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Julius (fem. Julia) is the nomen of the gens Julia, an important patrician family of ancient Rome supposed to have descended from Julus, and thus from the goddess Venus. (See also: Julio-Claudian dynasty - Julia Caesaris). They apparently originated from Alba Longamarker, which was reputedly founded by Julus (also known as Ascanius), son of Aeneas (reputed ancestor of Romulus and Remus).

The name is also seen as Iulius and Iulia. There were many thousands of people bearing it, since the freedman took the gens name of their previous owners, thus many freedmen of the Julio-Claudian emperors received this name. The name lives on as a personal name, as Julius or in derived forms such as Italian Giulio, French Jules, Spanish Julio, Romanian Iuliu, et cetera.

Julii Caesares, all with the 'Julius Caesar' nomen and cognomen combination, but differing praenomens, most famously:

Members of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty

Other emperors

Other people

Other uses

  • The House of Julii is one of the playable factions in the video game Rome:Total War.


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