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Krishna from Yadu Dynasty
In Hindu culture, Jadaun (also spelt as Jadon) is the name of Chandravanshi (Yaduvanshi) Rajputs. "Jadaun" was originally "Yadav" It was misspelled in Rajasthani dialect as Jadon(Jadaun). Jadauns or Yadavs are the descendants of King Yayati's son Yadu. The Jadaun (also spelt as Jadon) are a clan (gotra) of Chandravanshi (Yaduvanshi) Rajputs found in North India and Pakistanmarker.


Jadauns are the descendants of King Yayati's son Yadu. According to the Puranas, King Yayati had two wives, Sharmishtha and Devyani. Devyani was the daughter of Asura Guru Shukracharya. Yadu was the son of Yayati and Devyani. The Yaduvanshi are the descendents of Yadu (In Sanskrit Yaduvanshi means the family of (Yadu) and overtime became known as the Jadaun/Jadon.

Krishna was born in the same clan. The clan ruled the state of Karaulimarker along with a few other kingdoms till India's independence in 1947.

They also occupied forts of Bijai Garh, built by Pundir Rajputs, at Bayanamarker and Timan Garh near Karauli.The distance between the two forts is about 50 kilometers. Great Fort of Majhola in Moradabad Districtmarker of Uttar Pradeshmarker was also built by the Jadauns.

Jadon Rajputs are one of the high class Rajputs, and are among the 36 Royal Clans of Rajputs as enumerated by Col. James Tod in his Books on "Annals and Antiquities of Rajputana" [475627]. Col James Tod[475628] had mentioned that Yaduvansh has eight branches (sakhas) namely:


in madhay pradesh,jadon are found in morena,sabalgarh,In Rajasthanmarker, the Jadaun are found in Karaulimarker, Bharatpur, Jaipurmarker and Jaisalmermarker. In Uttar Pradeshmarker, they are found in Bulandshahrmarker, Mathuramarker, Agramarker, Etahmarker and Aligarhmarker Districts.,in madhay pradesh

Main branches

In addition to the Jadaun proper, the following are the main clans of the tribe:


The Bhatti are clan of the Jadaun, who were once the rulers of Jaisalmermarker.


The Jadeja are a branch of the Jadaun Rajput, found in Kutch and Kathiawar.


The Banaphar are largely found in Bundelkhand.

Dabhi & Chhokar

Dabhi and Chhokar Rajputs found in western Uttar Pradeshmarker. There are some Chokar Rajputs in Haryana as well.


The Khanzada are a clan of the Jadaun, historicaly found Alwarmarker and Bharatpur, but now found mainly in Sindh.


Most of the Samma clan has converted to Islam, except the Jadeja and Chudasama clan.They are found in Sindhmarker and Gujaratmarker.

Other Clans

Nothing is known of last four branches.

Jat Clans

There are a number of Jat clans that trace descent from Jadaun.

The Royal house of the pricely state of Bharatpurmarker in Rajasthanmarker claims its origin to Jadon Rajput King, Sindpal of Karuali. Patialamarker Princely State also claims its origin to Jadon Bhati house of Jaisalmermarker. However, due to inter-marriage with Jat women, rulers of both the erstwhile States of Bharatpur and Patiala ceased to be Rajputs. Rulers of erswhile Bharatpur State were Sinsinwar Jats, whereas those of Patiala state were Sidhu Jats.

Karauli State

The rulers of the princely state of Karaulimarker belonged to the Jadaun clan. Karauli State was a 17 Gun Salute during British Period whereas House of Jaisalmermarker and Jamnagarmarker got 15 Gun Salutes.

Connection with the Tonwar Rajputs

According to James Tod, historian of the Rajputs,Tomar Rajput are a subdivision of Chandravanshi Rajputs, as are Jadaun Rajputs. His claim is further borne out by the fact that all Tomars in Uttar Pradeshmarker claim to be of the Atri Gotra which is Gotra of Jadon, Bhati and Jadejas.

However, Tomar/ Tanwar Rajputs are descended from Mahabharat's great hero, Arjun, through his son Abhimanyu, and grandson, Parikshit. Both Kauravas and Pandavs were 'Bharatvanshis', descendants of King Yayati's youngest son, Puru, through Dushyant, Bharat, Hastin, Kuru, Shantanu, etc. Also, 'Bharatvanshis' and 'Yaduvanshis' could not be of the same clan, otherwise Kunti, aunt of Shree Krishn, a Yaduvanshi, would not be married to King Pandu, and Subhadra, sister of shree Krishna would not be married to Arjun.


The other major fort of JADAUN THAKURS is AWAGARH ==UTTAR PRADESH , the famous king MAHARAJA BALWANT SINGHJI were the ruler of this fort at the time of BRITISH rule in INDIA. Riyasat AWAGARH is related to the main origin of JADAUNS at KARAULI, as its said that the one of the brothers at the throne of KARAULI migrated to AWAGARH and established another JADAUN rule.However the KULDEVI of JADAUNS is at KARAULI known as


, the MANDIR of KAILA DEVI is very pious and sacred to JADAUNS. Its a old fable which says that KARAULI is the AJEYA BHOOMI (invincible land)of JADAUNS nobody in this world can defeat a JADAUN at Karauli also its said that JADAUN KO JADUAN MAARE YA MAARE KARTAR (Only a Jaduan can defeat/kill a Jadaun or else only GOD can).

Karauli fort was invincible and always stayed independent during all the Moghal and British rule in India.

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