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Kambalapadu Ediga Madanna Goud (May 28, 1902May 5, 1994), well known as K.E. Madanna, was a social activist and political leader who fought against the Rayalaseema factionists and forward castes dominations in Kurnoolmarker district of Andhra Pradeshmarker in Indiamarker to bring social change and political awareness among the oppressed and weaker sections of the Rayalaseema people, particularly among Backward Castes, Muslims, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes during both pre-independence and post-independence period of Indiamarker.


Personal Details

K.E. Madanna, born in a Goud family to Sri.K.E. Krishtanna and Smt.Krishtamma on May 28, 1902 at Kidumur village of Dhonemarker mandal in Kurnoolmarker district of Andhra Pradeshmarker..

He, born before Indian independence where there were no schools at villages got educated only in reading and writing Telugu language and was given narration of famous Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana by village level priests.

He later married Smt.Maddamma and is blessed with four sons. One among them is a well known former member of Parliament of India K. E. Krishnamurthy and other well known is K.E. Prabhakar Goud who is a former MLA(Member of the Legislative Assembly ) from Dhonemarker assembly constituency and worked as a cabinet minister in TDP government.

He died on May 5, 1994.

Political career

K.E. Madanna built his leadership qualities by rebelling and fighting against the dominations and atrocities committed by factionists and forward castes who were ruling the village level politics through the zamindar system and positions nominated during British Raj to collect taxes on behalf of British Raj. This naturally attracted and won the loyalty of weaker sections of the society.

He, at the age of 28 years won as a president for district co-operative central bank with forward castes as opponents before Indiamarker attained independence from British Raj in 1930. This obviously raised the confidence among the weaker sections that through unity and democratic elections they can face and prevent the domination of factionist and forward castes politics in oppressing the weaker sections.

In 1938, he got elected as District Board member (After Indian independence, this is equivalent to Zilla Parishad Director). After this, to spread his political domain and reach the wider section of oppressed and weaker people, he shifted his residence from Dhonemarker to Kurnoolmarker. When he moved to Kurnoolmarker city, people from the entire Kurnoolmarker district started reaching his residence to use his services in utilizing the administrative, bureaucratic and political rights which weaker sections were denied by factionists and forward castes. His residence used to be always busy with frequent visitors from weaker sections for whom he used to provide food as the people used to reach him on bullock carts or on foot before Indiamarker attained independence. This obviously brought enmity and resistance from factionists and forward castes who tried to prevent him reaching the weaker sections through all means to an extent of killing his supporters and scaring him with the same fatality. K.E. Madanna, however did surpass all these obstacles and ontinued to serve the weaker sections till he died.

After indiamarker attained independence, he contested legislative assembly elections for Andhra Pradeshmarker held in 1967 from Kurnoolmarker assembly constituency and won in spite of opponent supported by factionists and forward castes. He thus became MLA(Member of the Legislative Assembly ) from Kurnoolmarker assembly on Indian National Congress political party.

In 1972 he got elected to Legislative Council of Andhra Pradeshmarker. He also worked as president for Kurnoolmarker district Indian National Congress polity party president till he retired from active politics in 1978.

He stood behind and supported Damodaram Sanjivayya to become chief minister of Andhra Pradeshmarker who belongs to scheduled castes and is the first and only scheduled castes chief minister from andhra pradeshmarker till today. Damodaram Sanjivayya was a close political associate and friend of K.E. Madanna along with fellow contemporary friends and associates were Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah, Narsappa, and B.V. Subbareddy.

Factionanism in Rayalaseema region comprising Kurnoolmarker, Kadapamarker, Anantapurmarker, and Chittoormarker districts is one of the major obstacle preventing the development of Rayalaseema region which was once ruled by Sri Krishna Devaraya known to be a Ratanala Seema(region rich with diamonds and its trading). Factionism and factionist leaders are also preventing the social , political , and economical benefits reaching the downtrodden and weaker sections of the Rayalaseema region till today killing hundreds of people every year mostly belonging to backward castes, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes in Rayalaseema region. Factionism was reduced to some extent when Telugu Desam Party came to power under the leadership of N.T. Rama Rao in 1983. Lately, it regained its strength when factionist leaders have become cabinet ministers and occupied the highest position in andhra pradeshmarker where by controlling the total political, administrative and bureaucratic system killing hundreds of people every year who are not supporting them or their political parties. According to a commission constituted to study the factionism headed by Gouthu Shyam Sundar Sivaji (son of Gouthu Latchanna and current MLA from Sompetamarker and former cabinet minister of andhra pradeshmarker), factionism has regained due to Telugu film industry elevating and depicting factionist leaders as heroes combined with illiteracy and poverty. The day, factionism ends and when the weaker sections oppressed from several centuries receives social , economical, and political development and benefits will be a true tribute day for K.E. Madanna.

The legacy which K.E. Madanna built for weaker sections is still visible in Kurnoolmarker district where the people see him through his sons K. E. Krishnamurthy and K.E. Prabhakar Goud and making them represent weaker and oppressed sections of the society in both Parliament of India and Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradeshmarker.


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