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James Andrew "Jamie" Baldwin is a fictional character on the Britishmarker soap opera Coronation Streetmarker, played by Rupert Hill. He first appeared in 2004 and left in 2008.



Before his arrival, the soap's directors considered him a 'sex symbol' : in his early weeks on the show, he often took off his shirt. He was initially planned to be arrested upon arriving, after beating Frankie's ex-lover, he was also planned to have a relationship with Leanne Battersby.


Fans of actor Rupert Hill speculated that he claimed that the plot involving on-screen granddad Mike Baldwin's (Johnny Briggs) death was unpleasant, this even inspired him to raise cash to help individuals diagnosed with such diseases.

Based on the sexual relationship between Jamie's character and his step-mum, Rupert Hill claimed that he wasn't quite sure about Jamie's true feeling for Frankie, though he could clarify why Jamie had such feelings, he was concerned about how the stroyline had an uncomfortable atmosphere, he admitted that he and Debra Stephenson, who played Frankie, were wary about filming these scenes, thinking it was sensational and irregular, though the scripts they received were more than interesting. He claimed that it had given he and Debra a new dimension to their relationship, and that the filming was enjoyable as of the deep plot.

He also described the plotline as "fantastic".

It was announced on April 16, 2007, that Rupert Hill had decided to leave Coronation Street after his contract expired.

Following the character's departure, Rupert Hill considered taking on Hollywood, when he was asked to whether or not he would return to Coronation Street, he replied:

This implies that he most likely will not return to the soap. He added:


He started dating Leanne Battersby, but left her briefly for Maria Sutherland, then got back together. She then embarked on an affair with Danny. When this was exposed, Jamie broke up with Leanne and disowned Danny. Carol returned and moved in with Jamie and Frankie, who had split with Danny as of his affair with Leanne. He supported her during her attempts to give up drinking, but she repaid him by trying to destroy his relationship with Frankie.

He later failed in a rebound romance with Joanne Jackson, as of his mother's continuing problems, which dominated his life. After Carol schemed to break the bond between Jamie and Frankie by insinuating that they fancied each other , they decided to kick her out and Jamie disowned her.

Jamie begun a relationship with Violet Wilson, following her split from Jason Grimshaw, who had had an affair with Sarah Platt. Violet moved in with Jamie, but Jamie's secret love for Frankie affected their relationship.

Jamie and Violet split after a holiday abroad, it was then that he declared his love for Frankie. The relationship lasted for some time, until Danny caught Jamie and Frankie in bed together, and Danny and Jamie ended up fighting, which resulted in him almost killing Jamie, after Jamie was left unconscious in the canal, however, Danny dived in to save him.

A Coronation Street spoiler revealed:

A spokeswoman stated:

After another confrontation between them later, Danny "signed" everything over to Jamie. Danny then disappeared. Jamie confessed his affair to Violet after he informed her of his pregnancy, leaving her horrified.

With Danny still missing, Jamie and Frankie planned to move to Spain, bound for a new life, and Jamie quit his job at King's Robes. However, on New Year's Eve, Frankie changed her mind and left Weatherfield.

Following his split from Frankie, Jamie was employed at StreetCars by Steve McDonald.

Jamie expressed disapproval after finding out about Sean Tully, who was homosexual, and Violet's plan to have a baby, but eventually apologized to them for his attitude; however, when Jamie invited Violet to join him at Carol's wedding, there was an obvious attraction between the former couple yet again.

Following this, Jamie and Violet reconciled, and planned to raise her and Sean's baby together.

Following the baby's birth, they planned to leave Weatherfield and raise baby Dylan in London, excluding Sean.

Violet then proposed to Jamie, who accepted, before filling the car with their belongings set to leave.

Violet's sister, Lauren, spotted Jamie fill up the car. He claimed that he was attending a stag do, but she realized their plan when he loaded a babychair. Lauren wasted no time in informing Sean.

As Violet and Jamie drove off, Lauren, Sean, and his partner, Marcus, attempted to stop them, but they escaped and Violet disposed of her phone, so that Sean could not get into contact with them again.


Jamie appears to be loyal and caring in both his relationships and friendships. He is also naive and gullible, resulting in him not being informed as to what happens.


The storyline in which saw his character and Frankie have an affair, was considered "sick" by many viewers.

Rupert Hill was considered famous as of being in the ITV soap, but he wasn't keen on this, which led to his exit, also bound to pursue different roles in acting. Co-star Jenny Platt also announced her exit, alongside Jamie.

After Rupert Hill confirmed his exit from the soap, he revealed that before his arrival he was nervous to film his scenes for the character, as he was convinced that his fans would mob him.He claimed:


In the British Soap Awards 2007, Rupert Hill was in the top category for the 'sexiest male', but Rob James-Collier (Liam Connor) won the award.


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