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KXTV, channel 10, is an ABC affiliate in Sacramento, Californiamarker. It is owned and operated by the Gannett Company. Its transmitter tower (shared with KOVRmarker) is located in Walnut Grove, Californiamarker, and studios are located on Broadway, just south of Business Loop 80 at the south edge of downtown Sacramento. Its broadcasting tower is among the tallest man-made structures in the world.


The station went on the air on March 19, 1955 as KBET, owned by locally-based Sacramento Telecasters. Four years later, the call letters became KXTV (the "X" being the Roman numeral for the VHF channel it broadcasts on, channel 10) when Corinthian Broadcasting bought the station. Corinthian became part of Dun & Bradstreet in 1971. The A.H. Belo Corporation bought all of Dun & Bradstreet's television stations (except for two in Indianamarker, which went to LIN Broadcasting) in February 1984.

From its founding until 1995, KXTV was an affiliate of CBS. As a CBS affiliate, the station preempted some lower-rated daytime (the 9-10am block in the 1980s and early 90's) and late night (from the late 1980s until the arrival of The Late Show with David Letterman in 1993) programs. KXTV also preempted Sunday morning cartoons that CBS offered from the 60's until the early 80's. In 1991, KXTV dropped Price Is Right, due to the abundance of syndicated programming commitments. After several months of complaints, KXTV reinstated "Price Is Right, but to make room for syndicated programming it was committed to carry, dropped Guiding Light due to low ratings in the early 1990s. While most CBS stations would air The Young and The Restless from 11 a.m.-NOON, KXTV moved it to the 3 p.m. timeslot in 1994 where the soap did well.

Then, on March 6, 1995, in an unprecedented move in local television, KXTV swapped affiliations with KOVRmarker, switching networks from CBS to ABC. As an ABC affiliate, the station preempted the half-hour soap airing in the 12:30 timeslot (Loving/The City/Port Charles), at some point running it on overnights; but when the network axed the programming block outright in the early 2000s; KXTV has aired the entire schedule of ABC programming since then. For the first 6 months as an ABC affiliate, KXTV preempted an hour of ABC Saturday morning cartoons, but since the Fall of 1995 has run the entire Saturday morning block. On another note, KXTV aired All My Children at 3 p.m. in the early years as an ABC affiliate (probably because they previously aired a soap from CBS in that timeslot and to maintain a similar type of show in that slot), before finally following the niche of airing it at Noon alongside majority of the ABC stations -- only after the midday newscast moved an hour earlier from Noon to 11 a.m..
An advertisement for Lex Boyd the morning anchor in 1957

Four years later, in 1999, Belo traded KXTV to Gannett for that company's KVUEmarker in Austin, Texasmarker. (This actually marked a re-entry into the Sacramento television market for Gannett, which briefly owned KOVR during the late 1950s.) That same year, KXTV began digital broadcasts on a new and separate HDTV channel called 10.1. Then, in 2001, to reflect the station's commitment to its news coverage, KXTV decided to become better known as "News10". In 2006 News 10 started broadcasting a 24 hour weather channel on its second HDTV channel called 10.2.

Until recently, KXTV had first choice on all King World programs offered locally--King World has since become CBS Television Distribution and acquisition policies may have now changed. Nevertheless, KXTV holds the local syndication rights to Jeopardy!, Inside Edition, and Wheel of Fortune (all King World-turned-CBS properties). Until 2002, the station also held the local syndication rights to The Oprah Winfrey Show (now another CBS property seen locally on KCRAmarker/KQCAmarker). It is these shows that have made News10 one of the highest-rated local stations in daytime television. Since 2002-2003, KXTV has been the local television home of the Sacramento Kings, the city's National Basketball Association franchise, which coincides with their network's coverage of NBA games. The station picked up the rights to Kings telecasts in the middle of the 2002-03 season due to the contractual dispute between the team and its then-rights holder, ex-UPN station KMAXmarker.

In the late '00s, KXTV heavily promoted its weather coverage as part of its "Connected to Our Community" marketing campaign. Over-the-air promotions introduced weather presenters and touted weather coverage on the internet (, on its dedicated digital weather channel (channel 10.2, referred to as "ten-dot-two"), and "on the 10s" (at :10, :20, :30, etc.) on "News 10 Good Morning," its 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. newscast.

Also in the late '00s, KXTV intensively covered local high school football, especially during Friday news broadcasts. In 2007, for example, the segments were known as "Friday Night Football." The station's helicopter flew from one high school to another to capture aerial shots of the various games. KCRA had its own version called "High School Playbook."

On September 12, 2005, KXTV launched a morning program called Sacramento & Company (shows like this are on a number of Gannett stations) hosted by Kristen Simoes and Guy Farris. Sacramento & Co. is a local morning lifestyles and entertainment show that is sponsored by local companies. The show airs weekdays from 9-10 AM and is available online. [89756]

KXTV became the market's only commercial station to remain on the VHF dial when the FCC completed the digital transition on June 12, 2009. [89757]

News10 Weather Tower

News10 Weather Tower at day time
News10 Weather Tower at night time
The News 10 weather tower was debuted on August 24, 2001, the same day the California State Fairmarker opened. It was completed on October 11, 2000, but News10 decided to debut it later because of the rolling blackouts at that time. It was built and designed by Nacht & Lewis Architects based in downtown Sacramento. The television station, an anchor facility and active proponent of improvements to the Broadway Street Corridor, elected not to construct a conventional broadcast tower, examples of which may be seen throughout Sacramento. The proposed design melds the rather demanding engineering requirements for communications towers with sensitivity to the suggestions of the surrounding residents while creating an icon and gateway for the Broadway Corridor. The top glows with a different color based on the weather conditions or the result of a Sacramento Kings or the Sacramento Monarchs win.

Color Description
Yellow Sunny or clear conditions forecast for tomorrow
Green Rain is in the area, but there is no severe weather.
Blue High winds are in the area, but a severe weather watch has not been issued.
White Cloudy
Red The temperatures are above 100 degrees or a severe weather watch or warning has been issued.
Purple The Sacramento Kings (during the NBA season) or the Sacramento Monarchs (during the WNBA season) have won their latest game.

Information Center

The Information center located in the News10 newsroom debuted on February 5th, 2007 where the News10 Now updates are conducted, online stories are written for the web site and where is Live_Online is produced. On June 12th, 2008 News10 revealed a new website that lets viewers create a profile and become members of that allows them to post comments, pictures, write blogs and communicate to News10 people provided by SiteLife.


Prior to adopting the current News10 newscast branding in 1983; KXTV's newscasts had successively identified as Shell News, The Big News, Channel 10 News, Newservice 10 (in the 1970s), and Eyewitness News (early 80's [89758]). For the past two decades (dating back to its time as a CBS affiliate), KXTV has been a distant runner-up to KCRAmarker. In the past two years, KXTV's 11 p.m. newscast has frequently finished in last place in total households among all of the major stations' late-night newscasts (not counting the KCRA-produced 10 p.m. newscast on KQCAmarker).
An advertisement for the Wilson-Gray Report in 1965

Current Personalities/ Joined Date

  • Dan Elliott- News 10 Good Morning Anchor 5-7am, and Midday at 11am Weekdays (1989)
  • Dana Howard- Sunday Anchor 6 and 11pm/ Weekday Reporter Mon-Thurs (1992)
  • Kelly Jackson- News 10 Good Morning Anchor 5-7am (2007)
  • Alicia Malaby- Saturday Anchor 6 and 11pm, Weekday Reporter Mon-Weds (1999)
  • Cristina Mendonsa- Weekday Evening Anchor 5, 6, 11pm (1995)
  • Dale Schornack- Weekday Evening Anchor 5, 6, 11pm (1997)

  • Darla Givens - Weekend Evenings, Weds and Fri at 11am on Midday, News10 Good Morning Free Fridays 5-7am (1999)
  • Monica Woods- News10 Good Morning Weekdays 5-7am (2001)
  • Harry Stockman, Former News10 Meteorologist, and Fill-in Weather anchor


Traffic Team

Video Journalists
  • Cornell Barnard- San Joaquin Valley Reporter Weekdays at 11pm/ Fill-in Anchor (1997)
  • Angel Cardenas- Fill in-Traffic anchor/ Sports Reporter (Engineer in 2001, On-air job 2006)
  • Tim Daly- San Joaquin Valley Chief reporter (1991)
  • Will Frampton- Multi-media Journalist(2008)
  • Sharon Ito- Weekday Online Chat room moderator 11 a.m. (1985 and again 1996)
  • Dave Marquis- Sun-Thurs weeknight Reporter (1993)
  • Karen Massie- Educational Reporter (1987)
  • Jonathan Mumm- "Mumm @ the Movies" critic, Weekday Reporter, "California Postcard in HD" Segment (1983)
  • George Warren- Multi-media Journalist (1981)

Past news personalities

Name Position at KXTV Years Active Whereabouts
Dan Adams News10 Reporter 1981-2008 (27 years) Now retired, Living in Mexico
Beth Duncan News10 Good Morning Traffic Anchor 1998-2001 Local Radio Traffic
Justin Allen Fill-in Sports Anchor Few months in late 2005 Now at WTSPmarker in Tampa Bay
Rene Apple Fill-in Traffic Anchor Few months in 2002 Metro Traffic Radio in Sacramento
Cecil King News10 Good Morning pilot 2004- Early 2005 Private Sacramento Pilot
Jim Frazier Sports Anchor 1995-1998 and again freelanced in late 2002 Radio Sports Show Talk Host
Rob Marshall Air 10 Pilot 1990s- Nov. 2003 Now at KDVR-TVmarker in Denver, CO
J.D Maher Weekend Meteorologist January 2000- June 2005 Now at KTXLmarker-40 Freelancing
Kym McNicholas Fill-in Sports Anchor Few months in 2002 Now at Sacramento Comcast Cable Sports
Julie Durda Traffic Anchor/ Air10 Traffic reporter Intern since 2003, on-air job summer 2005- July 2006. Now at KPHO-TVmarker in Phoenix
Marcey Brightwell Political Reporter/ Fill-in Anchor Oct. 2001- Jan. 2009 Deputy Managing Director at R&K Grayling Communications in Sacramento
Will Selva Sports Anchor Mar. 2003-Mar. 2005 Sports Anchor CNN Headline News in Atlanta
Kiran Chetry Morning Anchor/ Reporter 1998-2001 Now at CNN in New York City
John Delatorre Morning Meteorologist 1998-2001 Now President of Deladiep, Inc. & Fun Stix Magnets, Inc.
Jane McCarthy Reporter/ Fill-in Anchor 1999- Apr. 2004 Now at KING-TVmarker in Seattle, WA; Married to former KTXL anchor Tim Robinson
Tom Helmer Fill-in Sports Anchor Few months in 2003 Host of FSN's nationally televised BCS Breakdown and FSN Baseball Report
Dick Cable Anchor 1969-1998 Currently retired in Sacramento
Sande Drew Anchor/ Reporter 1970-1975 Public Relations
Jerome Gray Reporter 1987-1991 Now at KPRC-TVmarker Houston
Mark Hedlund Reporter 1981- 2009 Works in State Government
Dana Jacobson Weekend Sports Anchor 1998- Oct. 2002 Former ESPN host of Cold Pizza and now host of ESPN First Take
Elissa Lynn Chief Meteorologist 1996-2006 California Department of Water Resources
Steve Newman Meteorologist 1975-1978 Moved to WFAAmarker 1978-1980 then several San Francisco TV stations until retiring in 2001. Now writes ' 'Earthweek'' distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.
Beth Ruyak Anchor 1992-1995 Hosts "Pulse" and "Your Health" shows on KCRAmarker
Creighton Sanders Sports Anchor 1960-1980 Jumped ship to KCRA-TVmarker, then retired
Aimee Sporer Nightside anchor 1989-1992 Anchored at KCNC-TVmarker 1992-2002, now a stay-at-home mom [89759]
Stuart Satow Sports Director Anchor 1980-2002 Now with CPS services in Sacramento
Jonathan Masaki Freelance Reporter 2004-2007 (Was stationed in Iraq for a year) Now with the National Guard
Kim Herlihy Morning Traffic 2000 (6 months) English Elk Grove High Teacher
Hank Thronley First News10 Anchor 1955-1960 Retired
Ken Wayne Morning Anchor 1998-2000 Now at KTVU-TVmarker Oakland, Ca weekend anchor
Alan Frio Anchor 1970s-1997 Now at WSMV-TVmarker
Lex Boyd Anchor 1950s-19?? Now retired
Pamela Tom Freelance Reporter Few months in late 2002-early 2003 Now at KGO-TVmarker Freelancing
Mary Pae Freelance Reporter Few months in late 2002 Unknown
Deborah Pacyna State Reporter 1984-2001 Fleishman Hillard Public Relations in Sacramento
Kelly Brothers Financial Reporter Jan. 2006-Oct. 2007 Now at KCRAmarker again (Morning financial expert)
Monika Diaz General Assignment Reporter Oct. 2003- Nov. 2007 Now at WFAA-TVmarker in Dallas, Texas
Jaime Garza News 10 Good Morning Anchor and reporter October, 1991-June, 1995 Later anchor/reporter at CBS2marker/KCAL 9marker LAmarker (1995-2008), now main weeknight anchor at KTXLmarker
Thea Tio General Assignment Reporter ?-2007 Now at WGRZ-TVmarker in Buffalo, NY
Larry Palmer Goodwin General Assignment Reporter 1978-1984 Now retired and living in Southern California
* Patty Souza Chief Meteorologist April, 2006-September, 2009 Left while on vacation at KXTV in July, offically announced her resignation from KXTV in October, 2009.
Gregg Lalka Meteorologist July, 2005-August, 2009 Now weekend weather anchor at KSBWmarker in Salinasmarker/Montereymarker
* Cristi Jessee General Assignment Reporter 2005 as assignment editor, 2008 on-air job-2009 Now News Director at KSAXmarker, Alexandria, MN

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • Shell News (1950s)
  • KXTV News (1960s)
  • The Wilson-Gray Report (1960s)
  • Channel 10 News (1960s-1970s)
  • Newservice 10 (1970s)
  • Eyewitness News (1970s-1986)
  • News10 (1986-present)

Station Slogans

  • The Spirit of California (1986-2005)
  • Committed to News and Connected to Our Community (2005-present)

High Definition & Digital TV

News10 (KXTV) produces Friday Night Football highlights, and Jonathan Mumm's California Postcard reports in High Definition.

KXTV recently produced The Future Is HDTV on News 10, an HD produced special, profiling the FCC's imposed transition from an Analog television signal to a Digital television signal. The special also show-cased the HD produced shows from ABC, as well as some syndicated shows.

On KXTV's digital subchannel 61.2 (known as 10.2), The AccuWeather Channel broadcasts live National weather, plus local KXTV weather. It is available online.

On November 16, 2009, it was announced that in a few weeks News 10 will be upgrading to an HD news set and HD weather center. KXTV will then be the third Sacramento market station to broadcast their news in High Definition, following KCRAmarker and KOVRmarker.

For now, KXTV's news shows are shot in standard-definition, but stylized-pillarboxing is used instead of normal pillarboxing.

Digital Television

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:


KXTV-DT broadcasts on digital channel 10.Digital channels
Channel Name Programming
10.1 KXTV-DT News10/ABC HD Programming
10.2 The Local AccuWeather Channel News10.2

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

After the analog television shutdown on June 12, 2009 , KXTV moved back to channel 10.

Other station notes

  • As a CBS affiliate, KXTV's station ID would include an electronic alarm like version of the infamous CBS "ding".
  • KXTV is the third station in Sacramento to affiliate with ABC. Low-performing ABC affiliate KCCC Channel 40 (now the home of KTXLmarker) had it first before shutting down and the network moved to KOVRmarker.
  • Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune have aired on KXTV since the mid-80s (back when it was CBS). Until 2002, The Oprah Winfrey Show also aired on KXTV, but it has since moved to KCRA.
  • KXTV can be seen on cable in eastern portions of the Bay Area and in all of Butte County as a competitior to KGO and KRCRmarker, respectively.


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