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For the 1957 British film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Norman Wisdom, see Just My Luck . For the 1933 film starring Robertson Hare, see Just My Luck .

Just My Luck is a romantic comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. Set in Manhattanmarker, New Yorkmarker, the film tells the story of Ashley, a woman who finds herself having bad luck when she interacts with Jake, a music manager of the pop band McFly (Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd), who appear as themselves in the film. The film was released theatrically in the United States on May 12, 2006.



The movie is about always lucky and popular Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) who has an extremely fortunate life and is always experiencing remarkable strokes of luck. The audience is also introduced to Jake Hardin (Chris Pine), who is followed by bad luck wherever he goes. He manages a small music group called McFly (a real UK band).

Persistent in her efforts to hold onto a client, Ashley manages to sell Damon Phillips (Faizon Love) on the idea of a masquerade party. When Ashley's boss, Peggy, learns of the plan, she is, to Ashley's surprise, impressed with the idea, leaving her with the task of organizing the party independently. Jake, hearing of the party and of the number of possible sponsors who could be there, hatches a plan to attend, in order to meet a very famous man (Phillips) who could publicise his band. He poses as a dancer for the masquerade party and gains entry.

During the party, Ashley is confronted by a fortune teller who warns her of an upcoming change in her life. The fortune teller tells her she will be soon be struck by bad luck. Ashley doesn't believe her. As Jake wanders around the party, he is strucked by Ashley's beauty and asks her to join him in a dance, during which they kiss. Neither can see the other's face, as they are both wearing masks. During the kiss, their luck is switched: Jake gets Ashley's good luck and Ashley gets Jake's normally rotten luck.

Soon after, Jake spots Phillips (the man he came to the party to see) and asks him to help publicise the band. As they are talking, a cab accidentally heads straight for Phillips. Jake pushes him out of the way but is, himself, hit by the cab. In a stroke of good luck, he is unharmed. By way of saying thank you, Phillips, who is in charge of a major record company, signs up McFly.

Meanwhile, Ashley's bad luck kicks in and she goes to jail (the guy she set her boss up with for the party turns out to be a prostitute). When she returns home she finds that her house has been flooded, causing a mold infestation is in her walls. She is left with but a mere box of her former possessions.

She goes to stay with a friend. At her friend's place she breaks a mirror and drops her contact lens in the cat litter box. Upon finding it, she places it back in her eye, causing a major eye infection.

Desperate to regain her luck, Ashley revisits the fortune teller, who explains that, in order for her life to return to what it was before, she must again kiss the person she kissed at the party. Ashley begins hunting down all the dancers from the company who had supplied the dancers at the party. But of course, as Jake had only pretended to be a dancer, he is not on the list. Ashley begins to give up hope, thinking her bad luck has gotten the better of her.

When Ashley gets out of prison (another stroke of bad luck), she tries to get some food from a cafe but is rejected because she doesn't have enough money. As she leaves, she creates mass chaos and makes a mad dash out of the cafe with the help of Jake, who offers Ashley his previous job as a janitor/food delivery person at the bowling alley. Ashley, desperate for a job, accepts immediately. Though she is accident prone at the beginning, she gradually begins to avoid some of her bad luck.

One rainy day, Jake takes the helpless Ashley to his huge house, where she tries to wash her clothes. She puts too much soap in the washing machine, resulting in a room full of bubbles. Jake comes in to see what all the comotion is about, and they both laugh at the comical situation. Just as they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Jake's young cousin, Katy.

Later, Jake takes Ashley to the place where McFly is practicing. She discovers that Jake is the one who has stolen her luck. Seizing her chance, she kisses him, whereupon he gets his bad luck back. Ashley's luck has returned; she runs into her old boss, who offers her a high position, to be appointed at a meeting that night. That night, she thinks hard about her life and about how Jake had put his (her) good fortune to use. She decides that her life was more enjoyable without luck. She chooses not to attend the meeting, and instead goes to Jake's first concert for McFly, during which things aren't running smoothly.

At the concert, things are taking a wrong turn. As bass player Dougie Poynter tunes his guitar strings, one of them snaps and hits singer/guitar player Danny Jones in the eye. He immediately calls for an eye pack. Jake asks the band members if they'll be all right, whereupon vocalist/guitar player Tom Fletcher begins vomiting into a bin. Meanwhile, drummer Harry Judd, has gone mysteriously missing.

Ashley kisses Jake. His luck changes. Harry reappears on stage. The rest of the band members, confused but relieved, join him onstage, and the concert is a massive success.

Ashley decides to end contact with Jake, as she doesn't want their luck to be switched again; she believes Jake put the good luck to better use than she ever did. She goes to the railway station, where Jake finds her and tries to convince her that she was all he wanted since the party. They then kiss each other relentlessly, causing their luck to swap so quickly that they no longer know who has the good luck and who has the bad. When they see Jake's little cousin Katy and both of them kiss her at the same time, she gets all the luck and wins a scratch card lottery of twenty-five dollars. Later, when they find a quarter, they decide that they still have some luck left. But only seconds later, they are drenched by a broken water line.

Box office

Just My Luck opened with $5,692,285 opening weekend, May 14 2006. In the US, it grossed $17,324,744 after showing for 12 weeks. The film has grossed over $38 million worldwide.


  1. "I Wanna Hold You"
  2. "I've Got You"
  3. "Obviously"
  4. "Ultraviolet"
  5. "Five Colours In Her Hair" (US version)
  6. "Too Close for Comfort"
  7. "Don't Stop Me Now"
  8. "All About You"
  9. "That Girl"
  10. "Unsaid Things"
  11. "I'll Be OK"
  12. "Just My Luck"
  13. "Memory Lane"

The album is made up entirely of songs from McFly's first two UK albums, Room on the 3rd Floor and Wonderland. It also includes a new version of Five Colours in Her Hair (a more upbeat version, referred to as the USA version), as well as the song titled Just My Luck (track 11), which was recorded especially for the movie.Though released as the film's soundtrack, the album contains only McFly songs and includes a selection of songs from McFly's first two UK albums that were not in the film.


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