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General José María Córdova also known as the "Hero of Ayacucho" (born in Concepciónmarker, Antioquia on September 8, 1799 - died in Santuario, Antioquia on October 17, 1829) was a General during the Latin American War of independence from Spain.

In 1814 Cordova's military career started in the Engineer Corps during the Antioquia Republic, institution created by Francisco José de Caldas in Medellínmarker. In 1815 was Cordova enrolled in the rebel army and was sent to Tunjamarker, where he fought as a subliutenant and under the French Colonel Emanuel Roergas Serviez who became his mentor. Cordova's battalion helped in the victory of the Battle of Palo. After the reconquest offensive by the Spanish in 1815 Cordova was named commander in chief of the Army and was later defeated in 1816 and retreated to the Llanos where his mentor Serviez was assassinated by José Antonio Páez. Cordova was accused of desertion for trying to escape, but was later pardoned. He was then given a post to command before Simon Bolivar's arrival to Venezuelamarker in 1816. Cordova was then sent to the Guayana Region in 1817 and Bolivar later incorporated him in his staff.

In the Battle of Ayacucho, Cordova was given command of the first division of the army and because of his distinguished service he earned the nickname "The Lion of Ayacucho).

Cordova died in 1829, after Simon Bolivar declared himself dictator of the Great Colombia. Cordova rebelled because that was not the cause they fought for. The ensuing battle took place near Santuario, Antioquia, Cordova died by the hand of the Irish Commander Rupert Hand. As homage for his actions and in his memory the department of Cordoba in Colombia was named after him, the Colombian army's military officer's academy is also named after him.


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