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The Jamaica national football team, or The Reggae Boyz, is the national team of Jamaicamarker and is controlled by the Jamaica Football Federation.After decades in CONCACAF obscurity, they gained many fans throughout the world after they qualified for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.Jamaica has won the Caribbean Cup four times (1991, 1998, 2005, and 2008) finished second twice and come third twice.


Jamaica's first international appearance was against their Caribbean neighbors Haiti in 1925. They were invited to the French-speaking Caribbean island by Andre Chevalon, president of the then United Sporting Society and it was for a three-match series between the 2 countries. Jamaica won all three games by 1-0, 2-1 and 3-0. The following year Jamaica hosted their Haitians counterparts at Sabina Parkmarker and won by 6-0. The Haitians remained frequent opponents and it was not until 1932 that their run of defeats was broken with a 4-1 home win in Port-au-Prince.

Between 1925 and when Jamaica gained its independence in 1962, Jamaica had regular games with Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Cuba and clubs like Racing and Violette from Haiti, Corinthians of Britain, the Tigers from Argentina, and even a series of matches with a Caribbean All Stars team in 1952. The Caribbean All Star team included such notables as Michael (The Ruin) Kruin from Suriname and also representing Jamaica were Lindy Delapenha and Gillie Heron. The four games were shared equally with Jamaica winning the second 2-1 and the fourth 1-0 and the All Stars winning the first 5-1 and the third 1-0.

Those friendly international games were the start of Jamaica's football journey with most of the home matches being played at Sabina Park. Many clubs were established during this time including Kensington, Melbourne, Kingston, Lucas and St. George's Old Boys, thus providing the talent Jamaica needed at the time.

In 1965 under the leadership of Brazilian coach Jorge Penna, Jamaica made its first attempt at World Cup qualifying. This was for the 1966 World Cup finals in England. The preliminary group included Cuba, the Netherlands Antilles, and Jamaica. Jamaica's first game was against Cuba which they won 2-0 at Jamaica's National Stadium. In the qualifying match against the Netherlands Antilles, Jamaica also had a 2-0 victory with both goals coming. In the away games Jamaica was held to a goalless draw with the Netherlands Antilles and suffered a 2-1 defeat to Cuba. Jamaica then advanced to the final group of 3 which included Costa Rica and Mexico. The winner in this group would represent the CONCACAF region. Jamaica lost at home to Mexico 3-2 and in the return leg in Mexico City the high altitude proved too much for the Jamaicans and they were defeated 8-0. Jamaica lost 7-0 to Costa Rica in their first encounter and had a 1-1 tie when they played at home.

In 1968 coach George Hamilton took leadership as Jamaica made an attempt to qualify for the 1970 World Cup Finals in Mexico. Jamaica had only a couple remaining players from the previous World Cup team and had to rebuild because most of the players had retired or migrated to North America and England. Jamaica lost all of their qualifying games in that year. Jamaica's participation in the 1974 World Cup elimination saw the suspension of 17 players on the team because of poor behavior on a tour to Bermuda. Jamaica withdrew from the elimination in order to restructure their team.

The 1978 Word Cup in Argentina saw Jamaica playing Cuba and losing 3-1 at the National Stadium and then 2-0 in Havana Cuba. Jamaica did not qualify.

In 1982 Jamaica did not make an attempt for the World Cup Final set in Spain due to insufficient funds and a poorly prepared team. Jamaica did not participate in the 1986 World Cup because suspension for affiliation fees that was due to FIFA. In preparation for the 1990 World Cup with coach Jeffery Maxwell Jamaica won both preliminary games against Puerto Rico 1-0 in Jamaica and 2-0 at Puerto Rico. The U.S. were their next opponents and the first leg was a goalless draw. Jamaica lost the return leg in the U.S. 5-1, ending their qualifying attempt. The United States hosted the World Cup 1994. In qualifying Jamaica beat Puerto Rico 2-1 and was then faced Bermuda, Canada, and El Salvador from which two teams would advance to the final round. Jamaica tied 1-1 with Canada and Bermuda and then lost 2-0 to El Salvador, 1-0 to Canada, 2-1 to El Salvador. Jamaica then beat Bermuda 3-2 but did not qualify.

Under Brazilian Professor Rene Simones and National coach Carl Brown, the Jamaican team has become a "Powerhouse" in the Caribbean region and received "Best Mover" award by FIFA in 1996. [87708]

The squad struggled in 2006 and 2007, leading some Jamaicans to dub them The Reggae Toyz. The team did not make it past the first stage of 2007 Caribbean Cup qualifying despite hosting the round, eliminating Jamaica from the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

However, with the return of former coach Renê Simões (who led Jamaica to the 1998 World Cup), there was heavy optimism in the Reggae Boyz camps. Theodore Whitmore lead the team to impressive victories over El Salvador and Guatemala in the latter part of 2007. Jamaica started their Road To South Africa 2010 campaign in fine form beating Bahamas 7-0 at home, 6-0 away. They then fought to a hard 1-1 draw with Canada but lost to Mexico and Honduras due to what was considered poor team selection from Renê Simões, which then in turn lead to his firing. Jamaica announced that Jamaica-born John Barnes would take over as manager in November 2008, with former Raggae Boy Theodore Whitmore leading the team in the interim. Jamaica were at the bottom of Group 2 in the 3rd round, but high performances saw them move up in the table. The team battled hard to 1-0 victories over Mexico and Honduras. However, the Boyz fell just short of advancing to the final round. They managed an impressive 3-0 victory over Canada in their final third round match but failed to move on as Mexico advanced on goal difference after a 1-0 loss to Honduras.

In 2007 with an U-23 team, they won the silver medal at the 2007 Panamerican Games that was played in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiromarker. The striker Keammar Daley was the top scorer (together with the Mexican player Enrique Esqueda) with four (4) goals.


The team plays their games at The National Stadium, known locally as The Office, which is located in Kingstonmarker. The stadium opened in 1962 and holds 40,000 people. It got its name The Office from their 50 match unbeaten run from 1995-2001.


The team is currently equipped by Italianmarker kit provider Kappa, they debuted in their current set at the beginning of the World Cup qualifying campaign against The Bahamas. Previously there were outfitted by Uhlsport, a Germanmarker apparel company. The home kit is a yellow shirt, black shorts, and green socks. The away is a green, yellow, and green set. There is also a black away kit, but this has yet to be worn by the Jamaica squad. The team has had this set from 05-08.


World Cup record

  • 1930 to 1962 - Did not enter (as until 1962, named British Jamaica)
  • 1966 - Did not qualify
  • 1970 - Did not qualify
  • 1974 - Withdrew from qualification
  • 1978 - Did not qualify
  • 1982 - Did not enter
  • 1986 - Withdrew in qualification semi finals
  • 1990 - Did not qualify
  • 1994 - Did not qualify
  • 1998 - Round 1
  • 2002 - Did not qualify
  • 2006 - Did not qualify
  • 2010 - Did not qualify

CONCACAF Championship record

Gold Cup record

  • 1991 - Round 1
  • 1993 - Third place shared
  • 1996 - Did not qualify
  • 1998 - Fourth place
  • 2000 - Round 1
  • 2002 - Did not qualify
  • 2003 - Quarterfinals
  • 2005 - Quarterfinals
  • 2007 - Did not qualify
  • 2009 - Round 1

Caribbean Cup record

Panamerican Games record


Current squad

The following players were selected for the 23-man squad for the South Africa Friendly on November 17, 2009.

Recent call-ups

The following players have also been called up to the Jamaica squad in the past twelve months.

Jamaica results and fixtures

Matches in last 24 months, as well as any future scheduled matches



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Jamaican Scorers
Opposition Scorers
Nov 18, 2007 W 3-0 Rudolph Austin, Ricardo Gardner (2) - Friendly Kingstonmarker
Nov 21, 2007 W 2-0 Ricardo Fuller, Omar Daley - Friendly Kingstonmarker
Feb 6, 2008 D 1-1 Tyrone Marshall William Sunsing Friendly Kingstonmarker
Mar 26, 2008 D 2-2 Marlon King, Tyrone Marshall Osei Telesford, Aurtis Whitley Friendly Kingstonmarker
Jun 3, 2008 W 5-1 Demar Phillips, Marlon King (2), Deon Burton, Ricardo Gardner Marlon James Friendly Kingstonmarker
Jun 7, 2008 D 1-1 Luton Shelton Khaleem Hyland Friendly Macoyamarker
Jun 10, 2008 L 1-2 Ricardo Fuller Shalrie Joseph, Jason Roberts Friendly St. Georgemarker
Jun 15, 2008 W 7-0 Ricardo Gardner, Demar Phillips, Marlon King, Luton Shelton (2), Andy Williams, Omar Daley - FIFA WCQ 2010 Kingstonmarker
Jun 18, 2008 W 6-0 Luton Shelton (3),Deon Burton (2),Tyrone Marshall - FIFA WCQ 2010 Trelawnymarker
Jul 25, 2008 D 0-0 - - Friendly Friscomarker
Aug 20, 2008 D 1-1 Andy Williams Julian De Guzman FIFA WCQ 2010 Torontomarker
Sep 6, 2008 L 3-0 - Andrés Guardado, Fernando Arce, Jonny Magallón FIFA WCQ 2010 Mexico Citymarker
Sep 10, 2008 L 2-0 - Ramón Núñez, Amado Guevara FIFA WCQ 2010 San Pedro Sulamarker
Oct 11, 2008 W 1-0 Ricardo Fuller - FIFA WCQ 2010 Kingstonmarker
Oct 15, 2008 W 1-0 Luton Shelton - FIFA WCQ 2010 Kingstonmarker
Nov 9, 2008 W 2-0 Roland Dean and Omar Cummings Friendly Grand Caymanmarker
Nov 19, 2008 W 3-0 Luton Shelton, Marlon King, Omar Cummings - FIFA WCQ 2010 Kingstonmarker
Dec 3, 2008 W 2 - 1 Rodolph Austin and Luton Shelton Caribbean Championships 20081 Kingstonmarker
Dec 5, 2008 W 4-0 Eric Vernon Luton Shelton Andy Williams and Demar Phillips Caribbean Championships 20081 Montego Baymarker
Dec 7, 2008 D 1-1 Eric Vernon Errol Mcfarlane Caribbean Championships 20081 Trelawnymarker
Dec 11, 2008 W 2-0 Oneil Thompson, Luton Shelton Caribbean Championships 20081 Kingstonmarker
Dec 14, 2008 W 2-0 Luton Shelton (2) Caribbean Championships 20081 Kingstonmarker
Feb 11, 2009 D 0-0 Friendly Londonmarker
May 23, 2009 D 2-2 Nicholas Addlery, Damion Stewart Jean Robens Jerome (2) Friendly Fort Lauderdalemarker
May 30, 2009 D 0-0 Friendly Washington D.Cmarker
Jun 07, 2009 W 3-2 Jermaine Johnson, Devon Hodges, Keammar Daley Blas Perez, Luis Tejeda Friendly Kingstonmarker
Jul 03, 2009 L 0-1 Ali Gerba 2009 Gold Cup Carsonmarker
Jul 07, 2009 L 0-1 Celso Borges 2009 Gold Cup Columbusmarker
Jul 10, 2009 W 1-0 Omar Cummings 2009 Gold Cup Miamimarker
Aug 12, 2009 D 0-0 Friendly New Yorkmarker
Aug 16, 2009 W 1-0 Devon Hodges Friendly Basseterremarker
Nov 17, 2009 D 0-0 Friendly Bloemfonteinmarker

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