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Map of the Java Sea
Java Sea ( ) is a large (320,000 kmĀ²) shallow sea on the Sunda Shelf. It was formed as sea levels rose at the end of the last ice age. The Java Sea lies between the Indonesianmarker islands of Borneomarker to the north, Javamarker to the south; Sumatramarker to the west, and Sulawesimarker to the east. Karimata Straitmarker to its northwest, links it to the South China Seamarker.

Fishing is an important economic activity in the Java Sea. There are over 3,000 species of marine life in the area. A number of national parks exist in the area such as Karimunjawa. The Thousand Islandsmarker are located north of the mainland Jakartamarker. The area around the Java Sea is a popular tourist destination. Scuba diving offers a chance to explore and photograph underwater caverns, wrecks, coral, sponge, and other marine life.

The Battle of the Java Sea, during February and March 1942, was one of the costliest naval battles of World War II. The naval forces of the Netherlandsmarker, Britainmarker, Australia, and the U.S. were nearly completely destroyed trying to defend Java from Japanesemarker attack.


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