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The Jackal is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Feb. 1974), and was created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andru. In Amazing Spider-Man #148 (Sep. 1975), the identity of the Jackal was revealed to be Professor Miles Warren, a supporting character of Spider-Man, who first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Dec. 1965), and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko.

The character is the main antagonist of the controversial 1990s story arc, the Clone Saga.

Fictional character biography

Miles Warren was a professor of biology at Empire State University. There, he met Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Warren secretly fell in love with the much younger Stacy, and after she was killed by the original Green Goblin, Warren swore vengeance on Spider-Man, falsely believing it was he who caused her death. After his lab assistant, Anthony Serba, revealed that he had successfully cloned a frog, Warren gave Serba tissue samples taken from Gwen, telling him that they were rat cells. Sometime later, Serba confronts Warren, telling him that the clones are human and have to be destroyed immediately. Panicking, Warren covers Serba's mouth to shut him up, accidentally suffocating him. Unable to accept responsibility for his action, Warren creates an alter ego he calls "The Jackal", which he took after overhearing a professor describing a jackal as a "cowardly predator". Warren further develops his alter ego by fashioning a green suit and training himself athletically.

The Jackal hates Spider-Man as he believes he is responsible for allowing Gwen Stacy, whom he loved, to die. He harasses Spider-Man numerous times, setting him against various other adversaries. He allied himself with the Punisher against Spider-Man, but his alliance with the Punisher was quickly dissolved. He then attempts to incite a gang war between Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus. The Jackal equipped wrestler Maxwell Markham with the costume and powerful exoskeleton of the Grizzly and sent him to assassinate newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson. The Jackal then held Peter Parker hostage in a scheme to trap Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, his cloning experiments had varying results; out of numerous Spider-Man clones he created, only one was a perfect copy of the original. He also created two clones of himself, one a direct copy, the other a modified clone harboring the Carrion virus. His most prized creation however was a perfect copy of Gwen Stacy. Realizing the end of his plan was near, the Jackal went out against Spider-Man. With the assistance of the Tarantula, the Jackal beat Spider-Man unconscious and transported him to Shea Stadiummarker, along with the Spider-Man clone. The two Spider-Men fought, until the Gwen Stacy clone tore off the Jackal's mask and confronted him on his crimes. A subsequent explosion of a bomb the Jackal had placed killed the Jackal and apparently the Spider-Man clone.

It was much later revealed that the clone of Peter had survived the explosion and gone into hiding. The Jackal who died at Shea stadium was also a clone. Many months later, another Jackal clone would marry the Gwen Stacy clone and they would live under the assumed names Warren and Gwen Miles. This clone of Warren died of the clone degeneration that afflicted most of the clones created by the Jackal. Another Jackal clone became the first carrier of the Carrion virus; which Warren designed. He also uses his experiments to mutate his own DNA and give himself attributes of an actual Jackal; prior to these events, the Jackal's physical abilities had merely been the result of training rather than any superhuman powers.

The Peter Parker clone, unaware that the Jackal is alive, takes the name Ben Reilly, and goes into exile. He returns years later to New York Citymarker, allied himself with Spider-Man, and became the Scarlet Spider. The Jackal returned at this point and convinced both Parker and Reilly that Reilly was the real Peter Parker and that the other man was the clone, and created a number of other Peter Parker clones who came into conflict with Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, and Kaine. Ultimately, the Jackal, in the process of attempting to kill and replace millions of people with clones he could control, was killed falling off a tall building while trying to save the Gwen clone.

However, another clone of Miles Warren has appeared, who was even further genetically altered to the point where he frequently displays animalistic tendencies and his body is always cold, causing him to wear a thick fur coat even in the hottest weather. He became a crime-lord calling himself "The Professor" and allied himself with Hammerhead, but the two of them eventually went to jail.

Near the end of the Clone Saga it was revealed that the Jackal and the other major players of the Clone Saga had unknowingly been duped by Norman Osborn, the man who originally killed Gwen Stacy. The Jackal and various others (including Kaine) had been tricked into thinking Ben Reilly was the original and that Peter Parker was the clone. All of the Jackal's machinations during the Clone Saga were influenced by his incorrect assertion that he knew who the real Peter Parker was.

It was also revealed that Miles had previously been an assistant of the High Evolutionary. He married a woman named Monica who bore him two small children and that they were killed in what was originally believed to be a car crash. But it was later revealed to be the result of an attack by a highly evolved Jackal created via the High Evolutionary's machines.

Miles had a brother named Aaron, who was a science teacher at Peter Parker's high school (revealed in Untold Tales of Spider-Man ).

Other versions

Marvel Zombies

In Marvel Zombies Universe, when the Zombie Galacti left the Earth (after eating Galactus), Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) makes an empire. The zombiefied Jackal plays an important part in it, creating human clones to feed the remaining Marvel Zombies. This process utilizes Inhuman technology.

Spider-Man: Clone Saga

Jackal appears in the re-imagining of the Clone Saga by Tom DeFalco exploring the storyline as it was originally conceived. He has infected both Aunt May and Mary Jane to a genetic virus. When Kaine betrays Jackal and leads Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider to his lair, all three are captured. Jackal then reveals his plan to create an army of Spider-Clones to take over the world and clone Gwen Stacy. The clones prove unstable, however, and Jackal comes to the conclusion that Ben is the original. Before he can do anything, Kaine breaks free and burns his mark onto Jackal's face before breaking his neck.

Ultimate Marvel

Miles Warren was Harry Osborn's hypnotherapist that helped him repress memories about his father, The Green Goblin. Later in the Deadpool story arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, he was revealed to be dating Aunt May. However, as of now, he had no involvement in the Clone Saga in this continuity and has yet to make any more appearances. His last appearance was a cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man #114, when Aunt May tried to introduce him to Peter, but they had to leave town because of Norman Osborn and he had a patient to handle.

In other media


  • Miles Warren appears in the two-part Spider-Man episode "The Return of Hydro-Man" voiced by Jonathan Harris. Here, Warren is a scientist whose cloning experiments were banned by the government. He continued his experiments in secret with help from the crime lord Silvermane (whom he kept anonymous). Warren's clones, however, were unsuccessful. Their cells would not hold together, and they disintegrated into nothing. Interested in Hydro-Man and his ability to change his molecules into water, Warren finds a sample of Hydro-Man's DNA at the scene where he evaporated and creates a clone of the latter. But like the real Hydro-Man, the clone loved Mary Jane Watson (who was believed dead) and demanded that Warren creates a clone of her. In the end, the clones of Hydro-Man and Mary Jane Watson degenerates, though, Warren is able to steal a sample of Spider-Man's DNA (a piece of his costume), with interest to clone him. With part of his underwater lab trashed, he contacted Alistair Smythe to have Silvermane's men repair it. In an alternate universe, Warren has managed to create a Spider-Man clone, which had escaped and became Ben Reilly.

  • Miles Warren appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man episode "Blueprints" voiced by Brian George. Miles, along with his assistant Debra Whitman, joins his brother Aaron, Dr. Curt Connors, and Dr. Martha Connors in scientific research at the ESU labs with a grant from Norman Osborn. Warren bases his genetic research from Curt's work with lizard DNA, but Curt discourages his work. When Kraven the Hunter tracks down Spider-Man at ESU labs, Warren offers to alter Kraven's genetic material for a large sum of money. Kraven agrees, and Warren uses the same procedure that caused Curt to become the Lizard to mutate Kraven into a lion-like creature (with elements of cheetah and leopard thrown in). After Eddie Brock steals a vial of Curt's gene cleanser, Miles talks to the college board and plots to take away Connors' control of the lab for himself. In the episode "Subtext", he is seen in an old rundown police station which happens to be another one of Norman Osborn's laboratories. Here he uses Mark Allan, Liz Allan's brother as an upgraded experiment from Dr. Otto Octavius's previous Sandman experiment. He then injects a thermal suit into Mark which turned him into Molten Man. Dr. Warren then convinces Mark that the suit can only be controlled by sheer will when actually it can only be controlled by remote. At the end of the episode, Connors discovers Warren's research, and threatens to tell the school board. However, Warren retaliates by threatening to inform them of his own Lizard experiments, and reveal how his Human limb regerneration project turned him into The Lizard, effectively blackmailing him.

Video games

  • Jackal appears in the Playstation 2 and PSP versions of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows voiced by Greg Baldwin. He is in alliance with Spencer Smythe and is his double agent when Spider-Man encounters Jackal on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. After being defeated, Jackal gives Spider-Man a serum that will enhance his symbiotic suit before he gets away. Jackal later steals the Sonic Emitter from the top of Fisk Tower and gets away as Spencer Smythe unleashes Black Cat on Spider-Man. Spider-Man encounters him in Central Park where he has made modifications to the Sonic Emitter so that he can control the symbiotes. Spider-Man defeats him and programs the Sonic Emitter to destroy the symbiotes.


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