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Jet Airways is an airline based in Mumbaimarker, Indiamarker. It is India's second largest airline after Air India and the market leader in domestic sector. It operates over 400 daily flights to 65 destinations worldwide.

In July 2008, Which? magazine ranked Jet Airways as the world's best long-haul airline after Singapore Airlines. In a poll conducted by in September 2008, it was voted as the world's seventh best airline overall. Jet Airways has also won a survey award for the quality of its catering from Which? magazine.Jet Airways also operates two low-cost airlines, namely JetLite (formerly Air Sahara) and Jet Airways Konnect.


Jet Airways was incorporated as an air taxi operator on 1 April 1992. It started Indian commercial airline operations on 5 May 1993 with a fleet of four leased Boeing 737-300 aircraft. In January 1994, a change in the law enabled Jet Airways to apply for scheduled airline status, which was granted on 4 January 1995. It began international operations to Sri Lankamarker in March 2004. While the company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, 80% of its stock is controlled by Naresh Goyal (through his ownership of Jet’s parent company, Tailwinds, and has 10,017 employees (at March 2007).

Naresh Goyal, who already owned Jetair (Private) Limited, which provided sales and marketing for foreign airlines in India, set up Jet Airways as a full-service scheduled airline to compete against state-owned Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines had enjoyed a monopoly in the domestic market between 1953, when all major Indian air transport providers were nationalised under the Air Corporations Act (1953), and January 1994, when the Air Corporations Act was repealed, following which Jet Airways received scheduled airline status.

Jet Airways and Air Sahara were the only private airlines to survive the Indian business downturn of the early 1990s. In January 2006, Jet Airways announced that it would buy Air Sahara for US$500 million in an all-cash deal, making it the biggest takeover in Indian aviation history. The resulting airline would have been the country's largest but the deal fell through in June 2006.

On 12 April 2007, Jet Airways agreed to buy out Air Sahara for 14.5 billion rupees (US$340 million). Air Sahara was renamed JetLite, and was marketed between a low-cost carrier and a full service airline. In August 2008, Jet Airways announced its plans to completely integrate JetLite into Jet Airways.

In October 2008, Jet Airways laid off 1900 of its employees, resulting in the largest lay-off in the history of Indian aviation. However, later, the employees have been asked to return to work. Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said that the management reviewed its decision after he analyzed the decision with them.

In October 2008, Jet Airways and rival Kingfisher Airlines announced an alliance which primarily includes an agreement on code-sharing on both domestic and international flights, joint fuel management to reduce expenses, common ground handling, joint utilization of crew and sharing of similar frequent flier programs.

In May 2009, Jet Airways launched another low-cost airline, Jet Airways Konnect. The new airline uses spare aircraft from Jet Airways' routes that were discontinued due to low passenger load factors. It also uses the same operator code as Jet Airways. The decision to launch a new brand instead of expanding the JetLite network was taken considering the regulatory delays involved in transferring aircraft from Jet Airways to JetLite, as the two have different operator codes.

Starting September 8, 2009, several Jet Airways pilots went on a simulated strike by reporting sick and failing to turn up for duty. The stated reason for the pilots' action is that the pilots "are protesting against the dismissal of two senior pilots last month by the airline." On September 9, 2009, the airline had to cancel over 160 domestic flights due to this reason.. The five-day strike by pilots ended on September 13, 2009. It led to a cancellation of 800 flights where more than 400 of the company's pilots called in sick. According to Indian media reports, the strike cost the airline some $8m (£4.79m) a day.

International Operations

Jet Airways started international operations in March 2004 between Chennaimarker-Colombomarker after it had been cleared by the Government of India to do so.

It started its Mumbaimarker-Londonmarker service on May 2005 and Delhimarker-Londonmarker on October 2005 with new Airbus A340-300E dry leased from South African Airways. Amritsarmarker-Londonmarker services began on August 2006 and Ahmedabadmarker-Londonmarker on April 2007 but these routes were discontinued on December 2008 and January 2008 respectively citing poor load factors.

On 2 May 2007 Jet Airways announced Brussels Airportmarker as its European hub for its Trans-Atlantic North American operations. It began its Mumbaimarker-Brusselsmarker-Newarkmarker service on August 2007 followed by Delhimarker-Brusselsmarker-Torontomarker on September 2007 and Chennaimarker-Brusselsmarker-New York Citymarker on October 2007.

On May 2008 it launched its Trans-Pacific Mumbaimarker-Shanghai-San Franciscomarker service followed by Bangaloremarker-Brusselsmarker on October 2008; these routes were discontinued on January 2009 due to poor load factors and the worldwide economic recession.

Through 2009, Jet Airways has been adding services to new destinations in the Middle East and connecting existing international destinations to additional cities in India.


Jet Airways Domestic Operations Statistics
Year ended Passengers % Increase/Decrease
(in PAX)
RPK Cargo carried
(in tons)
% Increase/Decrease
(in Cargo)
Aircraft Flown
(Block Hours)
Passenger seat factor (%)
April-05 to March-06 9,115,459 - 7,875 105,173 - 165,729 73.7%
April-06 to March-07 9,900,970 8.62% 8,538 117,946 12.14% 190,911 70.2%
April-07 to March-08 9,786,980 1.15% 8,565 114,240 3.14% 194,916 70.9%
April-08 to March-09 7,972,757 18.54% 6,884 85,046 25.55% 181,232 66.9%

Jet Airways International Operations Statistics
Year ended Passengers % Increase/Decrease
(in PAX)
RPK Cargo carried
(in tons)
% Increase/Decrease
(in Cargo)
Aircraft Flown
(Block Hours)
Passenger seat factor (%)
April-05 to March-06 441,142 - 1,701 10,724 - 17,857 65.0%
April-06 to March-07 825,904 87.22% 3,770 23,846 122.36% 36,238 68.0%
April-07 to March-08 1,641,930 98.80% 8,350 51,517 116.04% 72,598 67.5%
April-08 to March-09 3,107,278 89.25% 14,559 96,386 87.10% 131,775 68.2%

Corporate identity

Current Jet Airways livery-the "flying sun"
Jet Airways' current livery was introduced in 2007. The design retained the dark blue and gold-accented colour scheme of Jet Airways' previous corporate identity, along with the airline's "flying sun" logo. The new livery, created with Landor Associates, added yellow and gold ribbons. A new yellow uniform was simultaneously introduced, created by Italian designer Roberto Capucci. Jet Airways introduced its new identity in conjunction with a global brand re-launch which included new aircraft and seating.


Jet Airways serves 44 domestic destinations, 21 international destinations in 17 countries across Asia, Europe and North America.


Jet Airways' fleet consists of the following aircraft families as of September 2009:
Jet Airways Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Options Passengers
ATR 72-500 14 6 62 (0/0/62) All will be dry leased.
Airbus A330-200 10
5 5 220 (0/30/190)
226 (0/30/196)
2 dry leased from ILFC, are sub-wet leased to Oman Air.
Boeing 737-700 13 112 (0/16/96)
135 (0/0/135)
7 dry leased.
Boeing 737-800 33 20 140 (0/16/124)
144 (0/24/120)
175 (0/0/175)

14 dry leased.
Boeing 737-900 2 160 (0/28/132)
Boeing 777-300ER 10 3 312 (8/30/274) 5 dry leased to Turkish Airlines
Boeing 787-8 10 ??? (0/??/???) Deliveries starting 2013.
Total 84 44 5
As of September 2009, the average age of Jet Airways' fleet was 4.8 years.

Former fleet

Previously Jet Airways operated a mixed fleet of owned/leased Boeing 737-300/400/500 and Airbus A340-300E which were leased from South African Airways.


Cabin classes

With the arrival of its new Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-200 aircraft, Jet Airways has introduced a new cabin with upgraded seats in all classes. The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft has three classes of service: First, Première (Business), and Economy. The Airbus A330-200 aircraft have two classes: Première and Economy. All Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft have this feature. Boeing 737 aircraft are configured differently. Jet Airways has a three-star rated Business and First Class, and is in the top twenty-five business classes reviewed by Skytrax. Economy class has been reviewed as a three-star product by Skytrax.

Jet Airways First Class Suite on board a Boeing 777-300ER.
First Class
First class is available on all Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. All seats convert to a fully-flat bed, similar to Singapore Airlines first class seat but much smaller. It was the twenty-second airline in the world to have private suites All seats in First have a 21-inch widescreen LCD monitor with audio-video on-demand systems (AVOD), in seat power supply, and USB ports etc. Jet Airways is the first Indianmarker airline to offer fully-enclosed suites on its aircraft; each suite has a closable door, making for a private compartment. Skytrax consumer airline reviewers recently rated Jet Airways First Class as being 14th best in the world.

Première class flat-bed seats on-board a Boeing 777-300ER.
Première class course.
Première (Business Class) on the Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 777-300ER international fleet has a fully-flat bed with AVOD entertainment. Seats are configured in a herringbone pattern (1-2-1 on the Boeing 777-300ER, and 1-1-1 on the Airbus A330-200), with each seat offering direct access to the aisle. Première seats on the A330-200s leased from ILFC are configured differently in a 2-2-2 non-herringbone pattern.Each Première Seat has a 15.4-inch flat screen LCD TV with AVOD. USB ports and in-seat laptop power are provided.

On the short-haul/domestic Boeing 737-700/800, all new aircraft are equipped with AVOD. All seats are standard recliner business-class seats with a few newer aircraft with electronic recline and massager.

Economy Class
Economy class on Jet's Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-700/800 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft has 32-inch seat pitch. Seats on the Boeing 777-300ER/Airbus A330-200 have a "hammock-style" net footrest. The cabin is configured in 3-3-3 abreast on the Boeing 777-300ER, 2-4-2 on the Airbus A330-200, and 3-3 in the Boeing 737.Each Economy seat on the 777-300ER/A330-200 has a 10.6-inch touch screen LCD TV with AVOD.
Some recently acquired Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft also feature Personal LCD screens with AVOD.

All three classes feature Mood lighting on the Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 777-300ER, with light schemes corresponding to the time of day and flight position.

In-Flight Entertainment

Jet Airways' Panasonic eFX IFE system on-board the Boeing 737-700/800 and Panasonic eX2 IFEsystem on-board the Airbus A330-200/Boeing 777-300ER, called "JetScreen", offers audio video on-demand programming (passengers can start, stop, rewind, and fast-forward as desired). It has over 100 movies, 80 TV programmes, 11 audio channels and a CD library of 125 titles. The system operates via individual touchscreen monitors at each seat, and is available in all classes.

Airport Lounges

Jet Airways Lounges are offered to First and Première Class passengers, along with JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold or Silver card members. The international lounge at Brussels has showers, business centre, entertainment facilities and children's play areas. Lounges are located in:
Indian Lounges
International Lounges


JetPrivilege is Jet Airways’ frequent flier program.

Codeshare agreements

Jet Airways has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:

Jet Airways also has marketing agreements with the following airlines:

Awards and achievements

Jet Airways has been given a 3 Star rating by Skytrax.

  • Best Third-Class Service in the World award at Business Traveller’s 20th annual ‘Best in Business Travel’ awards
  • Full Service Airline by 2006 Galileo Express Travelworld for the sixth year in a row
  • Nice Customer Service by Freddie Awards 2007
  • Indian Domestic Airline with Spectacular Growth at the SATTE 2006 Awards
  • Best Business Class & Best Economy Class at the Business Traveller Awards
  • Best Program of the Year by Freddie Awards 2007 & 2006
  • Best Elite Level for the second year in a row, at the 21st Annual presentation ceremony of the Freddie Awards 2008
  • Best Bonus Promotion by Freddie Mercury Awards 2005
  • Best Overall in Entertainment at the Avion Awards 2010
  • India's Popular Domestic Airline at the SATTE 2006 Awards
  • Best Single In-Flight Audio Program at the Avion Awards 2006
  • India’s Airline at the World Travel Awards, 2006
  • Best Technical Despatch Reliability by Beaver 2002
  • Customer and Brand Loyalty award in the Commercial Airlines Sector (Domestic), at the second Goyal Awards
  • Best Cargo Airline of North Asia by Cargo Airline of the Year Awards
  • Best Domestic Airline award for the 1st consecutive year and the 5th time in the past two years at the 18th TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Travel Awards 2007
  • Service Excellence Award at Global Managers in Jurassic Park, Sudan.
  • India’s Most Respected Company in the Travel and Food Sector by Businessworld 2003
  • Runner up for Best Affinity Credit Card by Freddie Awards 2006
  • Runner up for Best Website by Freddie Awards
  • First airline in the world to introduce IFE(Sky Screen) in a Boeing 737 Next Generation.
  • World's Thirty second airline to introduce private First Class Suites in the air on their Boeing 777-300ER.

Accidents and incidents

  • On 1 June 2007, Jet Airways Flight 3307, a ATR 72-212A (registered VT-JCE) which was flying on the Bhopalmarker-Indoremarker route was involved in an accident which was caused by a storm. There were no fatalities amongst the 45 passengers and 4 crew onboard, however the aircraft suffered damages beyond repair.


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