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For the German village, see Kenz-K├╝strowmarker

KENZ, branded as 101.9 The End is a Salt Lake Citymarker, Utahmarker-based radio station. Owned by Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, the station airs an adult album alternative format on 101.9 FM.


KENZ first signed on as 107.5 The End January 1st 1996 with R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It ." Originally owned by The Slaymaker Group, the station was sold to Citadel Broadcasting in 1998.

Much of the original staff came from now cross town rival KXRKmarker, X96marker. Jimmy Chunga, a weekender and morning show producer at X96marker was hired to lead the morning show. Chunga first did the show solo, then was teamed up for a short time with a female co-host. He was joined by Marcus soon afterward. Andrea was hired away from X96marker to work the midday shift. Biff Raff returned to the Salt Lake market after spending time in Austin, TX and Denver, CO to be the program director. He also did an afternoon on-air shift. Dom Casual was the station's first music director and afternoon drive jock. Barb Thomas worked the night shift. Mister West left X96 as well and brought the Saturday Night Cold Case to the End.

In 1999, the KENZ morning show "Chunga and Marcus" hosted a contest titled "The Cruise of Dreams," after which Marcus did not return to the show. Shortly after the departure of Marcus, Mister West joined the morning show as Chunga's partner. This was a role reversal of sorts as Chunga had been West's partner on the "Saturday Night Cold Case," a request show during West's weekend shift dating back to their days at X96marker.

At the end of 2005 Citadel Broadcasting moved the station from the 107.5 FM frequency to the stronger and farther reaching 101.9 FM frequency. Even though they were no longer at the "end" of the dial they retained the name.

In 2006, Bruce Jones (Biff Raff), the End's first and only Program Director at the time, announced he would be leaving the End and radio in general. Mike Peer, of New York City's K-ROCK, was selected at the end of 2006 to become the new Program Director of KENZ. Peer had actually worked for Bruce Jones in Austin, Texas before Jones headed to Denver and then returned to Utah to start the End.

On December 6th, 2007, Chunga announced that Mister West had left the station and the Chunga and Mister show. Chunga explained that both his and Mister's contracts were up this year and he had planned to retire at the end of the year. Citadel Broadcasting gave him a good deal and he chose to stay. Management decided not to renew Mister's contract. However, according to the February 22, 2008, edition of the Deseret Morning News, Mister claims that Chunga demanded Mister be fired (as part of Chunga's own contract negotiation)..

On Tuesday, November 18, 2008, during the Tuesday CD Review, it was announced that the Parker Show would air for the final time on November 26, 2008. Parker later said that the only reason was budget cuts and that he feels no resentment towards management for the decision. Dallan as part of the parker show was laid off at the same time.

Current Airstaff

  • Jimmy Chunga (Brett Smith)- Morning Show (1996 - present): Had been the morning show producer and a weekender at X96marker before being offered his own morning show when KENZ was starting up. Does voice over work on the side as well as some acting ("The Singles Ward"). Older brother to Jon Smith.
  • Cort Johnson (Robert Conrad) - Morning Show Co-Host, Executive Producer (2005 - present), Promotions/Marketing Director (2001-2007)
  • Chelsea - Morning Show Co-Host (2005 - present), Traffic (2003-Present)
  • Grant Ruby - Music Director/Middays (2007 - present): Came to KENZ at the end of the year from KEDJ (The Edge 103.9) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Former Airstaff

  • Randy Jetsen - Nights (2007 - 2008)

  • Mister West (Brian West) - Morning Show co-host (1999 - 2007)/ Weekender (1996-1999): A weekender at X96marker and then at The End, West had done a weekly request show with Chunga before being asked to replace Marcus in 1999. He left the show in 2007 after management chose not to renew his contract.
  • Producer Casey (Casey Scott) - Morning Show Producer (1998 - 2006): Currently working in real estate, and as a Gonzo reporter on KUTV Channel 2's morning show.
  • Announcer Boy (Pete May) - Production (1996 - 2004): Sassy on-air comic foil to Chunga.
  • Biff Raff (Bruce Jones) - Program Director/Afternoons (1996 - 2006): Program Director and afternoon jock. PD for KBER 101marker as well as The End. Biff announced his retirement in August 2006.
  • Dom Casual - Music Director/Afternoons (1996 - 1999): Had been part of the original X96marker morning show with Bill Allred. Left The End to PD a station in Spokane, Washingtonmarker. Once there he hired Kari Bushman who had been doing weekend shifts at X96marker. Returned to the Salt Lake market to work at the new incarnation of KJQ.
  • Andrea - Music Director/Middays (1996 - 2000): Another former X96marker jock. Hosted the weekly advice call-in show "Bitch & Moan" with various co-hosts. She left KENZ after landing her own morning show in Pennsylvania. Returned to Salt Lake and worked for a time at the new KJQNmarker.
  • Kari Bushman - Music Director/Middays (2000 - 2007): Had been a weekender at X96marker before taking a job in Spokane, Washingtonmarker working for Dom Casual. Returned to Salt Lake to take the midday shift vacated by Andrea. Kari resigned from KENZ in 2007 due to a conflict with new management. In 2008 Kari Bushman joined fellow former KENZ staffer Jon Smith as a morning show co host on Sunny 106 in St. George, Utah.
  • Norm Church (Brad Davis) - Promotions & Marketing Director (1996 - 1997)
  • Little Ricky (Rick Pollock) - Promotions & Marketing Director (1997 - 2001)
  • Jon Smith (Nathan Smith) - Weekender/Nights (1999 - 2004): Younger brother of Jimmy Chunga. After weekends and nights at KENZ did afternoon drive at KJQNmarker. Jon left the Salt Lake City market in 2005 to program KPLD 94.3 The Planetmarker (alternative) in St. George, Utah. Jon is now the Morning Show Guy and Program Director for Sunny 106 in St. George.
  • Barb Thomas - Nights/Afternoons (1997 - 2002):
  • Mike Lindsay - Weekender/Nights (1997 - 2002): Currently works weekends on X96
  • Vince Klortho - Weekender (1996 - 2003):
  • Jay Johnson - Weekender (2000 - 2007):
  • Tysen - Weekender/Production (1998 - 2007): Tysen currently works behind the scenes at Bonneville communications.
  • Marcus - Morning Show co-host (1996 - 1999): Chunga's first co-host. Left amid accusations of sexual misconduct on a cruise sponsored by the radio station; Marcus denied the accusations and filed a defamation lawsuit against Chunga, Little Ricky (Rick Pollock), Biff Raff (Bruce Jones) and Citadel Broadcasting. Marcus later dropped the lawsuit after it was revealed that there was an audio recording of the incident. He was later a member of the morning show on Star 102.7 and now works for 94.9 Z-Rockmarker.
  • Parker (Mike Peer) - Program Director/Afternoons (2007 - 2008): Came to KENZ in January from WXRK (K-Rock) in New York to replace Biff Raff.
  • Dallan - Afternoon co-host, End Zone Producer, and on-air Mix Engineer. (2005 - 2008)

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