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Jet Set was a game show in the UK that aired from 13 January 2001 to 8 August 2007 on BBC One. It was presented by Eamonn Holmes. It was one of the many quiz shows to support the National Lottery televised draws.


The six players in the studio compete against each other in the first two rounds, the winner of the second round facing off against last week's winner in the final, for their place on the round the world 'Jet Set' Tour.

Dwayne Quinn of Swindon, Wiltshire is currently the youngest player at the age of 23 to win the Lottery Jet Set live on the BBC.

Round One: In The Red

All six contestants start 'in the green'. Each contestant in turn is given a category. They then have to decide to either 'play' and answer the question or 'pass' and nominate another contestant to answer that question. A correct answer or pass leaves the player 'in the green' while an incorrect answer or an incorrect pass (i.e. the person passed to got the question correct) leads the player to be 'in the red'. Only one person can be 'in the red' at any one time, while a contestant 'in the red' gets passed over in play, although may be challenged with a 'pass'.

Each round last approximately sixty seconds. Whichever contestant is 'in the red' at the end of the time is eliminated from the competition. This is repeated until only two players remain.

The Thunderball draw was traditionally aired live at this point of proceedings, when the show was broadcast live on a Saturday.

If a player has the red symbol, that player is eliminated and runs down until only two is left.

Round Two: Play Or Pass

Play continues as before, with each player in turn given a category, again being given the option to 'play' or 'pass' to their opponent. Instead of playing to stay out of 'the red', points are used instead, with the first player to score four winning the round and progressing to the final. An incorrect answer gives the point to the opponent, while a correct answer scores for yourself.

Before the move to Wednesdays a buzzer question about the location that last week's winner went to decided the order of play. Nowadays whoever erred the least so far that evening, plays first.

The Thunderball draw was traditionally aired live at this point of proceedings, when the show was broadcast live on a Saturday. However with the show moving to a Wednesday the 'Dream Number' draw takes place here.

Round Three: The Final

The studio contestant now faces the last week's champion for the place on the Jet Set, a round the world tour with a new location every week.

Starting with the studio contestant, each player in turn must predict whether each ball in the draw which had just taken place was higher or lower than the preceding one. A correct prediction allows the contestant to select their category, while an incorrect prediction allows their opponent to select the category from the selection of six. An incorrect answer, again, gives the point to the opponent, while a correct answer scores for yourself. The first to three wins the game and the prize. A losing challenger is invited back again the following week to compete again.

Final Round

After the second and third lottery draws, the player (at the round-the-world trip) and the other player (in the studio) then play against each other, but the final player chooses which category they want. If a player gets a question wrong (or the player runs out of time), that other player chooses the category for the player. The players have three questions each, and if the player in the studio wins, they go onto a round-the-world trip, and if the other player on the round-the-world trip does not win, then return the next week.

If the player (on the round-the-world trip) wins, the go to another one, and the other (in the studio) returns to do it again the following week.

Jet Set 2012

Jet Set returned to BBC One on 20 June 2007 under the new name of Jet Set 2012, with all the destinations being previous Olympic venues (since Londonmarker will be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics.) This was announced by Eamonn Holmes on the Midweek Draws with Scott Mills on 16 May 2007. It was filmed at BBC Pacific Quaymarker in Glasgowmarker.

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