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Jhanjharpur is a city and a notified area in the Madhubani district in the Indianmarker state of Biharmarker.


Jhanjharpur is located at . It has an average elevation of 59 metres (193 feet).

Jhanjharpur is a small town located on the bank of the Kamla-Balan river. Presently Jhanjharpur is a sub-division in Madhubani district of Bihar. It is a Loksabha (House of the People)constituency as well. There has been a long standing demand of thousands of people supported by almost all the political parties to make Jhanjharpur a district. But so far this demand of the people of jhanjharpur has not been fulfilled. The Kamla Balan river is prone to frequently overflowing in July. This river is actually the confluence of two separate rivers, Kamla and Balan. A bridge passing over the river was constructed by the British before India's independence on 15 August, 1947.
The rail and road bridge over the Kamla-Balan river in Jhanjharpur.




Important crops grown in the area include paddy rice, wheat, rice, peas, gam, and sugar cane. Makkhana is a popular food in the area, and some small industry related in makkhana has grown up in Jhanjharpur.


There are two important business hubs in the town, 4km apart: Jhanjharpur (R.S.) Market, also known as New Market and Jhanjharpur Purani Bazar & KUMAR COMPUTERS are a famous Printing Press of Jhanjharpur.

Mr. ISHNATH JHA is a well knowned person of the market


Indra Puja is the main festival of Jhanjharpur in Kejri wall High School Ground. The Lord Indra is worshipped for 10 days in a diverse cultural program. Apart from Indra Puja, Durgapuja is celebrated in a big way in Tharhi, Harari, Nanaur. Bhabham is one of the famous village know for its social harmony and development. Chnadra Mohan Jha, Krishna Mohan Jha, Murari Mohan Jha are famous scholars from Bhabham. People in the region offer their respect to elder citizens on every festive occasion.

Maithili Paintings

A sample of Madhubani Painting.
Mithila Painting, also known as Madhubani painting, is a popular art which is famous among the people in Jhanjharpur and Mithila.mithla is the mother land of goddess shita. Mithla is the land of high moral valu of many festival like durga puja & saraswati puja, chath etc are celebrated here with great enthusaisim.



  • Lalit Narayan Janta College
  • Parwati Laxmi Women's College
Both colleges are affiliated to Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga.
  • Kirti Narayan Kamakhya Sanskrit College,
  • Shiv Nandan Nand Kishore Mishra College(Rajeshwar babu)
  • P. D. K. J. College
Dr. Bidyanand Thakur (Sarbasima)Prof of R.K.College in English

Pro. P.N.Jha (Commerce), Mahinathpur



Rajkiyakrit bhavnath madhya vidyalaya Sarbasima
  • Residential Don Bosco Convent School Jhanjharpur(R.S)
  • Kejriwal High School, jhanjharpur langra chowk
  • Tibrewal High School, jhanjharpur R.S
  • Parwati Laxmi Girls high school, jhanjharpur purani bazar
  • Shree Durga Middle School, jhanjharpur purani bazar
  • M.N.Jha D.A.V public school, jhanjharpur behat
  • Gopal Narayan High School
  • Maa Durga High School
  • Chandeshwar High School
  • Andharatharhi High School,Tharhi
  • Lal Das High School
  • Dhara Bati High School
  • Sonelal High School, Jorla, Belauncha
  • Rajkiya Middle School, Belauncha
  • Utkramit Middle School, Devnagar, Belauncha
  • Rajkrit Utkramit School
  • Bhavnath High School
  • Sacred Mission School
  • surya prasad high school,Laukhi
  • sri Krishna Yadav high school,phulpras
  • Mahant Shri Radha Charan Dass, Chanaura Ganj
  • Jawahar High English School, Madhepur

Coaching Centers

  • Accounts Study Circle, Jhanjharpur [Dr. Upendra Prasad]
  • commerce study center,jhanjharpur( mr. Dev Swarup Thakur)
  • Commerce Education Centre, Jhanjharpur [Prop. R.K.Jha]
  • Commerce Coaching Center,Jhanjharpur[Prop.Anil Kumar Prasad.]
  • Sri Ramashish Jha (a basic coaching centre for[8-10]th standard, jjp purani bazar
  • UNIQUE ENGLISH STUDY CIRCLE,FOR SPEAKING ENGLISH AND FOR 10th to B.A,B.COM&B.SC....opp. Parwati Laxmi Kanya high school By Prof.D.N.ROY
  • THE ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMY (British- Style) For the class of 10th to B.A, B.Sc. & ... (English Grammer Translation & Spoken) near {Shanti Nath Mahadev Mandir Jhanjharpur R.S.} By Prof. Bashish Ray.
  • Gayetri sickha niketen hainthi bali
TEMPLESri Videshwarsthan Mandir and bhuthi mahadev(Sarbasima) are very religious temple set up in this village.This village's most immenant personality Dr. BIDYANAND THAKUR ,

Gauri shankar & panchdev Temple are most popular temples of Jhanjharpur. In every occasion people come here and then go to there destiny and then get success.Kali mandir is also of big fame here.Bishahara sthan is situated at Baliyari gaon.Gauri shankar, Hainthi baliHere you can see the unique Shiv linga half portion from bottom of lord Shiva & above thatgoddess Parvati. The chief of temple MR. BINODANAD JHA says "you will get every thing if you offerpuja here every day, we all have great faith on Baba Gauri Shankar".This is a wonderful Shivling of the world because mata Gauri exit in the centre of a big Shivling. So, it is a Ardh Nareshwar shivling.Every years a big fair in Shivraatrithe temple is run by a non profitable organisation namin "Baba gauri shankar vikas samiti". all the economical expenditure bear by Dr.Gajendra naraya jha and the peoples of hainthi bali.Bhairav temple, Bhairav asthanBideswar mahadev, on NH 57there is a famous Temple 'PANCHANATH' in that temple/of that temple is very nice historical story hidden withto.

One is the famous tola is called AMAR TOLI in this tola living of RAY caste more, but not only ray ji but also many caste living with unity with one another and there are many festivals famous in Jhanjhapur like, 'INDRA PUJA' at langra chouk, on that occasion more crowd i.e many persons comes here for DARSHAN OF INDRA JI, and not only this but also, at every occasion ACTORS/SINGERS come for their performances, 'GANESH CHATURTHI' at Machhatta Chowk, 'JANMASHTMI' at GOVIND CHOWK by Mr. VIJOY RAY son of SHREE DIGAMBER RAY

Hospitals and Doctors


  • Sub Divisional Hospital,Jhanjharpur
DIAGNOSTIC CENTREVijay Patho Lab, More than 15 years old. Run by Mr. Vijay Kumar Thakur.


  • Dr. Gajendra Naranyan jha (Gauri shankar sewa sadan behind railway station)
  • Dr.K.K.P.Mehta, jjp hospital
  • Dr.R.B.Sah, Langra Chowk
  • Dr.K.C.Mahaseth, near Madarsa Chowk
  • Dr.Vimal Kumar Sharma, Purani Bazar
  • Dr.Uday Shankar Choudhary,jhanjharpur
  • Dr.Shankar Jha, Near Gumati, Jhanjharpur
  • Dr Arvind Kumar Lal Kharowa Jhanjharpur
  • Dr. Bibha Jha, Jhanjharpur
  • Dr.K.K.Jha, Jhanjharpur
  • Dr.M.N Jha, Jhanjharpur
  • Dr.S.N Jha, Jhanjharpur
  • Dr.D Chaoudhary, Jhanjharpur


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