The Osbournes in The Annoying Neighbor episode.

Other Appearances

Shapiro has also appeared on E!, CNN's Bizz Buzz, Showtime, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Cinemax, Comedy Central,The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet and The Bob & Tom Show.


Mitzi Shore made Shapiro a "Paid Regular" at The Comedy Storemarker in record time. He had only been performing stand-up for one year. Shapiro has performedstand-up all over the United States. He has performed with such luminaries as Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia and Andrew Dice Clay. Shapiro can be seen frequentlyat Stand-Up NY

Shapiro’s was the first MC for the 1st Annual Women in Film Awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

Shapiro has taken his name off of several films and used various pseudonyms.

Shapiro wrote the first several drafts of Battlefield Earth. His drafts got John Travolta to sign on the play Jonnie Goodboy Tyler and attractedOliver Stone, John Woo' and Brian De Palma to direct. Shapiro refused to do another rewrite based on the studio's notes. He was fired andanother writer was brought in. Shapiro wanted to use the pseudonym "Sir Nicholas Knack" as his writing credit, but the WGA rules would not allowhim to do so because of the amount of money he was paid. John Travolta went from playing Jonnie Goodboy Tyler to Terl, and the movie ended upreceiving 11 Raspberry Awards tying for the most ever with Show Girls.

"We Married Margo" was made in 17 days, for $230,000, and shot on 35mm film. “Margo” caught the eye of George Lucas.Mr. Lucas invited Shapiro to Skywalker and gave him free post-production sound editing. New Line picked up the movie and did a limited release."Margo" aired on IFC Bravo, Comedy Central and recently to over 175 markets in syndication. The directors cut can now be purchased on DVD.

Shapiro was heavily involved in all decisions for "Robin Hood: Men In Tights ", from locations to casting. Shapiro convinced Mel Brook to cast Carey Elwes asRobin Hood, and the then unknown Dave Chappelle as Ahchoo.

Shapiro's agents at ICM are known for saying, "J.D. would rather be back in Jersey pumping gas then direct (or write) that F'n movie" when his name wasbrought up in staff meetings where studio assignments were handed out to talent represented by the agency.


Winner of Audience Award for Best Film at the [[HBO Aspen Comedy Festival for We Married Margo

Best Actor award for Shapiro's role as Jake in “We Married Margo” at the Pi Phan Film Festival in Korea.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance for We Married Margo.

Winner for Best Commercial for Sunkist Pistachio Nuts]] at the Cannes Film Festivalmarker .

A Razzie Award for Battlefield Earth. Battlefield Earth went on to win 11 in total, tying for the most ever with "Show Girls."

Shapiro is a member of Who's Who in America.

Movie Reviews

"This [We Married Margo] is a tremendously funny film with solid direction and a clever, inventive screenplay" - Harry Knowles, Aint It Cool News

"We Married Margo is] "A fantastic movie with lots of interesting and original touches" - Stan Lee (creator of Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man,Fantastic Four)

"J.D. Shapiro's wit and endearing humor is what makes this film [We Married Margo] stand above so many other attempts at generating a laugh fromthe audience. It's heartfelt, genuine and a breath of fresh air." - Daniel Myrick (co-creater, co-director The Blair Witch Project"

"'Battlefield Earth' is about the extinction of the human race. After seeing this movie I'm all for it." - NY Times

"WGN surprised me (today) with an indie film I'd never heard of before, We Married Margo. Less than ten minutes into this fresh and off-the-wall funny movie, I regretted that I wasn't taping it... I don't generally watch movies more than once, but I would not mind having this one on my shelf, because I think it will be just as funny the next time I see it, and the next." - I'm Jezz Saying News

Notable Quotes

"I'm not nearly as smart as I look. And most people don't think I look very smart."

"I have no problem addmitting when you are wrong."

"Everything I learned about Classical Music I learned from Buggs Bunny and Chuck Jones"

“Just being a housewife is like just being a carpenter. No one pays much attention to your work and everyone steps all it.”

"Who's the first guy who saw Jesus...hanging from a cross and said, 'Hey, that would make a great necklace!'"

"When leadership fears those who question them-- then they have questions they fear to answer."

"I love doing stand-up comedy. It's like walking a tightrope-- over a school of sharks... while people hack at the rope with machetes."

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