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John Fitzgerald Byers is a fictional character in the television shows The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, played by Bruce Harwood.

John Fitzgerald Byers was born on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinatedmarker, in Sterling, Virginiamarker, and was named after the fallen president – his parents were originally planning to call him Bertram after his father. Byers idolized his namesake, but always had suspicions about the real cause of his death.

He worked as a public affairs officer for the FCC in Baltimoremarker until May 1989. At this time he met Susanne Modeski at a consumer electronics show in Baltimore and fell instantly in love with her. Initially lying about her identity to him, she revealed herself to be a scientist working for the Army Advanced Weapons facility and appealed to him for help in stopping one of her developments (a gas causing fear and paranoia) being used by the military on innocent civilians. Enlisting the help of Melvin Frohike and Richard Langly who were also at the electronics show, they succeeded and, although Modeski was later kidnapped, she had awakened a desire in all three of them to uncover the truth, which subsequently led to the formation and publication of The Lone Gunman newsletter, providing information on government cover-ups and conspiracy theories. Leaving the FCC and publishing the newsletter led to estrangement from his father, although the two were briefly reconciled in 2001.

Byers is rarely seen without his suit and tie and always impeccably turned out, sporting a neatly trimmed beard. The most conventional dresser of all the Gunmen, he is a straight man whenever they need someone who looks respectable.

He appears to have at least some working knowledge of medicine, genetics and chemistry; he is able to interpret DNA strands, instantly informing Mulder that Scully’s blood had been tampered with in One Breath.

All three of the Lone Gunmen died in the X-Files episode Jump the Shark, sacrificing themselves to save thousands from a terrorist created plague by using fire doors to seal themselves in a closed hallway with the man carrying the plague. AD Skinner pulls some strings and arranges for them to be interred at Arlington National Cemeterymarker as tribute to their brave deeds.


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The X-Files: The Game (Video game)

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The X-Files: Fight the Future (Movie)

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