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John Doyle (b. 1971 in Dublinmarker, Irelandmarker) is an Irish musician and songwriter. For four years he served as acoustic guitarist with the Irish/American band Solas. He is now an active solo artist. He has written many traditional-style songs and has collaborated with the likes of Kate Rusby, Susan McKeown, Karan Casey and Heidi Talbot.

Doyle also has producing credits on several albums including Heidi Talbot's debut solo release Distant Future, renowned American fiddle player Liz Carroll's Lake Effect, and his father Sean Doyle's CD, The Light and the Half Light.

Doyle is a highly accomplished guitarist with a trademark style for backing up other musicians. A left-handed player, his style involves the use of bass string damping with the heel of the left hand combined with a constant, metronome-like strumming pattern and nimble movement up and down the neck with the right hand to incorporate bass lines and chordal variations. Combined with other dynamic techniques such as string choking with the right hand, the resulting sound is full and highly rhythmical.

Doyle plays guitar in many different tunings, but is perhaps best known for using the 'Dropped D' tuning (DADGBE) for backing up other musicians.


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  • Liz Carroll and John Doyle, “In Play”, Compass Records - Sept. 2005
  • John Doyle, “Wayward Son”, Compass Records - July 2005
  • Alison Brown, “Stolen Moments”, Compass Records - 2005
  • Cathie Ryan, “The Farthest Wave”, Shanachie Records - 2005
  • Julie Fowlis, “mar a tha mo chridhe”, Macmeanmna Records - 2004
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  • Tim O’Brien - “Cornbread Nation”, Howdy Skies Music, 2005
  • Heidi Talbot, “Distant Future”, Compass Records, 2004 (produced by John Doyle)
  • Sean Doyle, “The Light and the Half-Light”,Compass Records, 2004, (produced by John Doyle)
  • Gibb Todd, Compass Records, 2003
  • Tim O’Brien, “Traveler”, Sugar Hill, 2003
  • Tommy Peoples, “Waiting for a Call”, Shanachie, 2003
  • Linda Thompson, “Fashionably Late”, Rounder Records, 2002
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  • Kate Rusby, “10", Pure Records, 2002
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  • Karan Casey, “The Winds Begin to Sing”, Shanachie Records, 2001
  • Karan Casey, “Songlines”, Shanachie Records, 1995
  • Joe McKenna, “Songs of the Irish Whistle”, Shanachie Records, 2000
  • Liz Carroll, “Lake Effect”, Green Linnet, 2002 (co-produced by John Doyle)
  • Liz Carroll, “Lost in the Loop”, Green Linnet, 1999
  • Johnny Cunningham - soundtrack CD “Peter and Wendy”, Alula Records
  • Mick Moloney, “Far From the Shamrock Shore”, Shanachie Records, 2002 (co-produced by John Doyle)
  • Mick Moloney, “Three Way Street”, with Seamus Egan and Eugene O’Donnell, Green Linnet, 1993
  • “Out of Ireland” - Soundtrack to the PBS documentary, Shanachie Records, 1993
  • Niall and Cillian Vallely, “Callan Bridge”, Compass Records, 2002
  • Joannie Madden, “Songs of the Irish Whistle”, Narada, 1994
  • Stephen Wade, “Dancing in the Parlour”, 1993
  • Thomas Moore, “The Soul of Christmas: A Celtic Music Celebration”
  • Composer, "Down the Flats" play
  • Feature Film “The Brothers McMullen”
  • Feature Film “Soldier”
  • 27 known-of compilation recordings

Wayward Son (2005)

  1. The Gallant Poacher
  2. Jack Dolan
  3. The Glad Eye/The Wayward Son
  4. Captain Glenn
  5. Bitter The Parting
  6. Old Bush/Expect The Unexpected
  7. The Apprentice Boy
  8. Tie The Bonnet/Monahan Twig/A Fair Wind/The Convenience Reel
  9. The Month Of January
  10. Little Sadie
  11. Eddie Kelly's/Reavy's Tribute To Coleman
  12. The Cocks Are Crowing

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