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Jill Farren Phelps (born July 7, 1950 in New York Citymarker ) is an Americamarker television producer and has been the executive producer of many Americanmarker television soap operas: Santa Barbara (1987-1991), Guiding Light (1991-1995), Another World (1995-1996), One Life to Live (1998-2001), and currently General Hospital (2001-present).

She got her start as a music director on General Hospital and later on Santa Barbara before she started producing.

Under her watch Santa Barbara won 3 Best Drama Emmys in a row (although the first was for material which aired before her arrival). Phelps later won Emmys for General Hospital for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

While at Another World, ratings improved in the key demographic of women 18-49 by 34%.


During her time as executive producer at Guiding Light she fired actress Ellen Parker and killed off her character, Maureen Bauer. Maureen was generally considered the tentpole character of Guiding Light, after her mother in-law Bert Bauer passed away in the mid 1980s.

When she was at Another World a serial killer stoyline was played out and popular character Frankie Frame, portrayed by Alice Barrett, was brutally murdered by the killer, the original victim was Donna Love, portrayed by Anna Stuart, but fans revolted. As a result, the decision was to either kill off either Frankie or Paulina Cory, who at the time was portrayed by Judi Evans Luciano. After consulting the results of a focus group, Frankie was chosen instead by Margaret DePriest. During the course of the episode Frankie was stalked and then brutally murdered by an unknown person. A main reason for the murder in the storyline was to bring back former cast member Robert Kelker-Kelly back to the show.

During her tenure on One Life to Live she was also blamed for the initial 1999 firing of Laura Koffman who played Cassie Callison, during her maternity leave.

In 2002, when Genie Francis wished to take a few weeks personal time during the summer to travel with her husband, director/actor Jonathan Frakes, Phelps denied Genie's request for time off, citing contract issues. This subsequently led to Francis quitting General Hospital in order to spend time with her family.She is also blamed for her tenure on General Hospital focused on Mob Storylines and firing of Veteran Characters.

Under Phelps' tenures at her respective shows, she has thrice hired controversial writer Megan McTavish to helm the writing duties. Fans of her respective series noted a decline in the quality of stories and characters. Phelps has also propelled her respective shows into darker directions under her reign. While she was appointed at One Life to Live, stories durned dark and sinister as the mafia menaced the town and crime rose. Since her appointment at General Hospital, the show's core focus shifted from the hospital into the mafia, in what is seen by fans as a thin veil to disguise exploiting the success of popular mob series The Sopranos.

Phelps has also notoriously killed core characters which are considered vital to the series' legacy, usually in violent or tragic manners. Phelps killed Maureen Bauer off of GL, and notoriously killed Frankie Frame on Another World. Those subsequent deaths ultimately wounded each show to the point of irredeemability, leading to decline and eventual cancellation. Maureen's death on GL is viewed as the catalyst for GL's decline, ending in its cancellation on September 18, 2009. Another World was cancelled just shy of three years after Frankie's brutal murder in 1996, last broadcasting on June 25, 1999.

While One Life to Live did not sustain nearly as much damage, Phelps brought in a slew of her favorite actors to fill the roster, even replacing Kevin Stapleton as Kevin Buchanan, a performance popular with fans, with AW alum Timothy Gibbs. While Gibbs held the role down with some fanfare, this recast ultimately ruined the Kevin/Cassie pairing, leading to legacy character Cassie being written out of the show. Phelps also employed her favorites John Bolger, Kale Browne, Robin Christopher, Linda Dano, Mark Derwin and Kevin McClatchy during her tenure and giving most of these characters significant airtime, much to the chagrin of fans. After her character, Nora, committed adultery and her character's integrity was tarnished, Hillary B. Smith begged Phelps to kill the character off of the show.

Phelps' move to GH pushed many landmark characters such as Amy Vining, Felicia Jones, Laura Spencer, Audrey Hardy, Alan, AJ and Monica Quartermaine, and Bobbie Spencer either into diminished capacities or into being written out of the series. Under Phelps' direction, several legacy characters were killed off. The Quartermaine clan, in particular, has seen four of its members die violent deaths in the last decade: AJ (2005), Justus (2006), and Alan and Emily (2007). In another unpopular move, Phelps chose not to address the death of Shell Kelper, who played Amy Vining from 1979-2002, in 2008. Currently, many fans have complained about the decline in GH's quality in recent years.

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Awards and nominations

Phelps has been nominated for fourteen Daytime Emmys and won six times (1988-1990, 2005, 2006, 2008).


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