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Just Add Water is a comedy film released on June 17 2008. The film stars Dylan Walsh as a hardworking man living in the same small town in which he grew up, Danny DeVito as a gas station owner, and Justin Long as a meth dealer.


This film is an offbeat romantic comedy about Ray Tuckby (Dylan Walsh), a decent guy with a dead-end life in the dead-end town of Trona, Californiamarker. After discovering that his wife has had an affair with his brother Mark and that his son Eddie (Jonah Hill) is actually Mark's son, he decides to start his life all over again.

Ray's mother and sister-in-law die after they fight over his mother's secret Lemon meringue pie recipe. After their funeral, his mother's lawyer gives Ray his share of his mother's legacy, including the recipe. He gives the legacy to Eddie for his college expenses, but Eddie says he is working for the local teenage Meth-baron, Dirk.

After Ray meets and takes encouragement from Merl (Danny DeVito), a new Chevron gas station operator, Ray begins to dream again.

Ray musters the nerve to pursue his childhood love, Nora (Tracy Middendorf), and after Dirk shuts down the town's electricity and water supplies, Ray and his neighbors finally plot a plan to take back his community by toppling Dirk.

Ray then goes on to marry Nora and opens a restaurant with Nora, using his mother's Lemon meringue pie as the signature dish. Eddie works as his chef while Spoonie, Denny and his wife work as waiters. Nora is also shown to be expecting a baby.


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