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KITV is the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) television affiliate licensed to Honolulu, Hawaiimarker. Based in Honolulu and broadcasting on digital channel 40, displayed as channel 4 the station is currently owned by Hearst Television and operates several satellites and translators on all the major Hawaiian Islands to rebroadcast programs outside of metropolitan Honolulu. Its main transmitter is located in Honolulu. It brands itself as KITV 4 Island Television. The station is also seen on Oceanic Cable channel 6 throughout most of the state, with the exception of the eastern half of the Big Islandmarker, where it is instead seen on channel 12.


The station signed on the air in 1954 as KULA-TV, and changed its calls to KHVH-TV by 1959.

One of KITV's previous owners was Kaiser Broadcasting, which owned the station from 1958 to 1964. Kaiser sold the station to Western Telestations in December 1964 to help fund its new chain of independent stations on the mainland. Western Telestations became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lexington, Kentuckymarker-based Starr Broadcasting Company in 1973. Around that time the station adopted its present-day KITV calls to reflect its service of broadcasting to the Hawaiian Islands.

Shamrock Broadcasting, a new company founded by Roy E. Disney, bought out Starr Broadcasting (including KITV) in 1979. Eight years later, Shamrock sold KITV to Tak Communications (Sharad Tak). Tak would declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991, and was later taken over by a group of creditors. During Tak's bankruptcy, Freedom Communications made an offer to purchase KITV, but later withdrew its bid. In 1995, rumors circulated that it would join NBC when KHON-TVmarker -- which had been Hawaii's NBC affiliate for 43 years (1953-1996) -- decided to join Fox during the "Big Network Switch" of 1994-96. However, later in 1995, Argyle Television Holdings II bought KITV and then-sister station WGRZ-TVmarker in Buffalo, New Yorkmarker from Tak's creditors. In the end, KITV stayed with ABC, and NBC instead signed with KHNLmarker as its new affiliate in 1996.

When Argyle Television Holdings II merged with the Hearst Corporation's broadcasting unit in 1997, KITV and its satellites became part of the newly-formed TV station group then known as Hearst-Argyle Television. Hearst bought out the remainder of the company in mid-2009, dropping the word "Argyle" from the company's name.

KITV also has an affiliation with CNN, which used KITV's live broadband stream to report on a 6.6 earthquake that struck off the northwestern coast of Hawaii Countymarker on October 15, 2006. Since KITV was the only station in Hawaii to air live coverage of the earthquake after the event (most other stations in Honolulu continued on with their normal morning programming), they also attracted a flood of phone calls and e-mails from people around the world trying to find out if their loved ones were all right. The live stream also attracted the attention of The Daily Show the following day (October 16), thanks in part to a building manager mentioning via public address system that the building's bathrooms were still operational while the news anchors were still on the air. That clip can be seen on KITV's website

The station has been an ABC affiliate since its sign-on, making KITV one of the two major television stations in Honolulu that has never changed its network affiliation; local CBS outlet KGMBmarker is the other.

Island Weather Now

The station also carries a weather information channel called Island Weather Now on its DT-2 digital subchannel, which carries programming from The AccuWeather Channel with local cut-ins by KITV weather anchors. The channel features local weather, a news ticker, and live traffic cameras in addition to national programming provided by AccuWeather. It is available statewide on Oceanic Time Warner Cable, on digital channel 126. KITV's competitor, KHNLmarker, carries NBC Weather Plus on a digital subchannel, but they are not currently personalizing the feed for Hawaiʻi.

In order to comply with FCC rules that all television stations (including digital subchannels) must broadcast three hours of E/I programming per week, KITV-DT2 airs a three hour block of Gina D's Kids Club every Saturday from 12-3 pm.


In its early days, KITV and its predecessors aired most of the ABC offerings on weekly delays due to Hawaii's geographical location and at times would received most of the network shows via air mail. However that would change on November 19, 1966, as a pioneering piece of history would take place when channel 4 (when it was KHVH) began broadcasting the first live network satellite telecast from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii as ABC feeds the Notre Dame-Michigan State football game via the Lani Bird satellite to the station. Today KITV receives ABC shows on the same day as the rest of the United States, including live news, sports coverage and special events.

KITV clears all ABC programming except for Power Rangers, which would otherwise air as part of the ABC Kids block. Most (if not all) ABC affiliates owned by Hearst Television refuse to clear the show due to its lack of educational and informational content.

Early on, prior to being owned by Hearst, it did air the ABC Saturday morning cartoon lineup on Saturdays, usually starting at 5 or 6 am. But today, unlike most ABC affiliates, KITV does not air the ABC Kids block on Saturdays. The station airs live ESPN coverage or infomercials in its place, due to the five-hour time difference between Hawaii-Aleutian Time and Eastern. Instead, KITV airs three hours of the ABC Kids programming block over three weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). On each of the three days, one hour (two shows) of the block is aired from 11 am-12 Noon local time, leading into ABC's daytime soap opera lineup.

When compared to other major network affiliates in Honolulu (KHONmarker, KFVEmarker, KGMBmarker and KHNLmarker), KITV airs a relatively small amount of syndicated programming outside of network hours. The only first-run syndicated shows currently aired on KITV include The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Judge Judy. The station also airs syndicated reruns of Seinfeld, Will & Grace, TMZ, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Various other syndicated shows are aired on weekends, usually during late nights.

On November 16, 2009, KITV expanded its 10PM newscast from 35 minutes to a hour, ending at 11PM. They are the first station in the state with a hour-long late night newscast.

On the weekends, KITV airs the locally-produced program "Ohana Road", which features info and reviews on the latest automobiles as well as coverage of local car enthusiast events.

KITV is well known among Hawaii residents as the year-after-year presenter of the Merrie Monarch Festival, which is broadcast on the station live every April from Hilomarker. During this time, KITV usually pre-empts ABC primetime programs until the weekend.

KITV 4 Island Television News Anchors & Reporters

Island Television News Anchors

  • Mahealani Richardson - Island Television News This Morning (5-7 AM)
  • Dan Meisenzahl - Island Television News This Morning (5-7 AM)
  • Pamela Young - Island Television News @ 5 & 6 PM
  • Gary Sprinkle - Island Television News @ 5 & 6 PM
  • Paula Akana - Island Television News @ 10 PM
  • Jill Kuramoto - Island Television News @ 5 & 10 PM (weekends)

Island Weather

  • Justin Fujioka - Meteorologist (AMS and NWA Seal of Approval) - Island Television News @ 5, 6 & 10 PM
  • Amber-Lynn Hyden - Island Television News This Morning
  • Moanike`ala Nabarro - Island Television News @ 5 & 10 PM (weekends)

Island Sports

  • Robert Kekaula - Sports Director - Island Television News @ 5, 6 & 10 PM, Color Commentator UH Football (1420 ESPN)
  • Rob DeMello - Island Television News @ 5 & 10 PM (weekends), Sports Reporter, Host of The Rob & Russ Show (AM 1500 - Sporting News Radio)

Island Television News Reporters

  • Dick Allgire - Reporter / Island Health Reporter
  • Catherine Cruz
  • Yasmin Dar - Island Television News This Morning Traffic Reporter
  • Shayne Enright
  • Denby Fawcett
  • Daryl Huff
  • Keoki Kerr
  • Jill Kuramoto - Anchor/Reporter
  • Jodi Leong
  • Dan Meisenzahl - Anchor/Reporter
  • Mahealani Richardson - Anchor/Reporter
  • Gary Sprinkle - Anchor/Reporter, Pacific Adventures
  • Pamela Young - Anchor/Reporter, Mixed Plate

KITV 4 Past Personalities

  • Shawn Ching (Weeknight Anchor; Weekend Anchor; Sports Anchor/Reporter)
  • Dan Cooke (Weeknight Anchor; Weather Anchor; Reporter) - Currently with KGMB-TVmarker
  • Howard Dashefsky (Weeknight Anchor) - Currently with KHNL-TVmarker
  • Ann Botticelli (Weekend Anchor; General Assignment Reporter; Business/Financial Reporter)
  • Neil Everett (Weekend Sports Anchor; Sports Reporter) - Currently with ESPN's Sportscenter
  • Rob Fukuzaki (Weekend Sports Anchor; Sports Reporter) - Currently with KABC-TVmarker, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ben Gutierrez (Morning Weather Anchor; Weekend Weather Anchor; Reporter) - Currently with KGMB-TVmarker
  • Chuck Henry (Reporter) - Now with KNBCmarker in Los Angelesmarker
  • Tasha Kobashigawa (Weekend Anchor; Reporter)
  • Kanoa Leahey (Weekend Sports Anchor; Sports Reporter) - Currently with KHON-TVmarker
  • Louise Kim McCoy (Morning Cut-Ins; Reporter)
  • Joe Moore (Anchor) - Currently with KHON-TVmarker
  • Kathy Muneno (Morning Anchor; Reporter; Weather Anchor) - Currently with KHON-TVmarker
  • Tina Shelton (Anchor; Reporter)
  • Sharie Shima (Weather Anchor) - Currently with KHNL-TVmarker
  • Russell Shimooka (Sports Anchor)
  • Caroline Sluyter (Reporter)
  • Scott Swan (Sports Anchor) - Currently with WTHR-TVmarker, Indianapolis, IN
  • Tiny Tadani (Weekend Sports Anchor; Morning Weather Anchor)
  • Marisa Takahashi (Reporter)
  • Dalton Tanonaka (Weekend Anchor; Reporter)
  • Tim Tindall (Anchor; Reporter)
  • Emme Tomingbang (Anchor; Reporter)
  • Paul Udell (Anchor; Reporter; News Director)
  • Lara Yamada (Reporter) - Now at KCPQmarker/KMYQmarker in Seattle, WA
  • Cynthia Yip (Anchor Good Morning Hawaii;Fill-in Anchor; Reporter)
  • Mary Zanakis (Reporter)

Satellite stations

These stations, as well as translator K51BB in Lihuemarker, rebroadcast KITV's signal throughout Hawaii:
Station City of license Channels

First air date Call letters’


Facility ID Transmitter Coordinates
KHVO Hilomarker 13 (VHF)
18 (UHF)
May 15, 1960 Kaiser Hawaiian Village HilO
(disambiguation of former sister station KHVH Radio)
30.9 kW
50 kW
-180 m
-187 m
KMAU1 Wailukumarker 12 (VHF)
29 (UHF)
19551 MAUi 37.2 kW
51.2 kW
1759 m
1770 m
  • 1. KMAU used the callsign KMVI-TV from its 1955 sign-on until 1978.
  • 2. The Broadcasting and Cable Yearbook says KMAU (then KMVI-TV) signed on November 28, while the Television and Cable Factbook says it signed on December 4.

Digital television

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:Digital channels
Channel Video Aspect Programming
xx.1 720p 16:9 Main KITV programming / ABC HD
xx.2 480i 4:3 The AccuWeather Channel

In January 2009, KITV left channel 4 and moved to channel 40, while KHVO and KMAU remained on channel 13 and 12 when the analog to digital conversion has completed. It is also one of the first Hearst-Argyle stations to terminate analog over-the-air programming.

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • Hawaii Newsreel (1954-1961)
  • The Six O'Clock Report/The Eleven O'Clock Report (1961-1965)
  • The Nightly News (1965-1975; 6 P.M. newscast)
  • 24 Hours (1965-1975; 10 P.M. newscast)
  • NewsCenter Four (1975-1983)
  • Live at Five (1980-1986; 5 P.M. newscast)
  • KITV 4 News (1983-1986 and 1995-2005)
  • News 4 (1986-1995)
  • KITV 4 Island Television News (2005-present)

Station Slogans

  • Hawaii's Channel 4, in Color (1966-1970)
  • NewsCenter Four, Hawaii's Most Respected Television News Organization (1975-1978)
  • Turn to NewsCenter Four (1978-1983)
  • We're With You on Channel 4 (1984-1985; local version of ABC campaign)
  • KITV 4 News: Hawaii's First News (1983-1986)
  • News 4: We're the Team (1986-1991)
  • KITV 4, Your Island Television Station (1991-1995)
  • Get the Whole Story (2002-2005)
  • The Team You Know. The Team You Trust. (2005-2009)
  • Always Local, Always KITV (2009-present)


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